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Simple sentences can take a surprising amount of time and thought to compose. Sentence simplifiers, which can be found in Copy AI tools like Simplified AI, can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to create simple sentences for your marketing materials. This will end up saving you a lot of stress.

All you need to do is type in a complex sentence and it can break it down into simple sentences in a matter of seconds.

So, what is a sentence simplifier and why do you need one? Read on to find out!

What is a sentence simplifier?

Before we get into why we need a sentence simplifier, let’s understand the tool itself. Essentially, sentence simplifies, well…simplify sentences. But, how does it do that? Copy AI tools like Simplified use machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to translate complex ideas into simple sentences.

It uses thousands of parameters and the latest in computing technology to break down complex information and create a sentence that can communicate that information in a way that would be understood by someone younger or less experienced with that concept than yourself.

This tool is so effective that it be used to explain complicated concepts to a wide range of readers. Of course, for businesses, this feature can be used for various marketing or external communication. Here are a few examples:

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7 Reasons why you need a sentence simplifier to ease your everyday

Well, in addition to simplifying really difficult concepts, you can use simplified sentences to:

1. Helps you communicate better with employees


A sentence simplifier is an extremely useful tool for any organization to have. The productivity of any team is based on communication, and complex sentences only end up becoming a roadblock. Using a such a tool to communicate important directives to your team will help get everyone on the same page

Additionally, a sentence simplifier can help you communicate more effectively with your team, which in turn can help create a constructive feedback process. Simplified feedback makes it easy to identify and fix any issues, helping the company to grow and operate more efficiently.

When business owners or managers are effective communicators, they can adequately inform their staff of their expectations. A sentence simplifier can help you with this.

Most importantly, this tool can also eliminate delays in the implementation of directives and policies.

2. Simplicity & innovation

This may look like a small step in your innovative process, however, simple sentences can make employees feel comfortable and less stressed out – especially when you are trying to communicate new ideas to them. Done right, this method of open communication can lead to a lot of innovation. Additionally, it can even help those with limited communication skills feel confident in pitching their ideas.

3. Helps stay organize

Simple sentences can help you stay organized, regardless of your position or profession. In addition to helping you stay on top of your tasks, using simple sentences can even help those at the managerial level as they relay information to their teams. So, a sentence simplifier can go a long way towards making communication and organization easier for your team.

4. Helps improve relationships with clients

Of course, other than making things easy for yourself or your team, sentence simplifiers can help you have a clearer and more effective relationship with your clients. They will save you time and make your communication more effective, leading to better results.

5. Create a sense of haste or urgency.


Take advantage of simple sentences to communicate your business ideas or even sell products. Using simple sentences in marketing activities can ensure that your entire target audience is capable of understanding whatever it is you are trying to say. For example, using the line, “Buy Now, Limited Time Offer!”, in an ad creates a sense of haste, whereas the longer, “Buy now, because we won’t sell this after two months”, leaves room for procrastination.

6. Help reinforce a thought.


A simplified sentence can be used to place emphasis on a previous statement. Or you can use this technique to condense a massive piece of complex information. For example, you can condense all the information in a work email into a single sentence towards the end.

7. Make an impact.


Simple sentences can be very powerful when used effectively. For example, a short and simple sentence after a sales pitch creates a pause that gives your audience time to think.

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How to use Simplified’s (Free) “explaining a concept to a 3 year old” Sentence Simplifier

10 examples of how the Sentence Simplifier AI tool can help simplify concepts in various industries:

1: Using Sentence Simplifier for AI

explain a concept-three year old Copy AI Sentence simplifier example ai and robots

2: Using Sentence Simplifier for CryptoCurrency

explain a concept-three year old Copy AI Sentence simplifierr example crypto currency

3: Using Sentence Simplifier for NFT

explain a concept-three year old Copy AI Sentence simplifier example nft

4: Using Sentence Simplifier for ML companies

explain a concept-three year old Copy AI Sentence simplifier example machine learning

5: Using Sentence Simplifier for No Code tool Companies

explain a concept-three year old Copy AI Sentence simplifier example no code

6: Using Sentence Simplifier for Oil and Gas companies

explain a concept-three year old Copy AI Sentence simplifier example oil and gas
explain a concept-three year old Copy AI Sentence simplifier example pro bono

8: Using Sentence Simplifier for Supplement Businesses

explain a concept-three year old Copy AI Sentence simplifier example whey

9: Using Sentence Simplifier for Healthcare

explain a concept-three year old Copy AI Sentence simplifier example hygiene

10: Using Sentence Simplifier for IT consulting firms

explain a concept-three year old Copy AI Sentence simplifier example it consultant

To wrap up, the “explaining a concept to a 3 year old” ai tool can not only help you to move from using complex to simple sentences, but it can also help make all of your communication clearer and more effective. In fact, communicating more simply will transform every aspect of your life and make it much easier!

If you’re looking to simplify concepts for your business then check out Simplified’s Sentence Simplifier here!

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