Understand The Mood Behind the Message with the Sentiment Analysis

Analyze the sentiment behind social media posts, comments, and text with Simplified's text sentiment analysis.

Get Instant Understanding of Your Audience's Feelings

Instant Clarity: Automated Real-Time Emotion Detection

No more time-consuming manual sentiment checks. With Simplified's Sentiment Analysis tool, you can process large amounts of customer data instantly and get immediate and precise insights into your audience's emotions. Helping you to better understand and engage with them.

Main Features -

In-Depth Analytics
Real-Time Feedback
Trend Detection
Crisis Alert System
Free Brand Analysis
Make smarter decision with Sentiment Analytics

Gain Insights and Build an Effective Strategy

Truly connecting with your audience, means knowing how they feel about your content. With Simplified's sentiment analysis tool, you can do just that. By tuning into their sentiments, you get a clearer picture of what works and what doesn't. This way, every piece you put out has a better shot at resonating.

Proactive Brand Reputation Management

Get alerted in real time to potential customer crises and negative sentiment trends. Simplified's sentiment analysis tool system identifies potential negative sentiment trends early, allowing you to address and manage them efficiently, safeguarding your brand's reputation.

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Sentiment Analysis FAQs

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What exactly does the Sentiment Analysis tool measure?

Our sentiment analyzer, assesses the emotional tone behind a series of words, used to gain an understanding of the attitudes, opinions, and emotions expressed within an online mention. It typically categorizes sentiments as positive, negative, or neutral.
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How accurate is the Sentiment Analysis tool?

While no social media sentiment analysis can claim 100% accuracy due to the complexities of human emotion and language, our system uses advanced AI algorithms that continuously learn and adapt. This ensures a high level of accuracy, often exceeding industry standards.

Can this tool handle multiple languages or just English?

Right now, the free sentiment analysis tool is only compatible with English. However, as it's continually improved, it will be updated to support other languages.

Easy-to-Use Sentiment Analysis Tool

Understand your Audience Better and Maintain a positive brand image with Simplified’s sentiment analysis tool.

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The BEST for Social Media Scheduling...And I've Tried Them All

This has been the only social media scheduler that I haven't ran into a million problems with. I appreciate that I can create content, upload and schedule it and not have to worry about whether or not it's going to actually post.

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My ultimate solution to content rewritting and generation.

Simplified. It's my ideal go-to tool when I need to generate content for my blog around specific topics. Their calendar scheduler also comes in handy

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Simplified is both the name and the perfect description

Simplified makes it easy to manage a brand - or multiple brands. Within its 'simplified' interface, the social media management and scheduling lets you go directly from idea to implementation with a few intuitive clicks.

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Simplified for Scheduled Posts

Scheduling Posts through Simplified is one of the best features. It bypasses LinkedIn Scheduled Posts and enables easy delivery. Video addition features delineate platforms.

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Not The Jack Of All Trades, The Master!

Simplified is an AI writer, graphic design tool, video editor and social media scheduler. Four tools in one, streamlining my workflow and allowing me to unsubscribe from various other tools - saving me tonnes of cash.

5/5  Stars


An Innovative All-in-One Solution for Productivity and Engagement

Simplified Platform's integration with marketing and social media tools streamlined my campaign management. The seamless connection to popular platforms allowed for efficient scheduling and posting of content.

5/5  Stars

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