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Our plagiarism checker is a fast, accurate, and free tool for detecting plagiarism online.

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AI Plagiarism Checker

Effortlessly Detect Plagiarism in Minutes

Our AI Plagiarism Checker speeds up the process of checking for plagiarism, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your ideas. Never waste hours again on manual plagiarism checks. Let our advanced plagiarism checker tool do the work for you, saving you precious time and effort.

How to Use the AI Plagiarism Checker on Simplified


Access the AI Writer through the Simplified Dashboard and select "New Document."


Write your idea or topic on the document that opens.


Select your content, then click 'Plagiarism Check.'


Make edits, add content, and save writing you love as a 'Favorite'.

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AI Plagiarism Checker

Fast & Accurate Plagiarism Checker Tool Online

Our online plagiarism tool provides instant results for your plagiarism check. Through color-coded highlights, you can easily identify exact matches or paraphrased content and determine the primary source. Whether you're a website owner, author, blogger, or student, Simplified's AI plagiarism checker is designed to help you ensure that your work, or the work of others, is entirely original and unique.

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AI Plagiarism Checker FAQs

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Can AI Plagiarism Checker identify paraphrased content?

Yes, our AI Plagiarism Checker can detect not only exact matches but also paraphrased content, ensuring comprehensive plagiarism detection.
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Is my content stored or shared when using AI Plagiarism Checker Tool?

No, we prioritize the privacy of our users. Your uploaded content is securely processed and immediately deleted after plagiarism analysis.
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Can I check multiple documents at once?

Yes, you can check multiple documents simultaneously. Our tool supports batch processing, allowing you to save even more time.
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 What file formats does Plagiarism Checker tool support?

Our tool supports various file formats, including .doc, .docx, .pdf, and .txt, among others. You can conveniently upload your content regardless of the format.
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What is your refund policy?

We offer a Free Forever plan where our users can try Simplified's basic functionalities and make an informed decision. We do not offer refunds. If you're unsatisfied with your plan or need to change it, you can downgrade your plan or pause your subscription to avoid future charges. To learn more about our refund policy.

Instantly Identify Plagiarism with Our AI Plagiarism Checker Tool

Stay away from unintentional plagiarism and safeguard your reputation with AI Plagiarism Detector

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Its an amazing app.

Its content is plagiarism is easy to use.

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Simplified is making my news blog a hit

High-quality AI writer, and it is excellent that it is free. I love to type, but in these cold winters, my hands start to freeze up and become stiff. Having an AI writer lets me keep my brain occupied with work tasks, without having to get the creative writing part of my brain involved.

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It genuinely helps to write any type of document using AI tools

The AI tools that it provides and that too with Zero plagiarism

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Best AI for content Writing and simple to use

Every time I use it, my content is converted into a format that can easily read, so there are no worries of plagiarism. I have to admit that I'm pretty impressed with it.

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Simplify make my task easy

Simplify, drafting a scientific article is now much easier and free of plagiarism. the English language proficiency is also very good which takes the piece to the next level.

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Mind Blowing Powerful AI assistant

Say goodbye to plagiarism and poor quality content. Simplified's AI Writer produces plagiarism-free content that is unique and high-quality.

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