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Make your stories come alive with our best AI video generator. Convert text to video quickly and easily. No editing skills required, just creativity!

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AI Video Generator
Online AI Video Generator

Make Video Creation Easy with AI Video Generator

Creating video content can be time-consuming and expensive. But what if you could generate high-quality ad videos and social media videos in a few clicks, without breaking a sweat? Introducing AI Video Generator, the tool that turns your text to video in seconds. No scripting, no filming, no editing – just enter your text, choose your style, and let AI do the rest. Perfect for video editors, social media managers, marketing specialists, and small business marketers, this tool simplifies your workflow and improves your content creation process.

Showcase Your Unique Style & Creativity with AI

Go beyond the ordinary with our easy-to-use branding tools. You can upload your logo, pick your brand colors, and change the text to make videos that show off your unique style using our text to video AI. Whether you need bright colors for fun social media posts or a cool, professional look for business presentations, AI Video Generator helps you stand out quickly. Plus, you can make your videos even better with our huge stock footage library, background music selection, and subtitle generation for a polished, professional feel.

Unlock Viral Video Creation

How to Use AI Video Generator

Start Generating Videos

Start Generating Videos in Seconds:

Click on 'Generate with AI' and then 'AI Text to Video' in the AI Video App. With just a few clicks, you can turn text into engaging videos that captivate your audience. Experience a fast and intuitive way to create video content online.

Tailor Your Videos for Maximum Impact:

Input your video topic and target audience, then choose the size and AI speaker. Our AI video generator helps you create custom videos that talk directly to your viewers, making sure your message connects well with them.

Tailor Your Videos
Customize and Generate

Customize & Generate with Ease:

Personalize your videos using your brandbook, then hit 'Generate'. The AI Video Generator makes it simple to produce branded videos that align with your identity, making sure your content stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Best AI Video Generator

Engage Globally with Multilingual, Lifelike Videos

Maximize your global reach with AI Video Generator, which combines lifelike voiceovers and multilingual capabilities. It can generate marketing videos, explainer videos and faceless video content with voices that sound real and speak different languages. Plus, with our Text to Video AI tool, you can add fun animations and move things around easily with a drag-and-drop editor. It helps make sure everyone gets what you're saying, no matter where they're from!

Customized Videos for Every Occasion

Experience the best AI video generator built for everyone. Whether you're creating YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or any other type of video, our text to video AI provides you with the flexibility to choose the format size that suits your needs. With real-time editing and collaboration features, you can work together smoothly. Built for businesses of all sizes, this tool ensures everyone can create professional videos quickly. Get started today and bring your ideas to life.

AI Video Generator Tool


Level Up Video Creation and Save Time with AI Video Generator

AI Subtitle Generator

Move beyond ordinary captions and transform your video content with an auto subtitle generator. Choose from a variety of fonts and colors to match your brand or personal style. Make your stories more engaging and keep your viewers interested with text that you can fully customize.

AI Subtitle Generator

AI Script To Video

Turn your scripts into awesome videos with text to video AI. This tool lets you type in your script and easily make great videos. You can choose different scenes, voices, and add your own logos. It's great for creators who want to make cool videos without the hard parts of regular video editing.

AI Script to Video

AI B-Roll Booster

Don't limit yourself to static visuals. With AI Video Generator, enrich your narrative by seamlessly integrating captivating B-roll footage into your AI-generated videos. Make your storytelling more interesting with beautiful visuals that match your content, taking your videos to the next level.

AI B-Roll Booster

AI Blog To Video

Experience the magic of Blog to Video feature, which brings your blog posts to life as engaging videos. This cool tool uses AI to pick out the most important parts of your writing and turns them into visual stories. You can choose different scenes, add voices, and include music to make your videos just right for getting noticed online!

AI Blog to Video


One Tool for All your Video Creations Needs

Creating Videos Easy with our Video Editor

You can easily cut, trim, and personalize your AI generated videos. Simplified Video Editor makes your creative work fun and easy with its user-friendly editing features. Take your content to the next level with a variety of professional tools.

Brand Voice

Natural Voiceovers

Add a personal touch to your videos with cool voiceover features. Pick from different natural-sounding voices to tell your story with feeling & clarity.

Brand Tone

Free Stock Assets

Access free, high-quality stock visuals to make your projects look professional and polished.

Video Templates

Level up your video with eye-catching video templates, designed to fit various themes and formats.

Text to Speech

Create voiceovers for videos with Text-to-Speech. Choose voices & accents to match your content perfectly.

Brand Kit

Discover More Video Editing Tools

Do More, Generate More With AI Video Generator

Simplified blog is a great place to learn from the best in Instagram marketing. Whether you want to bulk up on social media knowledge or get your first followers.

AI Video Generator FAQs

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How can I convert my text into videos using the AI Video Generator tool?

Turning your text to video has never been easier! With the AI Video Generator tool, you just need to paste your text into the tool. The AI takes care of the rest. It selects visuals, animations, and even background music that match your text perfectly. The whole process is quick and simple. Even if you've never made a video before, you can create something amazing in minutes.
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Can I choose the format size of the video I want to generate?

Absolutely! The AI Video Generator tool lets you choose the right size for your video. Whether you want a square video for Instagram, a vertical one for TikTok, or a wide one for YouTube, you can pick what you need. This makes sure your text to video looks good on any platform. No need to worry about video resizing later. Just select the size you want from the beginning and you're all set!
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Are there different speaker options available for the text to video conversion?

Yes, there are! The AI Video Generator tool offers a variety of speaker options to match the tone of your video. Whether you want a friendly, casual voice or a more professional tone, you can choose the speaker that fits your message best. The voices are natural and clear, making your video engaging and easy to understand.
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Can I create videos & captions in different languages?

Definitely! With the AI Video Generator tool, you can create videos and add captions in multiple languages. This is perfect for reaching a global audience. Simply enter your text in the language you want, and the text to video tool will generate the video accordingly. It’s a great way to make your content accessible to people all around the world. Now, you can connect with your audience no matter where they are or what language they speak.
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Is there an option to add background music or animations to the video?

Absolutely! Once your video is ready, you can make it better by adding or changing the background music and animations using our video editing tool. Pick from different music tracks to get the right feel, and use cool transitions and effects to make your video stand out. Whether you're making a fun promo or a serious presentation, these tools help you create the video you imagine.
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Are there options to adjust the speed or pacing of the video?

Yes, Once the video is generated, you can easily adjust its speed using our video speed changer and editing feature. This allows you to tailor the pacing to suit the mood and style of your content, whether you're aiming for a quick, snappy feel for social media or a slower tempo for educational purposes.
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Can I preview the video before finalizing the creation process?

Yes, you can preview your video before finalizing it. This means you can see exactly how your video looks and sounds before you hit the 'export' button. Make sure everything is just right. If you need to make changes, go ahead! Our AI video generator ensures you get the perfect video every time. It's like having a safety net for your creativity.
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Does the AI Video Generator tool offer an AI voice cloning feature?

Yes, it does! The AI Video Generator tool includes an AI voice cloning feature. This means you can clone a specific voice and use it in your videos. It’s a fantastic way to maintain consistency in your brand voice or to feature a specific person’s voice in multiple videos. The voice cloning is precise and sounds incredibly realistic. Give text to video a try and see how it can add a personal touch to your videos.
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Are there options to import external media such as images or video clips into the tool?

Yes, you can import external media like images or video clips into our AI video generator tool. This flexibility allows you to incorporate your own photos, videos, or graphics into your project. Whether you have brand-specific images or unique video clips, adding them to your AI-generated video is easy. Just upload your media and integrate it smoothly. This helps make your video truly yours.
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Do AI video generators support multi-language?

Yes, our AI Video Generator supports multiple languages. Generate video in 80+ languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, Malay, Portuguese, French, Swedish, Hindi, Tamil, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Dutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Bangla, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Danish, Romanian, Hebrew, and so on.

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Create captivating videos in seconds with an AI video generator.

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The text to video generator is simply and easy to use. the Customer support is fast. The Number of features they offer. The easy integration from text to video. The easy of implementation and the frequency of uses.

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Simplified website is most impressive and the this is the good for the subtitles creation and image

I like on best video to subtitle creation and I recommend him to make your setup YouTube link video to subtitle grill son and AI generation

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Great Suite of Tools

Great tools to use and an abundance of resources for your digital marketing needs. Differentiates itself from other content generators — serving as a much more comprehensive product that has graphic editing and generating capabilities along with video creation.

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Simple but effective

The video editor, It would cost me so much more time, I love the social media planner especially because it's so integrated into the entire simplified system. You can you find this anywhere else!

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Very impotent tool for YouTube video creators

I like the ai tool for the title generator, especially the tag generator because I have struggled with this in my youtube journey with the ai device. Now I have several options, so that's great.

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Terrific Video Maker

The tools are simple to use. The video maker is awesome. Talk about saving time!! This AI program is a must-have for every video maker.

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