The Ultimate Guide to Email Banner Size: Best Practices in 2024

Email marketing continues to be an essential tool for businesses to connect with their audience and drive engagement. One of the key elements of a successful email campaign is a well-designed and visually appealing email banner. But what size should your email banner be to ensure maximum impact and compatibility across devices? How about its dimensions? Or the design of the banner itself?

Well, in this guide, we’ll dive into the best practices for email banner size in 2024, equipping you with the knowledge you need to create eye-catching and effective email campaigns. So, let’s get started and make your emails stand out in the crowded inbox!

What is an email banner?

An email banner is an image placed on top of your email. It’s an important part of any email marketing campaign as it introduces your business and sets the overall tone of the email. Look at this example:

yoga blue email headers



This email banner immediately sets the tone by welcoming the reader and establishing your brand’s campaign or advocacy.

The ideal email banner size: what you need to know

Now, when it comes to email banners, size really does matter. You want to make sure your banner looks good and grabs your reader’s attention, but you also don’t want it to take up the entire screen. Take a look at these tables below:

For desktop:

Email BannerSize
Width600px to 700px
Height90px to 200px

For mobile:

Email BannerSize
Width320px to 385px

The ideal size for an email banner is typically around 600 pixels wide and 200-300 pixels tall. This will give you enough room to showcase your brand and message without overwhelming your readers.

You also need to consider the file size of your banner. A too-big file size will take up a lot of the data of your readers, and can take some time to load, and no one likes getting stuck with a slow-loading email!

To keep your emails snappy and efficient, try to keep your banner file size under 150 KB. This will ensure that your email loads quickly and doesn’t send your readers running for the hills.

Here’s an email banner example with a width of 600px and height of 200px:

cash to crypto app email header



Why is getting your email banner size right so important?

It’s vital to have your email banner in the right size considering it will potentially be seen by thousands of your recipients and you have to keep your brand image up! Having the wrong size will distort your design and make it hard for your readers to look at your content.

More importantly, size matters because you have to factor in whether your recipients will read them on a desktop or mobile. So, when thinking of what your email banner size should be, make sure that it works on both a small (for mobile) and a large screen (for tablet or desktop).

With email marketing being one of the most effective ways to reach our audience, you have to consider that no one wants to open an email with a boring and outdated banner. So, how do we stay on top of our game and create email banners that catch the eye and keep our subscribers engaged? Let’s dive in!

1. Keep it on-brand

First things first, you’ll want to make sure your email banner is visually appealing and on-brand. This means incorporating your company’s colors, logo, and overall aesthetic. But don’t be afraid to experiment with new and exciting design elements.

email headers for fresh fruits



Take a look at this email banner of a fruit stand or frozen food grocery store. It uses the brand’s color as its background color (with a contrasting effect!), has its logo on the lower right, and the appropriate fonts for the recipients to read.

Need a hand in creating your logo? Take a look at Simplified’s logo templates.

2. Go crazy with typography

Go crazy with the fonts that you use but not too crazy! Having too many fonts can make your banner difficult to read. Of course, you can stick to the regularly used fonts but using different (or unusual) ones are good too! However, readability is still key, so be sure to choose a font that’s easy on the eyes and can be easily read on both mobile and desktop devices.

spring collections email headers



The example above with the regular email banner size makes use of three different well-combined fonts. It doesn’t look cluttered either!

Speaking of typography, you also have to consider the number of characters per line so that your email banner doesn’t look too text-heavy. We recommend keeping it up to 75 characters per line. With this number, your banner will work on both desktop and mobile.

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3. Sometimes, simple is better

You’ll never go wrong with a simple email banner design. It’s easy on the eyes and fairly simple to make. Plus, you can do a lot more with a simple design. Look at this template:

future dream home email header



It’s an email banner for real estate, emphasizing the words ‘dream home’ with a different color from the rest of the text. Something like this is simple, yet looks nice with a touch of sophistication.

what is crypto email header



This is another example with a 600px x 200px email banner size. It has a mix of colors and two distinct fonts, yet it appears simple enough and eye-catching at the same time. Here’s another tip: if you want to get even more creative, remember that you have more space in the body of the email to do so.

4. Use images, illustrations, or stickers

Aside from your brand logo, color, and font, you can also place some illustrations or even a single image on your email banner. Just make sure that it fits well with your brand’s personality or the theme of your email.

multiply your success email template



This email banner talks about an educational course, so it has math elements as its design. Something as simple as these kinds of stickers or illustrations can elevate your design and spike the attention of your audience.

ecommerce email templates



If you want to mix both images and stickers, take a look at this template above. It shows a preview of your products while maintaining a clean look.

Here’s another tip for you: personalization. We’re living in the age of customization, and that extends to email banners as well. Take advantage of dynamic content and use your reader’s name or location in your banner. It’s a small touch, but it can make a big impact and show your audience that you care about them as individuals.

5. Text-centric with only one image or a color block

Similar to a minimalist or simple design, a text-centric email banner looks clean and easy to read. This type of design is perfect for businesses that want to introduce their company or products via email.

logistic solutions



This template only has a background photo, the company’s name, and a contact number. It doesn’t have much, but the banner does highlight the important information of the company making it an effective email copy.

gratitude discount



Alternatively, this text-centric email banner makes use of white space and text keeping it simple and easy on the eyes for the readers.

Most importantly, don’t forget about the importance of mobile responsiveness. With more and more people reading emails on their smartphones, it’s crucial that your email banner looks just as good on a small screen as it does on a larger one. Make sure your design is responsive and adjusts seamlessly to different screen sizes.

The key takeaways for your email campaigns

Now, you might be thinking, This all sounds great, but how am I supposed to create these email banners? Well, luckily for you, there are tons of tools and templates out there that make it super easy. You don’t need to be a graphic design wizard to create stunning email banners anymore – just a little bit of creativity and the right resources.

But remember, designing an effective email banner is crucial for grabbing attention and increasing engagement. By following the key takeaways mentioned in this article, you can create visually appealing and compelling email banners that will make your messages stand out in crowded inboxes.

Source: Simplified


If you’re still looking for that perfect design and email banner size, check out Simplified. It’s an all-in-one social media management tool complete with a variety of email banner templates for any occasion that can make your emails look professional. More than that, Simplified also has an AI graphic design editor that can lend a helping hand in customizing your email banners.

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