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Creating slides or a presentation from scratch takes time, energy, and skill that we don't always have. Whether you're creating a fundraising proposal, brand deck, or marketing presentation the AI Presentation Maker will help you get unstuck in the design phase by creating outstanding AI-generated presentations complete with images and copy, in a matter of seconds. Step into the future of presentations with the ease of our AI Powerpoint generator.

How to Use The Presentation Maker


On the Design Dashboard, click on "Generate with AI". Select "AI Presentation".


Tell us about your presentation topic,  click on "Generate" and let the magic happen.


Simplified AI Presentation maker will automatically generate a stunning customizable presentation in seconds for you.

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Streamline Your Presentation Creation Process

Increase your team's productivity, impress clients with dazzling designs, and give your brain a break by letting Simplified's AI Presentation do the hard work for you. All you have to do is input a topic, and watch as the AI generates a unique presentation. Plus, it's fully customizable, so you and your team can collaborate and tweak it the way you want. From the font, text, color, images, and sounds, you have all the power to create amazing designs while saving time and effort!

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AI Presentation Maker FAQs

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Can AI Presentation Maker really create a presentation on any topic?

Yes! Just enter your topic of choice and a presentation will generate instantly. Whether the topic is "salsa dancing" or the "importance of exercise, ", our AI will create beautifully designed decks for you to edit or keep as is.
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Can I download AI Generated Presentation as PDF?

Yes, you can download presentations generated using AI as pdf or you can also publish your presentations online with public view.
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Can I turn my presentation into a video project?

Most definitely! You can do this by adding transition affects between the slides on your art board at the bottom of your screen. Go to the panel above your presentation and hit the "Animate" button. On the right hand side a presets panel will pop up, displaying a variety of transition affect options. Choose the one you want by hitting the "+" on your art board, then click the desired affect. Play around with the different options to see what fits your presentation needs.
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Are there keyboard shortcuts I can use to edit my presentation?

Most definitely. To open the Keyboard Shortcuts, Panel hit "HOTKEYS" on the bottom left hand of your screen. A list of Keyboard shortcuts will emerge on the right-hand side of your screen.
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How quickly can I get customer support?

Chat with us in-app or send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. We'd love to hear from you!

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Rodrigo Macedo de Miranda

This is one of the most incredible AI platform.

We can use it for Design, Videos, Presentations, and text, so, we have everything in the same place. I started as a Free member since I'm not using this for professional stuff, but I'm enjoying it a lot! Please, I recommend it!


Ajit Mane

Time saving and more creative

powerpoint presentation slides making using artificial intelligence


Marcin Wiatr

Hey! It's nice to make the connection!

It looks like a neat tool! I love the presentation, too.


Ajit Mane

Time saving and more creative

powerpoint presentation slides making using artificial intelligence

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