Social Inbox: Manage All of Your Messages & Engagement From One Screen

Stay on top of your comments, mentions, and DMs, and never miss a conversation again, with Simplified's unified Social Inbox.

Social Inbox
Social Inbox for managing social media messages

Browse and reply to all of your social media messages, comments, & mentions in one place

Interact with your customers, publicly and privately, from one easy-to-manage Social Inbox. Quickly review comments, mentions, tags, and other interactions from one consolidated Stream, and easily respond by clicking any notification to expand the conversation.

How to Use Social Inbox

Start in your Social Media home page, and then select the 'Inbox' icon on the left hand side menu.
All of your connected social media accounts will be displayed at the top of the screen. Select the profiles for the notifications you want to appear in your Stream or deselect to remove.
Preview all of your notifications in the Stream feed, and choose what you'd like to do next: go to conversation, mark as resolved, open the message on the social network or expand the message preview.
To respond to a notification, select 'Go to conversation'. The message will open in the Conversation tab where you can see the commenter's profile, reply, and share links and images.
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Use Social Inbox for Unified Messaging Workflow

Community Management streamlined, with one powerful Social Inbox

The ultimate inbox for seamless messaging workflow. Teams of all sizes can manage and connect with your customers, without confusion or overlap in conversations, with one unified inbox for all of your accounts. Simplified's Social Inbox ensures you never miss a message or mention, and you stay at the forefront of all conversations–public and private.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Simplified's Social Inbox?

The Social Inbox is a messaging tool that consolidates all of your social media comments, messages, and mentions into a singular Stream. Manage all of your conversations with this one easy-to-use dashboard.
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What Social Networks does Simplified's Social Inbox support?

Social Inbox is available for Facebook Pages, Instagram Business profiles, and LinkedIn Company accounts.
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What is social listening and how does it help my brand?

Social listening tracks brand mentions (and tags) and relevant conversations across online channels, enabling businesses to listen to and join discussions about their products.
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How long do messages stay in my Social Inbox?

Messages will be shown from the date they are enabled in the Inbox and forwarded. Previous messages, from before enabling, will not be shown. They will stay in your inbox until you remove access.

All of your accounts, streamlined in one Social Inbox

Stay connected, never miss a mention, and respond faster with this powerful message management tool.

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5/5 Stars


Efficient and User-Friendly AI Tool

Simplified addresses content creation challenges by providing AI writing assistance, facilitating graphic design, video content creation, and streamlining social media management.

5/5  Stars



I’ve tried out various AI writing tools, but SIMPLIFIED stands out as a game-changer. It swiftly evolved into my go-to solution for all my social media marketing needs.

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Excellent tool for all your social media needs

The Simplified Tool has become an integral part of our daily operations. Its simplicity doesn't compromise on functionality, and the positive impact on our workflow has been remarkable.

5/5  Stars


Have only been using Simplified a short time and it's a game changer

I love that I have a software where I can manage multiple social media acccounts as well as Google business.

5/5  Stars


A single-stop  creativity

It's an AI-powered tool that provides a one-stop shop for creating content on social media. It makes it simple for me to write scripts, convert them into multiple formats that work for different platforms, create photos, create thumbnails, and even plan out posts.

5/5  Stars


Literally felt like I hired a team of business experts that were on-call whenever I needed help.

Having all the social media in one place as well so again instead of having to search for multiple apps and have them all on my phone or computer I can have just one, Simplified.

5/5  Stars

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