How to Use Instagram Branding To Promote Your Thrift Shop

Instagram branding

Yard sales, donation centers, garage sales, and flea markets all contribute to the hobby of thrifting – an economically and environmentally sustainable pastime that involves purchasing and repurposing second-hand items. With the viral spread of COVID-19 across the world, most of these in-person thrifting destinations have had to shutter their shops or go into indefinite lockdown. This encouraged shop owners to use Instagram branding to sell and purchase thrifted finds sold through the platform.

If you own a thrift shop, then this is for you. Here’s a guide on how to use Instagram branding for your thrift shop that will create a solid brand identity that is easily recognizable by your customers and help you increase sales.

Instagram branding

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Tell Your Brand’s Story

Online thrift shops are typically locally-owned. This means that you have the opportunity to tell the story of your small business to connect with your customers on a personal level and encourage them to support local businesses like yours.

3 Steps to Make The Most of Instagram Branding:

  1. Brand Logo – The logo of your thrift shop should be clearly visible in Instagram’s thumbnail view. Choose solid colors with minimal shapes, and only use the name of your store as text in the design, otherwise, the graphic can get crowded. Bonus: Think of a catchy tagline for your store!Brand Logovia thred UP on Instagram
  2. Your Feed Grid – While your focus must remain on procuring high-quality products for your customers, pay close attention to how your Instagram feed looks to an outsider. Instagram squares are divided by multiples of 3, and this simple numeric information should influence your feed posts. If you upload a promotional post for marketing, the other two posts should ideally be of products that you’re selling.Your Feed Gridvia One King’s Lane on Instagram
  3. Color Scheme and Fonts – The color palette you choose for your brand logo doesn’t necessarily have to inform all the color schemes for your feed posts. However, to ensure consistency, keep in mind that consumers will respond to feed posts and Instagram stories that are clearly aligned with your thrift shop – this means, for example, that the font you use for your brand logo should be replicated in all marketing materials.Color Scheme and Fontsvia on Instagram

Design Ideas For Branding Your Thrift Shop On Instagram

Marketing and design in visual media are about balancing aesthetics and function. When using Instagram branding features to build your brand, it is easy to get caught up in numbers and the infamous Instagram algorithm which has been the ire of many small shops and artists.

Don’t be discouraged. Remaining consistent with your content and regularly scheduling posts will yield results!

3 Fun Branding Ideas:

  1. Post Moodboards – Pinterest moodboards are a great way to explore color palettes and find inspiration for content. If you have a post scheduled, try sifting through the pieces you plan to sell and find similar images on the Pinterest app. Moodboards are an effective marketing strategy on Instagram because the background can be edited to match your brand colors. Use this marketing strategy as a teaser for your next post!Post Moodboardsvia aesthetic_goat_mom on Instagram

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  2. Link Your Personal Account To Your Thrift Shop – While a lot of thrift shop owners are skeptical of linking their private and professional accounts for safety reasons, including your personal account in your thrift shop bio adds to your brand identity. Those who visit your shop online will trust the brand more if it is public knowledge that someone invested in fashion and art manages its operations. Customers trust what they can see.Personal Account To Your Thrift Shopvia Oakark on Instagram

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  3. Watermark On Stories – Instagram branding can be hugely rewarding especially if you actively interact with your customers. If you sell vintage shoes, pick 3-4 images off of Pinterest and post a ‘this or that’ poll to your stories. To make sure that your audience knows it’s you, set yourself apart by adding a small watermark to each of the polls, questions, and countdowns you upload in your stories. Match the font of your watermark to the one in your brand logo.Watermark On Storiesvia PLANOLY

Running an online thrift shop is a passion project. Building a solid brand identity will help you remain fresh in your audience’s memory and steadily improve your sales. Above all, express your personality through your thrift shop – customers are people behind those screens, and people respond to authenticity.

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