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Repurpose AI Turns Your Videos into Bite-Sized Brilliance

Ditch editing drudgery. AI auto-cuts, captions, and ranks your AI clips for maximum platform impact.

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How to use Repurpose AI for Your Videos in 3 Easy Steps:


Upload Your Content Goldmine:

Drag and drop your long video, no matter the size. We'll repurpose video content like a pro, transforming it into bite-sized AI Clips for Reels, Shorts, and more.

AI Does the Dirty Work:

Sit back and relax as Repurpose AI takes the wheel. It'll auto-cut your video into engaging AI clips, generate captions that match your style, and even rank your clips for virality potential. Think of it as your personal AI video repurposing assistant!


Customize & Conquer the Short-Form Game:

Choose the generated AI clips that shine brightest, tweak fonts and styles to match your brand, and hit share to watch your engagement explode. Repurpose AI makes reusing video and going viral easier than ever!

Split Long Videos into AI Clips with Repurpose AI

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video template library
video template library

AI VIdeo Magic Tools

Elevate Your Video Creation and be the top Influencers. Save Hours with the Power of AI!

AI Speaker Spotlight

No more blurry faces or confusing audio! Repurpose AI's cutting-edge speaker detection keeps the focus on who's talking, ensuring your short clips maintain context and capture the essence of each voice in your original video. It's like having a personal director for your repurposed content.

AI Subtitle Style Symphony

Ditch generic captions and elevate your short-form game. Repurpose AI offers a vibrant melody of subtitle styles from elegant fonts to trendy colors, all customizable to match your brand or personal style. Make your text pop and engage your audience like never before.

Repurpose video

AI B-Roll Booster

Don't settle for static visuals. With Repurpose AI add relevant and captivating B-roll footage to seamlessly integrate with your repurposed AI clips. Enhance your storytelling with stunning visuals that complement your message and elevate your content to the next level.

Repurpose video

AI Language Bridge

Break down language barriers and connect with audiences worldwide. Repurpose AI's AI-powered subtitle translations let you effortlessly translate your content into a variety of languages, ensuring your message resonates internationally. Expand your reach and tap into new markets with just a click.

Repurpose Video

AI Magic Cut

Repurpose AI is your ultimate video editing shortcut. Our AI understands your long videos, dissects them, and crafts captivating short clips tailored for social media. Create once, reuse forever, and fuel your content pipeline with lightning speed.

Repurpose video


Your complete video solution in one tool

Simplify Video Editing with Our All-in-One Tool

Effortlessly trim, enhance, and customize your videos to perfection. Simplified Video Editor empowers your creative journey with easy, intuitive editing. Elevate your content game with a range of professional tools.

Brand Voice

Subtitle Generator

Make your videos more inclusive and engaging with our Subtitle Generator. Add captions to reach a broader audience.

Brand Tone

Free Stock Assets

Access free, high-quality stock visuals to upgrade your content affordably.

Video Templates

Easily narrate your videos with our Text-to-Speech feature, offering a range of voices and accents for a perfect match to your content

Text to Speech

Easily narrate your videos with our Text-to-Speech feature, offering a range of voices and accents for a perfect match to your content

Brand Kit
Template Library

Ready to Post Video Templates For Social Media

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Repurpose AI and what does it do?

Repurpose AI is a game-changer for video creators, marketers, and anyone looking to extract maximum value from their long-form video content. It harnesses the power of AI to automatically transform your lengthy videos into engaging, bite-sized clips perfect for social media or repurposing. Imagine cutting hours of editing down to a few clicks!

How does Repurpose AI work?

Simply upload your video (or provide a YouTube or Google Drive link) and hit Generate. Repurpose AI's intelligent algorithms analyze your video, identifying key moments, speaker changes, and even potential viral content. It then automatically generates short clips, each with its own subtitles and optimized for specific platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts.

What about speaker identification and subtitles?

Repurpose AI automatically detects speaker changes and generates unique subtitles for each clip. This makes your repurposed content clear, engaging, and accessible even without audio. No more scrambling to keep up with speaker transitions!

Can I use repurposed content across different platforms?

Absolutely! Repurpose AI generates AI clips in sizes and formats optimized for popular platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok Shorts, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Stories. You can even customize the aspect ratio and download the clips in different resolutions for maximum flexibility by editing in Simplified Video Editor.

How much time can I save using Repurpose AI compared to traditional video editing?

It depends on the length of your video and desired outcome, but Repurpose AI can save you significant time compared to traditional editing. Imagine taking a 30-minute video and needing 10 clips for different platforms. With manual editing, you'd spend hours cutting, captioning, and formatting. Repurpose AI can do this in minutes, allowing you to focus on other creative aspects of your content.

What does the virality score mean?

The virality score is Repurpose AI's AI-powered prediction of how well your short AI clips might perform on social media. It analyzes factors like content trends, engagement potential, and audio/visual quality to give you an idea of which clips have the highest chance of going viral. This helps you prioritize your efforts and focus on the content that's most likely to reach a wider audience.

What languages does the AI short repurpose tool support for video processing?

It supports multiple languages, enabling content creators to cater to a diverse, global audience. Supported languages are: English, Spanish, Hindi, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Hebrew, Italian, Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.

Can I customize subtitles and add personal branding in the videos?

Yes, the tool offers subtitle customization and personal branding options, allowing for tailored content that aligns with your brand identity.

Is there a file size limit for videos uploaded to Simplified's AI Short Repurpose tool?

The tool can handle video files up to 500 MB, allowing for substantial video content to be uploaded and repurposed.

Can AI repurpose videos from any source?

AI repurposing tools like Simplified can work with videos from various sources, including direct uploads or using links from YouTube platform or Google Drive.
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Simplifies is very to use. I like that it gives you different options to choose from, and not only that, but you can also edit the desired option.

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Helping cutting video clips, which makes it easy for me to upload.

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Ease of working with the UI, realtime feedback and changes updation. The multitude of offerings across various stakeholder and their specific needs. Ease of online interaction and no need to download and install any softeare.

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Simplified is a very good website and it provides mamy features for free

The best thing is that I can make best AI images and also can convert long video to short video with subtitle for free.

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