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We're excited to unveil our Creator Fund Program—an incredible chance for creators at every stage to display their talent, expand their audience, and get paid for their content. At Simplified, we're committed to empowering creators and ensuring equal opportunities for all, regardless of follower count or subscriber base.


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Create a video featuring or using Simplified

Craft a video showing your favorite AI tool on Simplified. Check our FAQ for links to our most popular features. Show how easy it is to use, why you love it, or what you use it for

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Post your video

Share your video on your social media platforms and let the views roll in! Don’t forget to tag @Simplifiedhq and use hashtags #SimplifiedAI and #Simplifiedpartner to get noticed by our community

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Get $$$ based on views

 The more views your video gets, the more you can earn! Once your content has racked up views, complete our submission form, and get paid! See below for platforms we support and the payout guidelines. 

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Need some inspo? Check out these videos: 

Payout Guidelines

Minimum Views
CPM ($ per 1000 views)
Max payout

Youtube (5 minute min)




Tiktok, YT shorts








If your video gets to 1 million views, we’ll double the payout! 

Please note that these prices are for creators in the US, UK, and AUS. Due to exchange rates, we offer 25% of the prices listed above for any creators based outside these countries. If the majority of your audience is based in the US, UK, and AUS, the payout guidelines listed above will apply. 

Minimum Likes
CPM ($ per Post)
Max payout  

Twitter threads












Video/Post Submission Guidelines:
  • Content must be created post-January 1, 2024.

  • Originality is required for all submissions.

  • Submissions are eligible for a single payout.

  • Videos/Posts paid outside this program cannot be resubmitted.

  • Payments are processed within 14 days post-submission, typically weekly.

  • Paid posts must not be deleted without prior consent from us.

If you have acquired, farmed, used bots, or manipulated your views/impressions in any manner, you will face disqualification. We retain the authority to disqualify any submission, with or without specific cause.

If you have any questions or need help, please email: By participating in this program, participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

What millions say about Simplified

Aggregate Review Rating

5/5 Stars


Amazing software... lifesaver for a freelance web designer

It has proved to be a fabulous tool for me in my freelance web design agency. Well worth the investment.

5/5  Stars


I Enjoy Using Simplified and Highly Recommend it to Others

What I like best about Simplified AI is its ability to understand the context and intent behind my writing. This feature allows it to generate content that is relevant and meaningful, which has significantly improved the quality of my work.

5/5  Stars


Unraveling the Excellence of Email Performance

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital communication, finding the right balance between efficiency, engagement, and aesthetics is paramount. From my year-long experience, several factors have consistently set the standard for email performance.

5/5  Stars


Have only been using Simplified a short time and it's a game changer

I love that I have a software where I can manage multiple social media acccounts as well as Google business.

5/5  Stars


everything you need is right here in one product!

I consistently find myself returning to it as my go-to tool for content creation. It has become an integral part of my workflow. Whenever I had queries and reached out to support, they were prompt in their responses and provided effective solutions.

5/5  Stars


Simplified - A Game Changer for My Team

I've been using Simplified for a few days now, and it has completely transformed the way my team operates. Simplified has exceeded my expectations in every way.

5/5  Stars


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of content should I create for Simplified?

Create an engaging video showcasing one (or a few!) of Simplified’s AI tools, including the AI Design, Writing, Video Editing, Social Media, and Magic tools. Get creative and have fun while highlighting how using Simplified makes things easier and more efficient.

Use these quick links to get started! AI clips, Subtitle generator, AI presentation, Subtitle translator, AI Thumbnail maker, AI image generator, AI blog writer

Are there any restrictions on the content I can create?

While we encourage creativity, content should align with our brand values and should be suitable for all audiences. Please avoid any offensive or misleading content

How will I receive my earnings? 

Once your content has reached the minimum amount of views, you can submit your video along with a screenshot of the video analytics, and we’ll send your earnings through Paypal or Wise
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