The Best Marketing Memes to Enter 2024

With the advent of the internet, we’re overexposed to everything good and bad in the world.

No wonder this generation of young adults is always anxious. But lo and behold memes!

It’s only fitting that our coping mechanism resides in social media pages, be it tackling a crippling pandemic, or just the daily grind faced by marketers and graphic designers worldwide.

To alleviate your creative blues, we bring you Simplified’s rundown of the funniest social media marketing and graphic design meme. After a long day of content creation sigh, this list is the perfect way to kick back and enjoy some memes that hit closer to home than you would expect.

1. It’s that easy… Isn’t it?

If this isn’t working, and hear us out on this, how about hiring a professional? Digital marketing isn’t a one-off thing. In fact, digital marketers spend hours scouting continuously evolving trends, doing keyword research, and more. These marketing memes celebrate all those unsung heroes.

2. What is this sorcery?

So, you’re saying that focusing the ad toward the target audience, assimilating optimized keywords, and spending dollars had worse results than organic campaigns? We’ll be sitting in a corner and crying, thank you.

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3. I am my greatest friend.

Someone needs to get the ball rolling, and there’s nothing wrong with a little self-love and maybe a little pat on the back. Just like this Netflix meme. Are we right?

4. Painting A Rather Colorful Picture

Agreed, this is not a graphic design meme but it’s hilarious regardless. This firm called for graphic designers to use Paint MS and we stan this ingenuity. They also garnered a lot of praise over the Internet for this funny call for graphic designers.

Plus, the phrase ‘Graphic Design is my Passion’ is being used lately to show humor and quirkiness in the industry. It’s pretty funny and cool, no? You can be your own graphic designer with Simplified’s one-click graphic design tool.

5. You think this happens every day?

A toast to all the social media managers among us, sitting in a corner at big family dinners, holiday feasts, and even dates editing and posting content. Our heart goes out to you and we thank you for your service.

6. Wow Kevin! You’re a genius.

Guilty as charged! Surely, we have all faced spells of zero creativity. It can be hard to think of interesting content and inspiring think pieces regularly. Raise your hands if you’re a content marketer and relate to this marketing meme as well.

7. Final-final-final-final-final…

Boy, the struggle is real. This graphic design meme hits right where it hurts. We wish you good fortune and a merry two-iteration project.

8. No one’s judging the book by its cover.

Copywriting is the most important tool in your arsenal. Lately, brands have been trying to get on the bandwagon of trendy and modern web designs without paying much heed to the content. If your website is your sales machine, then the content is the gears.

For high-quality content (and to help prevent writer’s block!), use Simplified’s free AI copywriting generator. It can produce written content in an instant with over 50 templates to choose from, 10+ tones of voice, and more than 30 languages available.

9. You get the ad, you get the ad, and everyone gets the ad!

Hello, have you heard of segmentation?

Companies nowadays spend time chasing people who are unlikely to buy their products instead of focusing on their ideal buyers. It’s important to realize that you can’t be everything to everyone in marketing. Create your ideal buyer persona and think of innovative ways to convert them into your customers.

10. No, it can’t always be Helvetica.

The fonts you choose dictate the identity of the brand. There’s a plethora of choices, and your bias for some fonts definitely doesn’t make the job easier. So, if you see a designer scrolling aggressively, don’t worry, they’re probably just trying every single font at their disposal.

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11. Remember to proofread!

Posting content, getting interactions, and then realizing you made a spelling or grammar mistake is the worst. That’s why it’s important to triple-check every part of your post to make sure everything’s right.

With Simplified’s Grammarly integrated AI writer, you don’t have to worry about any spelling or grammar errors in your publication. There’s even a built-in plagiarism checker you can use.

There’s always something new trending, so it pays off to always be updated as to what’s happening in social media. Because of this, it’s ideal to always leave space in your calendar for the unexpected so that your scheduled content isn’t compromised.

Simplified’s Content Calendar can help you organize posts and even edit content in real-time, alongside your team members or clients. When you feel like you have to edit your content before posting, you can easily do so without switching to multiple tabs. In Simplified, you can do everything in just one workspace!

13. When making emails…

Opening emails first thing in the morning or while drowning in work can be tiring, yet the first line in every email is ‘I hope this email finds you well!‘. It basically has the opposite effect, hence the meme. Don’t worry though, you can upgrade your email marketing easily with Simplified’s AI copywriting tools.

14. Forgotten attachments in emails

I’m sure we’ve all experienced writing the perfect subject line and body, clicking ‘Send’, and then forgetting to attach an important file. And although it isn’t normal, it does happen! That’s why it’s important to check everything when sending emails. Especially when you’re doing email marketing for your brand, attachments are necessary.

15. Continue studying your target audience

The memes above show Joe from the psychological series ‘You’ where he goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of other people. And for your business, it’s essential to continue studying what your target audience wants from you. You can join online communities too to gain insights into their behavior.

Marketing Meme Giggles: Make Your Own Memes!

We hope that these marketing and graphic design memes were funny and tickled your funny bone. Whether you’re enduring a creative block or just exhausted by the stress of long task lists, remember to take a break and laugh. After all, your creativity is a direct product of your well-being.

And with all these memes, how about creating your own? With Simplified, you can edit and produce your own memes to further advertise your business. Easily bring your funny meme ideas to life by using Simplified’s AI image generator. Just type in your idea and the tool will do the rest. This way, you have an original photo and more content to post for your brand.

You can also have the AI copywriting generator draft up a caption for you, and then schedule post your original content using Simplified’s Content Calendar. Simplified has everything you need to manage your social media accounts, plus it’s all in one workspace! What are you waiting for? Sign up today.

Create your own marketing memes with Simplified.

Simplified is the one app for modern marketers, where you can create, edit, write, plan, schedule, publish, and collaborate all in just one workspace. Sign up today and start creating your own memes.

Simplified is the one app for modern marketers sign up today and start creating your own memes.

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