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With AI Essay writer, break writer's block, save time on research and create high-quality essays in minutes. Whether you're a professional writing a report or a student working on an assignment, our essay writer makes essay writing easy and fast. Focus on the content and let AI take care of the rest.

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Go to AI Writer Templates & Search "Essay Writer"


Write about your topic, select language and essay style.


Click on Generate.


AI Essay writer will generate a high quality essay for you in minutes.

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Simplified is the all-in-one app for modern marketers and writers to create a seamless workflow! Generate original content with the Short Form and Long Form AI Writer. Organize folders and projects for team members and clients, comment and tag colleagues in real-time, and save your favorite copy.

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AI Essay Writer FAQs

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What is AI Essay Writer, and how does it work?

AI Essay Writer is a powerful tool within Simplified AI Writer that puts the magic of AI-powered writing at your fingertips. It helps you craft high-quality essays in a variety of tones and styles, from academic precision to creative storytelling. Simply provide your topic, desired essay length, and preferred tone, and AI Essay Writer will generate a unique and well-structured essay in over 20 languages. Think of it as your personal brainstorming partner and wordsmith, ready to assist you at every stage of the writing process.
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What kind of essays can I write with AI Essay Writer?

AI Essay Writer is versatile and can tackle various essay types, including argumentative, persuasive, expository, narrative, and even compare-and-contrast essays. Whether you're writing for high school, college, or even personal projects, AI Essay Writer can be your helpful companion.
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Can I choose the tone and style of my essay?

Absolutely! AI Essay Writer offers a variety of tone options to match your essay's purpose and audience. Whether you need a formal and academic tone for a research paper, a lighthearted and engaging tone for a personal essay, or anything in between, AI Essay Writer can tailor the writing style to your needs.
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Is AI Essay Writer plagiarism-free?

Plagiarism is a serious concern, and we take it very seriously at Simplified AI Writer. AI Essay Writer generates original content based on its vast knowledge base and your specific instructions. However, it's always good practice to cite your sources properly and use AI Essay Writer as a writing tool, not a shortcut to avoid the research and critical thinking process.
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What languages does AI Essay Writer support?

AI Essay Writer is a global citizen, capable of crafting essays in over 20 languages ! Whether you need to write an essay in Spanish for your language class or a research paper in French for your international studies program, AI Essay Writer has you covered.
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Can I edit and revise the essay generated by AI Essay Writer?

Yes, AI Essay Writer treats your essay as your own. You can edit, revise, and fine-tune the generated text to your liking. Think of it as a collaborative effort between you and AI, where you provide the ideas and direction, and AI helps you refine and polish your work.

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I was stuck on an essay intro until this gave my a few ideas that I could run with. Perfect for writers block.

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This is a big help for me as a working student, it makes my works to easily done

The essay writing is one of my weakness to be honest. That's why when i met simplified, it makes my works better and it gives me great reviews on my essays and review papers

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amaze AI tool

many features like auto write various articles and essay using Ai and rephrasing. i highly recommend it for save time and high rofessional results

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its good to use it but i wish to write an articles with references

easy and speed writing very well and good articles

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It helps me re-creating my essay and research section.

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"Useful for when I need something typed fast.

When I need to finish something like an essay, I go to this app and can trust it because it does a good job. It also writes a nice big piece and looks believable that I wrote it!

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