Share Your Expertise: Accelerate Thought Leadership by Contributing to the Simplified Blog

Share Your Expertise: Accelerate Thought Leadership by Contributing to the Simplified Blog

The Simplified team invites thought leaders to share their expertise, insights, and experience with our blog readers.

The Simplified Blog is an essential hub for creators, small business owners, and marketers seeking insights into image, video, design, and content creation using AI.

Our mission is to offer unrivaled insights and guidance on topics critical to our community. We invite creators, entrepreneurs, and AI enthusiasts to contribute their knowledge and experiences through our thought leadership program.

We prioritize compelling narratives, actionable advice, and informative content. Our standards are stringent to ensure that every piece resonates with our audience’s needs. The Simplified Content Team will collaborate with you meticulously to craft a refined and impactful final product.

Apply to be a Contributor

But first, let’s prove ourselves. Here’s why you should share your expertise with our readers

  • We’re one of the fastest-growing generative AI companies in the World
  • We develop products in various niches, ranging from writing to design to video to social media to project management
  • Our Ahrefs Domain Rating is 75
  • Our Organic Traffic is more than 1.5 million
  • You get a by-line with a description along with an author page
  • We’ll (potentially) promote your work on our social platforms

Interested? Here’s what you need to do next

To get started,

  1. Review our article guidelines thoroughly.
  2. Fill out the form and wait to hear from us. This is the only way to get a pitch in the door, so emailing or DMing the team will not work.
  3. Simplified will reach out to shortlisted thought leaders.
  4. Share topic ideas with the Simplified team.
  5. Once Simplified approves a topic, share an outline of your post that makes up 30 percent of the final article with your arguments, links, H2s & H3s.
  6. Once approved, start writing your draft.
  7. Send it as an editable Google Doc to Simplified with 2-3 title options included.
  8. Simplified’s Content team will review the draft and make any necessary changes. Our team keeps these edits as minor as possible, mainly looking at grammar and style. In the case of a significant edit, such as removing a section, we will communicate the changes ahead of time.
  9. Provide Simplified with your author’s name, headshot, a short bio (200 characters max), and a link to your website (not compulsory).
  10. Simplified will inform you of the projected publication date once you have signed off on the final version.
  11. Please note that our content calendar can be busy, so new submissions may take a few weeks to reach publication.
  12. In order to create your author account on Simplified, please add the following details at the end of your draft: username, email address, profile picture, qualifications, experience, credentials/bio relevant to the topics you write about.

Apply to be a Contributor

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Ajay Yadav
Ajay Yadav is an AI enthusiast and author of various topics on AI. He writes about the latest developments in AI and its impact on society, business, and technology.

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