Best AI Carousel Makers in 2024 | Simplified

Best AI Carousel Makers in 2024 | Simplified
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In recent years, the demand for visually appealing and interactive content on websites and social media platforms has grown exponentially. Carousels have proven to be an effective way to captivate your audience and convey information. They allow you to display multiple images or pieces of content in a visually appealing and interactive manner. To keep pace with the ever-evolving digital landscape, therefore, has become essential for businesses, content creators, and individuals. AI carousel makers have emerged as powerful tools to fulfill this need.

Artificial intelligence, in this regard, is an effective creative business partner, allowing businesses and individuals to create stunning carousels with ease. AI-powered carousel makers can elevate your

brand aesthetics as well as marketing strategies or engagements with just the right input from you.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top AI carousel makers of 2024.

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1. Simplified

Best AI Carousel Makers in 2024

Source: Simplified

Simplified is a one-stop for all your content-creation needs. If you want holistic content creation without compromising on either the design or the content, Simplified is the way to go! AI Carousel Maker is a powerful tool within Simplified’s Design section, which is a game changer for visual aesthetics and captivating copies.

Key Features

  • Professional-looking design templates
  • Multiple fonts and color palettes
  • Unlimited content prompts and ideas
  • Free AI copywriting tool
  • Design editor allows for easy customizations like color and font modification
  • In-built tools like image generation, video script writing, AI magic tools, etc. which can be added as per brand requirements

Just follow these three simple steps to use the AI Carousel Generator:

1. Visit Simplified.

2. Simply access the Design section of Simplified.

3. Choose ‘Generate with AI’ and select ‘AI Carousel Generator.’

4. Input your desired carousel content and click ‘Generate.’


  • Free Forever: 5 free credits a month
  • Pro: $6 per month (100 AI Generations, 1 Seat)
  • Business: $10 per month (250 AI Generations, 5 Seats)
Best AI Carousel Makers in 2024


Crafting visually captivating and optimized carousels can be a laborious task. This is where AI-powered carousel creators like shine. Postnitro enables a swift generation of stunning, high-performing carousels optimized for maximum reach and engagement.

Key Features

  • AI-powered copywriting, which generates compelling copy, saving you time and helping you craft captivating captions
  • Pre-designed templates for quick and easy customization
  • Automatic branding to instantly apply your logo, colors, name, and more
  • User-friendly editor
  • Pre-defined color palettes to enhance your designs and maintain visual consistency
  • Pre-made font pairings
  • Flexible exporting in high-resolution PNG or PDF formats to use carousels across platforms


  • Free

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3. aidude: aiCarousels

Best AI Carousel Makers in 2024

Source: aidude

Harnessing advanced AI technology, aidude’s feature, aiCarousels offers a friendly user interface to simplify the often intricate process of carousel creation, making it effortless for both your business and for your individual use.

Key Features

  • Ai writing assistant to generate advanced content
  • User-friendly design platform
  • Auto-resize for fonts and other elements
  • Pre-defined color palettes and font pairings
  • Custom presets for future use, which allows you to save a template and reuse it for future developments
  • LinkedIn and Instagram optimised ensuring that your carousels are tailored to these platforms.
  • The watermark removal feature is available for free amongst other
  • Versatile export options in high-resolution PDF or JPG sequence formats


  • Freemium: Selected features and elements are available in the free plan
  • Monthly Subscription: $14.95
Best AI Carousel Makers in 2024

Source: Rarsy

The Rarsy AI Carousel Generator provides many customizations and elements built to fit your social media brand style and identity. This platform is still in the process of upgrading itself and is yet to introduce more design templates and fonts. However, some of its key features can act as valuable elements for your business and brand identity.

Key Features

  • Friendly user interface
  • AI writing for creating engaging written content.
  • The tone of voice to choose from, like professional, funny and witty, creative, news anchor, motivational, etc.
  • It also has a call-to-action feature, which is an essential feature for all business and marketing copies.


  • Free up to 5 credits
  • Monthly Subscription: $14.95 which provides 50 credits per month.

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5. Contentdrips

Best AI Carousel Makers in 2024

Source: Contentdrips

Contentdrips is designed to create professional carousels for your LinkedIn and Instagram. The platform is equipped with many smart features and tools to provide flexible shortcuts and time-saving for the users.

Key Features

  • AI-powered writing and text editing
  • AI-powered image generation from texts and paragraphs
  • Exclusive and unique design templates
  • Auto branding, which adds the necessary branding details in a single click
  • Smart editing, which provides automatic layout and text resizing
  • Single Canvas Editing
  • Converting Twitter threads into LinkedIn & Instagram carousel posts with ease
  • Team Collaboration to invite team members to design together seamlessly


  • Free Plan: $0
  • Starter: $9 (Billed Monthly)
  • Pro: $17 (Billed Monthly)

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6. Taplio

Best AI Carousel Makers in 2024

Source: Taplio

Taplio is primarily a LinkedIn AI carousel maker. Their core objective revolves around crafting high-performing content for personal branding and engaging with relevant LinkedIn profiles. Taplio offers users two distinct options to choose from: the classic version and the AI version. The classic version converts different kinds of media into carousels, whereas the AI version creates the carousels from scratch.

Key Features

  • AI-generated custom posts
  • 30+ ready-to-use prompt
  • Transforms YouTube videos, article links, Reddit posts, Twitter threads into LinkedIn carousels
  • Pre-designed templates and color palettes
  • Comprehensive analytics for LinkedIn


  • Free Plan: Some features and tools are available free
  • Starter Plan: $39 per month (billed yearly)
  • Standard Plan: $52 per month (billed yearly)
  • Pro: $149 per month (billed yearly)

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Best AI Carousel Makers in 2024


Predis is an all-in-one social media planner AI platform. One of its most advanced tools is the AI Carousel Maker, which offers multiple tools and elements to create fancy carousel posts in a jiffy.

Key Features

  • Customizable designs
  • Huge collection of more than 5,000 pictures and videos
  • Seamlessly integrated with all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Shopify, X, Pinterest, etc.,
  • Content Scheduler which allows users to post right away using Predis or schedule their posts for an entire week
  • Generates other content media like reels, hashtags, captions, etc.
  • Team Collaboration supported


  • Free Plan: 15 AI-generated posts per month
  • Solo Plan: $29 per month (billed monthly)
  • Starter Plan: $59 per month (billed monthly)
  • Agency Plan: $139 per month (billed monthly)

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Wrapping up, now that you have these 7 carousel maker alternatives, you can easily unleash your creativity, plan your posts, and ace the digital aesthetic and marketing strategy game! While all these tools and platforms are equipped with excellent tools, Simplified, undoubtedly, stands out with its extensive array of possibilities.

Aside from its AI-Carousel Generator, Simplified allows you to play with your creativity with so much more and beyond! This all-in-one content creation AI platform can streamline your workflow and yield the best results!

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