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Constructing emails from scratch can be a time-consuming task. But with Simplified's AI email writer, you can choose from a variety of email templates. From cancelation emails to follow-up emails and promotional emails to welcome emails, you can streamline your communication process and get professional emails sent out quickly with our free email generator.

How to Use the Email Generator


In the AI Writer, select the email template


Fill in "User Action" or "Descriptions


You can also select the "Advance Options" tab to get more specific and create better-personalized results.


Hit "Generate."

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The Right Words for the Right Audience

If you've ever sat in front of your computer struggling to find the right words for your email, you're definitely not alone. Not all of us are natural word-smiths. Luckily, with Simplified's email writer, the frustration of conveying your message with precision is a thing of the past! Our AI email writer understands your intent and crafts polished emails that connect. Whether it's a personal or professional email, you find the right words to convey your message effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How user-friendly is the AI Email Generator?

The AI Email Writer is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly with easy-to-use email templates that already understand the intent of your email and will generate options that align.
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Can I customize the generated emails?

Yes! The Email Generator lets you edit, customize, and personalize the generated email drafts. You can modify the content, tone, structure, or any other aspect to ensure the email aligns with your unique preferences and needs and sounds authentic to you.
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Is the AI Email Generator suitable for both personal and professional emails?

Absolutely! The Free Email Generator is designed to assist with various types of emails. Whether you need to compose professional business emails and inquiries, friendly personal messages and invitations, or any other form of written communication, the AI Email Generator can adapt to your needs and generate the appropriate content. All you have to do is provide specific details you want the email to include.

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Amazing content AI tool

Simplified has the best UI interface and above all, one can use the service for a free lifetime. It caters for social, video, marketing, graphic content. One can create a specified workspace for different options all for free.

5/5  Stars


Amazing! Would definitely use again.

I personally like the AI Writer best about Simplified, same with the AI Bot! When I have a question I always go to Simplified for help.

5/5  Stars


Amazing for writing emails and sounding professional!

I love how you can create an email, copy it over to Simplify Document, and have it write a professional sounding email. I also love how you can change the tone of the email!

5/5  Stars


You dont know how much you need it !

It helps me to save a lot of time daily! Writing a complicated email to a VIP Client, or Writing a School Seminar!

5/5  Stars


Easy to use without coding,really Simplified!

This save you time and effort.Now ı can generate more creative and original text formats, informative poems, powerful ptomts,email, letters for my social acounts.

5/5  Stars


What I like about sumplified

Simplified has become my one stop shop for all my daily tasks. Creating mails that are relevant for my email marketing and adcopies too has become easy to write and achieve

4/5  Stars