Simplified video editing

Simplified video editing

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Knock, knock…🤯 You won’t want to miss this! 🎥 🎥

We’re bringing new features that will blow your mind 🤯. #BuildInPublic for you with you.

Launching 📷  Simplified video editing 🎉🎉🎉, No more complex timelines and software. Build videos in less than 2 minutes. Edit, trim, clone, and everything else in between !

Awesome, right?

Oh wait, that isn’t all. Language barrier?. What’s that? Our AI “Loki” Assistant can not only help you write the perfect message, but now it can do it in several languages too!

New Experience + Lightning fast search

Simplified design templates

It’s finally here!  🎉 Simplified’s video editing tool is now live and ready for you to let your imagination fly. Drag and drop your videos, or choose one from our library, and create that crisp, perfect video design! Done? Download your video, post it, and let it shine into the world.

Start editing videos

Video and GIF Library


Sometimes photos just aren’t enough. Breath life into your posts with a video or gif (or why not both?) and make your designs as fun as you! The hard part will be to choose among thousands of options, but hey, we have faith in you! 😉

Animate your designs

Say ‘AI Assistant’ in Malay

Help Center

Don’t know how? Don’t sweat it: Loki does! And Portuguese, and Spanish, and French! Yes, you read it right: our AI Assistant has gone multilingual. Pretty fancy, bukan? 🎩

Iya, Iya, Polyglot Loki
⭐ We’re in this together!

Like you, I’m excited to build this from the ground up. Keep in touch with the team on Twitter as we #BuildInPublic or meet like-minded creator, marketers around the world at Simplified Facebook Community

We’re here for you.
Reach our support team using the chat service within Simplified for personalized support.

Thanks for being here

KD from Simplified

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KD Deshpande
Design, Write, Edit videos, and Publish Content. Built For Teams.

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