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Why You Should Be Using AI Content Creation Tools

With the recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), more and more businesses are looking to adopt AI content creation tools. AI can help businesses automate tasks, improve efficiency, and drive better results. However, there are still many misconceptions about AI. 

Some people believe that AI will replace human jobs, while others believe that AI is not yet mature enough to be used in business. In this blog post, we’ll dispel some of the myths about AI and explain why you should be using AI content creation tools in your business. We’ll also provide some tips on how to get started with AI-based content creation using Simplified.

What is AI-Based Content Creation?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around since the 1950s and has been used in just about every aspect of life, from transcription and translation to computer processing and driverless cars, so it is no surprise that it is continuing to evolve as a helpful aid in the world of business. AI-based content creation is used by content marketers, small businesses and startups, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a creative mind and novel spirit.  

AI content creation involves using artificial intelligence to help you create a plethora of projects such as blog posts, Facebook ads, landing pages, and even entire books.  

Will AI Content Creation Software Replace Humans?

AI content creator software does not replace people as it can only create what the human creates; it is just an aid. Any effective marketing strategy or business plan must create in the minds of the audience, a connection. That connection is a human element.  AI-powered content creation cannot replace humans; it can only enhance the creativity and genius that all humans possess and all humans need, even in the world of business. 

The professional using AI content creation software is using a tool much like the computer, internet, or even pencil and paper. They use their ingenuity and vision to ideate, and AI content creators just support what has already been imagined. AI-based content creation is another aid for today’s business professionals.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using AI-Based Content Creation Tools

There are many reasons why AI-driven content creation should be the next item on your business plan list, and we compiled the top seven for you in this comprehensive list.

1. AI-based content creation helps you with content ideation.

You’re on your way to building a global brand with momentous influence, and you know that only original ideas that provide value and ingenuity will connect with your audience and get them to trust you and your company. AI-based content creation doesn’t replace your ideas, talent, and imagination; it enhances the genius that you already possess.  

You input your ideas, language, tone, and vision, and Simplified’s AI-based content creator provides you with an endless amount of choices that you can use to improve your efficiency while amplifying your brand’s voice and influence. You can even generate products and publish them directly from the app to your social media.

2. AI-powered content creation provides endless possibilities and combinations.

The average stock photo or basic template is not good enough for your new and ingenious project.  With AI content creation, you have the power to create unique and custom designs for your ad copy, YouTube descriptions, or marketing campaign.

AI writers can help you plan your blog, website, or social media posts while AI image generators can help you create letterhead, invoices, and business cards that stand out and are above your competition.

3. AI-driven content creation is SEO-focused.

Content is king, and search engine optimization (SEO) is the crown. SEO allows your website and business to be found by people who require your services or products and your expertise.  

With a quality AI content creation software tool, you can create dynamic informative content that provides value and connection to your ideal audience. You, the expert, write the content, and the AI content creator can help you with the outline, title, and schema markup that will rank your website as number one.  

4. AI content creation software provides mass content quickly.

Using AI-powered content creation is perfect for busy professionals who need to plan content, posts, and marketing strategies weeks and months ahead of time. Perhaps you need a month’s worth of blog ideas and titles, Amazon product descriptions, or photo captions. An AI content creator will allow you to process your ideas and develop them into real, viable products quickly, even in as little as a few seconds. 

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5. AI-based content creation is an aid for scaling your business.

Your dream of owning a successful business is finally coming true, and all of your hard work and dedication is finally paying off, but how do you continue to grow without accruing unnecessary costs and time depletion? Employing the use of quality AI content creators like Simplified can help you save valuable time and resources while adding to your dynamic creativity and novel ideas.

With tools such as a background remover, long-form writer, and video and animation maker, you’ll have everything you need to scale your business and grow into a powerful brand.

6. AI content creators help you research your target audience.

Once you’ve created the perfect article or design for your brand, you must analyze the data to ensure that your content is reaching your desired audience. AI-based content creation tools like social media analytics can help propel your business forward by providing real-time insight into your audience and their needs.  

7. AI-based content creation is a tool for growing your social media.

AI image generators can help you create one-of-a-kind Instagram photos, Facebook ads, videos for TikTok, and even images for LinkedIn articles, and AI content writers can help you pen engaging and informative blog posts, email copy, and Instagram captions.  

With Simplified’s AI-based content creation, you can plan hundreds if not thousands of posts and videos by simply connecting your social media channels, setting up your calendar, and/or publishing directly from the app.

Use a Proven AI-Driven Content Creation Tool

Now that you know why you should be using AI-driven content creators, which one should you use?  With over 80 products and hundreds of templates, you can trust Simplified’s proven AI content creation software. It allows you to create your personalized projects with a human touch that is unmatched while also providing helpful suggestions and unique perspectives that modern technology warrants and that will catapult your business into success.

Start creating your content with Simplified’s content creation tool now!

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