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Convert text into natural-sounding speech using an AI powered text to speech tool. Choose from a range of human voices to make your content engaging & professional.

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AI Text to Speech for Creators and Marketers

Create amazing content with AI text to speech. This tool is great for video editors, small business marketers, social media managers, and content creators. It's the best for adding voice to your podcasts, TikTok videos, and Instagram reels. Use text to speech online to make engaging content quickly and easily. Ideal for making your social media stand out or helping the blind access your content. Use it to quickly add realistic voices to your videos and marketing materials. Try it for better, more creative projects!

How To Use Text To Speech


On the AI Video App, click on 'New Video', upload your video. Click on 'Audio' from the left side of your screen.


Click on 'Text To Speech'. Create 'New Audio Project', Select AI Speaker, add your text.


Listen to the voice and Click the '+ Add to Artboard' button and you're ready to go.

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Create Natural, High-Quality, Multilingual Voiceovers Online

Imagine a cool tool online that makes your writing talk! Text to speech uses super-smart AI to convert words into speech. Choose from 20+ languages and fine-tune narration speed to match your needs. Use the expressive voice style palette for a dynamic delivery. Ensure perfect word pronunciation every time. Add pauses for natural flow and emphasis. Our text to speech online tool provides everything you need for high-quality voice overs. It's the best text to speech solution available!

TTS Tool for Realistic & Versatile Voices at your fingertips

Experience high-definition audio quality with our AI text to speech tool. Enjoy real-time voice changes, perfect for any project. Choose from a variety of male and female voices and use our multi-voice features to add more layers to your content. Add background music to make your text to speech output more engaging. No more boring speeches - now you can add excitement and emotion with just a few clicks.

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AI Text to Speech Tool: Easy, Real-time, for All

Turn words into speech easily with our smart text to speech online tool. It's great for individuals, teams, and businesses. You can use it to make videos, presentations, or even audiobooks. Our text to speech AI tool is simple to use and lets you work with others in real-time. You get to pick from different voices and customize how it sounds. It saves you time from recording voices yourself. Give it a try and make your content more interesting!

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Text To Speech FAQs

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Can I customize the voice settings to match specific content needs?

Absolutely! With Simplified AI Text to Speech tool, you can tweak voice settings to suit your content perfectly. Whether you want a soothing tone for bedtime stories or a professional voice for business presentations, you're in control! Adjust pitch, speed, and even add accents to make your content truly unique.
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What is AI text to speech used for?

AI text to speech (TTS) is your ultimate solution for turning written words into spoken ones! It's like having your own virtual storyteller. Use it for creating audiobooks, adding voiceovers to videos, or even making interactive customer service bots. The possibilities are endless! Put an end to the monotony of reading and hello to dynamic, engaging content.
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How many languages does text to speech support?

Text to speech (TTS) supports a plethora of languages to cater to global audiences. It supports 40+ languages like English, Spanish, Chinese, Malay, Portuguese, French, Swedish, Hindi, Tamil, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Dutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Bangla, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Danish, Romanian, Hebrew, and so on.
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How varied are the voice options?

The voice options in our text to speech AI tool are as diverse as a box of chocolates! Choose from a range of voices, each with its own unique style and personality. Whether you prefer a warm, friendly voice or a crisp, professional one, we've got you covered. Personalize your content to resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression.
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What output formats are supported?

Simplified AI Text to Speech (TTS) supports multiple output formats, ensuring compatibility with your needs. Whether you need MP3 for audio files or WAV for higher quality, we've got you covered. Plus, you can easily integrate the output into your projects hassle-free!
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Is there a maximum limit on size of voice over per project?

There are limits on the size of your voice-over project! Whether it's a short snippet or a lengthy narration, our text to speech AI tool is ready to handle it all, giving you the freedom to express yourself without constraints.
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Will my voice over project be saved for future editing?

Absolutely! Your voice-over project will be saved securely, ready for future edits whenever you need them. Put an end to worries about losing your work – we've got you covered!
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Can I upload my own music to go with the voice over?

You bet! With Simplified, you can easily upload your own music to complement your voice-over. Add that extra touch of personality and vibe to your content effortlessly.
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Is the generated speech output high-quality and natural-sounding?

Our speech output is top-notch, delivering high-quality and natural-sounding voices that captivate listeners. Your audience will be drawn in by the lifelike tones, enhancing their experience with your content.
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Can I use Simplified text to speech for commercial purposes?

Yes, indeed! Simplified text to speech (TTS) is perfect for commercial purposes. Whether you're creating content for your business, marketing campaigns, or educational materials, you can trust our tool to deliver results that shine.

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The text to video generator is simply and easy to use. the Customer support is fast. The Number of features they offer. The easy integration from text to video. The easy of implementation and the frequency of uses.

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Simplified website is most impressive and the this is the good for the subtitles creation and image

I like on best video to subtitle creation and I recommend him to make your setup YouTube link video to subtitle grill son and AI generation

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Great Suite of Tools

Great tools to use and an abundance of resources for your digital marketing needs. Differentiates itself from other content generators — serving as a much more comprehensive product that has graphic editing and generating capabilities along with video creation.

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Simple but effective

The video editor, It would cost me so much more time, I love the social media planner especially because it's so integrated into the entire simplified system. You can you find this anywhere else!

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Very impotent tool for YouTube video creators

I like the ai tool for the title generator, especially the tag generator because I have struggled with this in my youtube journey with the ai device. Now I have several options, so that's great.

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Terrific Video Maker

The tools are simple to use. The video maker is awesome. Talk about saving time!! This AI program is a must-have for every video maker.

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