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Get fast, accurate captions with our Auto Subtitle Generator generator. Easy to use and perfect for all your video needs.

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Create Perfect Video Subtitles for All Your Needs

Make your videos better with our auto subtitle generator. Perfect for content creators, video editors, students, podcast producers, and YouTubers make accurate subtitles quickly. This tool makes your videos more engaging and easier to understand. Just upload your video, and our tool will turn the speech into text. It supports multiple languages and different formats. Ideal for anyone who wants clear, readable subtitles. Perfect for marketing projects, YouTube videos, or podcasts. Get started today and make your content shine!

How to Use Auto Subtitle Generator

On the AI Video App, click on 'Generate with AI' then go to 'AI subtitles'
Select template or style. Drag and drop your video.
That' It!
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Team Collaboration: Edit, Filter, & Process

Craft polished video subtitles easily with our auto subtitle generator, tailored for teams and creators alike. This tool offers real-time transcription, easy editing, profanity filtering, and supports batch processing. Its user-friendly interface ensures smooth integration into any workflow, enhancing accessibility and engagement for tutorials, vlogs, or presentations. Compatible with various video formats, try our tool today for hassle-free subtitle creation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this auto subtitle generator accurately transcribe interviews?

Yes, our auto subtitle generator accurately transcribes interviews, ensuring every spoken word is captured with precision. It simplifies the transcription process for journalists and researchers, saving time and effort.

Can I edit the subtitles once they are generated?

Yes, after the subtitles are automatically added to your video, you can continue editing them. You have the flexibility to make edits, correct typos, and even change the style of the subtitles to align with your video's aesthetic or brand voice. The platform offers a user-friendly interface for seamless subtitle customization.

Does the auto subtitle generator support real-time transcription?

Yes, our auto subtitle generator offers real-time transcription functionality. This feature allows users to instantly transcribe live audio or video content as it is being spoken, enabling efficient and accurate captioning for live events, presentations, or streaming sessions.

Does the auto subtitle generator offer batch processing for multiple files?

Yes, our auto subtitle generator supports batch processing, allowing users to upload and transcribe multiple audio or video files simultaneously. This feature significantly saves time and effort, especially for content creators who need to generate subtitles for a large volume of media content efficiently.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a Free Forever plan where our users can try Simplified's basic functionalities and make an informed decision. We do not offer refunds. If you're unsatisfied with your plan or need to change it, you can downgrade your plan or pause your subscription to avoid future charges. To learn more about our refund policy.

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Great application for creating video content and instagram reels

I love simplified; I'm using it to create video reels as well as themes for Instagram and facebook , it is fast, and the AI detection and accuracy are amazing

5/5  Stars


Simplified A.I is Awesome. It is any content creator's companion

Simplified saves time! The content and various versions are on-point and precise. I am using this with voice-over tools and a video editor. Competitor products are allowing lesser content on articles, blog posts, etc.

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Professional Quality and User-Friendly Interface with Exceptional Customer Support

To provide top-notch video editing and animation tools with a simple user interface and a wide range of functionality. Also, when assistance is required, their customer support service responds quickly and helpfully, which is essential for content creators.

5/5  Stars


Terrific Video Maker

The tools are simple to use. The video maker is awesome. Talk about saving time!! This AI program is a must-have for every video maker.

5/5  Stars


Simple but effective

The video editor, It would cost me so much more time, I love the social media planner especially because it's so integrated into the entire simplified system. You can you find this anywhere else!

4/5  Stars


Very impotent tool for YouTube video creators

As video creator views on video is mater a lot and as we know it depends on title thumbnail and tag so yes here in simplified i am getting number of option so this is great.

5/5  Stars