Selecting The Perfect Background For Your Design: Solid, Gradient & Image

Selecting The Perfect Background For Your Design: Solid, Gradient & Image

There’s no doubt that the choice of background can make or break a design. The background design you choose can dramatically change the visual impact it creates and makes your creative feel complete. When there are various options to choose from, it can get a little intimidating to pick the perfect one for your design. Most common options being pattern, image, solid color, and even gradient backgrounds.

With Simplified you not only will know when to use a specific background but learn about which one will convey your message in the best way.

To help you choose a suitable background from a wide range of options, let’s cover the basics, first.

  • Firstly, with a solid color background, you can effectively improve brand awareness with simple yet noticeable designs.
  • Secondly, images don’t need to just sit alongside your graphic elements – they make striking backgrounds when placed correctly.
  • Thirdly, gradients can be the ultimate go-to background design. They’re very versatile!
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Using Background Design To Level Up Your Creative Design

Since starting with an empty page can be confronting, Simplified will help you discover a variety of design background options. You can customize each one, adding colors to your gradients and text to make it your own.

After signing in on our website, choose a preset and you can resize it later to suit all your social media outlets! Now let’s get to a Simplified background designing experience!