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How to respond to a customer review using Inbox and AI

The inbox feature gives you access to your notifications from your social media accounts, all in one place. This video will cover how you can respond to customers with some quick tips and tricks to improve your social media skills.

1- Begin on your inbox which you can access under the social media homepage icon and then selecting the inbox icon in the left hand side toolbar.

2- Select your desired review conversation or notification.

3- In the bottom portion of the screen you will see an icon labeled “AI Assistant.” Select this button and then choose AI Templates/Documents. Scroll until you see the Customer Review template.

4- Fill out the fields including selecting your desired language, typing in your product name, and copying and pasting the customer review. Then click generate.

4- You can use the plus icon to add your desired result to your message.

5- Add in any media, snippets, and emoji’s that you’s like.

6- Once you are finished with your message use the yellow send icon to send. Your message is now sent directly through the social media platform and will appear to the inquirer as if you are responding on the social platform.

7- Use the check mark next to the original message to mark the conversation as resolved.

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