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How to Use Simplified Link In Bio in 3 Easy Steps

Increase Engagement with Trendy Captions

Capture your audience’s attention with your favorite creators’ subtitles styles. Easily generate highly accurate AI subtitles, then select any of our trendy styles. Ready-to-use, or customize it with your brand’s color, font and style. Making engaging content has never been easier.

Add Trendy Subtitles to Your Video

Easily Repurpose Content and Create Clips

Cut clips from a video with our text-based clip creator. It’s as simple as selecting the clip from the subtitles to generate a new clip you can share to your social channels from the editor, or edit as you like to create new content. 

Create Amazing Videos With Pro Transitions and Animations

Weave videos and clips together to create content that will delight your audience. Tell better stories and amaze with pro transition effects, and animate elements to make your videos pop with audience-favorite animation effects. Create videos your viewers will love, click and engage with.

Create Amazing Videos

Transform Your Video With Free Music and AI Text-to-Speech

Add background music, songs, and sound effects from our free stock library. Record your own voice and be the star of your video, or generate AI text-to-speech in 20+ languages. Edit it quickly into your videos with our timeline editor.

Create Once, Use Your Videos Everywhere

Our AI Magic Resizer makes it easy to share your videos across all your social channels. Edit your video, then resize it to all your desired formats with the click of a button. Reach a larger audience and grow your brand and engagement with our AI Magic Resizer.

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Transform Your Videos with Simplified's 20+ Famous Presets

Simplified's video editor offers 20+ presets, including the renowned Ken Burns and Stop Motion styles, which take the pain out of editing, giving your videos a professional edge instantly.

Revolutionize Your Video Subtitles with One-Click Subtitle Generator

Add Trendy Subtitles to Your Video

Simplified is rated 4.9/5 stars in over 2 million+

Dany Goldraij

I started with Video

Easy to create a short video, with a lot of templates, images, and videos clips

Angie Spillman

Terrific Video Maker

The tools are simple to use. The video maker is awesome. Talk about saving time!! This AI program is a must-have for every video maker.

Ua Thenation

Expreince using simplified ai content generator and video creator

The simplicity of content generator, that assists in the content generator. You can generate and copy or add only what you what on the documents. Second, the video creation is user-friendly and flexible, you can adjust any picture or video and vector size. The quick assistance in creating quote.

Lovely Khatun

Video creations looks great

Simplified replaces all other content creation tools with its exciting features, but the video creation looks fun with Simplified. There are many templates that you can use to create different types of video content. I found all regular features in Simplified for making videos for your website, social media, or any other content. Simplified allows uploading own fonts but remember the font file should be in TTF or OTF format.

Imran Noor's: Professional Quality and User-Friendly Interface with Exceptional Customer Support

To provide top-notch video editing and animation tools with a simple user interface and a wide range of functionality. Also, when assistance is required, their customer support service responds quickly and helpfully, which is essential for content creators working under pressure or requiring direction.

Stephen Kelly

Simplified is powered packed. It gave me everything I need to market my company in one place.

I like the AI assistant, the graphics tools, and the video tools. It is quite easy to create market material quickly, whether it is video or graphic image.


Frequently Asked Questions

What features must I try in Simplified's video editor?

Explore Simplified's video editor with essential features: Automatic Subtitling streamlines subtitles creation. Repurpose Content by extracting clips from text. Add human-like voices in multiple languages with Text-to-Speech. The Free Stock Library provides images, visual assets, and videos. Elevate design with 20+ One-Click Animations. Create captivating Time-Lapse Videos. Simplified empowers your editing, making it an ideal choice for professionals and beginners alike.

Which devices and browsers does Simplified work on?

Simplified Video Editor is designed to be highly accessible. It works seamlessly on a wide range of devices and browsers, including but not limited to. Desktop Computers: Windows and macOS. Mobile Devices: iOS and Android. Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. It is optimized for the latest versions of these browsers to ensure a smooth editing experience.

What is the best free online video editor?

Simplified Video Editor is among the best free online video editors available. It offers a user-friendly interface, AI-powered features, and a robust set of editing tools. With Simplified, you can easily create professional-quality videos without the need for expensive software. Try it out with our free trial to see how it can simplify your video editing needs.

What audio and video files work in the Simplified video editor?

Simplified Video Editor supports a wide range of audio and video file formats, ensuring compatibility with most media files. Some common supported formats include. Video Formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more. Audio Formats: MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and more. If you're unsure whether your specific file format is supported, our platform will typically provide you with feedback and assistance in converting or importing your media.

Do you have an Audio and Video Stock Library?

Yes, Simplified offers a comprehensive Free Stock Library that includes a wide range of free images, visual assets, audio clips, and videos. This library is a valuable resource for our users, providing access to high-quality media content to enhance their video and audio projects without the worry of copyright restrictions. It's a convenient way to find the perfect visuals and sound to complement your creative needs.

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