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Ultimate Guide to AI Copywriting for Sales in 2022 [+Free Toolkit Inside!]


It’s 2022, and AI is being developed to write sales copy for you. Sales copy is what compels your audience to buy your product or subscribe to your services. So, naturally, sales copywriting is one of the most important parts of your marketing campaigns. And with rising competition among brands and companies, sales copywriting is tougher than ever.

Using AI copywriting for sales can be a great solution to writer’s block. In this blog, we will go through the 5 key guidelines of writing great sales copy and provide some examples We will also show how you can use our AI copywriting for sales. Grow your business with these amazing tools and tips from Simplified!

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5 Unmissable Tips for Brilliant Sales Copywriting

There’s a knack for brilliant sales copywriting. Keep reading to discover our top 5 tips on how to write convincing sales copy.

copywriting templates for sales

1. Present one captivating idea

All sales copy should be written with a single purpose in mind. You can highlight a couple of different features, but they should all have a common benefit. If you try to fill in too many points, you could risk overwhelming your audience with all that information. Remember that you don’t have a lot of room for your sales copy, either. And you don’t want to distract the audience from the main agenda.

Let’s say, for example, you want to write sales copy for the latest model of iPhone. Obviously, there will be plenty of features you want your audience to know about. But if you only have one line, you might say, “It is faster than ever before”. For iPhone 5, they used the line, “The biggest thing that happened to iPhone since iPhone”. Sounds compelling, right?

2. Use short sentences to connect more

As writers, we often want to include little flourishes in our work. We can be guilty of adding too much information and overcomplicating things. When this impulse arises, we need to think about our audience. They don’t need all that! Short and crisp is the goal. Sales copywriting is all about connecting with your audience. That’s why your copy has to be simple and easy to read.

Marketing Copy of Huit Denim Jeans

Use broken sentences to place emphasis on words. Add a rhythm if possible. Play around with the words until you find something that sticks. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt either – but only when it’s appropriate.

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3. Understand your target audience

Get to know your target audience by creating an ideal customer persona. This should include everything from age and profession to specific details that are relevant to your industry. An easy way to do this is to talk to a salesperson or a good customer. Otherwise, you can carry out research and use surveys to find out more about your target audience for sales copywriting.

Understanding your target audience can totally transform your sales copywriting. It will help you understand exactly what your audience wants, what are their problems are, and how you can help.

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4. Highlight the problems and overcome

Once you are fully aware of your audience, it’s time to address their problems. Showcase the benefits of your products and services, not the features. Your sales copywriting must communicate how the service is going to benefit them directly. It’s important to pay attention to the details, including problems they may have encountered with your competitors’ products.

Your sales copywriting should tell the audience how your product is different by demonstrating how it can solve their problems. Anticipate their objections and address them directly.

For example, let’s imagine you’re writing sales copy for Apple again. The new iPhone has a larger display that customers may struggle to adapt to. Let them know that, despite the display size, the width remains the same, so it won’t hamper the user experience.

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5. Storytelling helps in sales

Create stories that can speak to your audience. Sales copywriting is not just about creating words that sell. There should be a narrative. Something to grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested. With a story, you can draw your audience in and pitch your product in the most convincing way.

Image Source: Honeycopy

Check out this old copy for Miss Clairol’s hair color. This simple copy has a way of drawing the audience in and appealing to their imagination. The audience is naturally curious to know more about their products now.

Having a story for sales copywriting will also make your pitch unique, setting it apart from the competition. It will add a human touch even you if use AI copywriting for sales (coming up below!)

Sales Copywriting with Simplified

Simplified is a modern design tool that offers smart AI copywriting for sales. Let’s look at some of its most popular templates. See how you can use them to create captivating copy for your brand!

Simplified AI text generator all templates

1. AIDA Framework

AIDA stands for Attention-Interest-Desire-Action. It refers to a classic marketing model that outlines the customer journey. With the Simplified tool, all you have to do is enter your brand name and the services you offer. You will instantly get some of the best sales copywriting ideas using the AIDA framework!

AIDA framework example

2. Before-After-Bridge

As the name suggests, this framework creates before and after copies. The state of the customer before using the product vs. them after using the product.

Use Simplified’s tool to create strong AI copywriting for sales in less than a minute!

before after bridge example

3. Pain-Agitate-Solution

The pain-agitate framework for sales copywriting is simple but super effective. It deals with the pain points for a problem that your product can solve. It also highlights the potential consequences of the main pain point. Then finally, it convinces your audience by presenting the solution that can solve all of their problems.


4. The 4P’s of Marketing

The 4P’s of marketing stand for Problem, Promise, Proof, and Proposal. This framework begins with identifying the problem and selling a promise to the customer. It also adds proof to make the pitch convincing. Finally, the proposal acts as a CTA to make the user take action.


Note that AI copywriting for sales is not a quick hack for great copy. You may get some brilliant options, but it’s down to you to choose the right copy to impress your prospective clients. Simplified’s tool is one of the best on the market when it comes to seeing strong results. But make sure to tweak the copy as necessary!

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Use AI Copywriting for Sales to Sell Like Never Before

As the AI-generated copy above might suggest, writing great copy can be tough. And with so many marketing mediums and online platforms out there, a strong copy is not easy to find. Plus, we don’t have time to fiddle around, waiting for inspiration!

Simplified’s AI copywriting for sales is a practical solution for new entrepreneurs, business owners, and professional copywriters. Plus, this smart, intuitive tool can also help you create dynamic content and designs for all your marketing campaigns. On the Free Forever plan, you get access to hundreds of ready-made design templates and elements without having to pay.

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