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Engage your NGO's new supporters, and keep old ones in the know using our all-in-one tool that lets you design, write, schedule, and publish videos or graphics to ANY social media channel–no experience necessary.

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Create and Edit Stunning Videos and Graphics with Ease

Expanding and building awareness for your NGO means sharing content that captures your audience's attention–and keeps it. But this can be difficult when creating contention is not your expertise. Luckily, with Simplified, everyone can create like a pro! With a library of thousands of design and video templates, you can select any of them to use as is or edit with our easy-to-use editing tools. You can also include your brand kit colors to ensure that your Non-profit organization's content stays on-point and on-brand!

Write Long or Short-Form Copy Fast Using Generative AI

From grant writing to email blasts, captions for social media, and thank-you letters to supporters, writing copy and creating communication material is an integral part of work at a non-profit. However, when the creative juices don't seem to flow, it can be frustrating–that's where Simplified's AI Writer comes in! With over 50+ AI copywriting templates, a full blog writer, and a plagiarism checker, NGO teams can generate long and short-form copy in minutes, optimize their workflow and save valuable time using Simplified's AI writing tool.

Post Content to Multiple Social Media Channels

Managing and staying active on multiple social media channels can be difficult for an NGO with limited resources and time. But not with Simplified! Simplified easily integrates with all your social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allowing you to schedule posts for months, weeks, or days. Then let you set your posts to auto-publish on any of your social channels.

Keep Track of Your Growth and New Supporters

Now that you've created and published your content, how do you keep up with the engagement and growth?! Well, with Simplified Analytics, you can track the performance of every post. From likes to views and followers, top posts, and the most popular times to post, you can see how your content is landing with your audience and make adjustments when and where needed! Plus, with Simplified's Social inbox feature, you get a centralized view of all your social inboxes, dm's, and comments, plus a live view of your social feeds so that you can keep track of every interaction with your brand!

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How Simplified Saved My Small Business
The AI writer, the brand assets where you can add brand colors. I adore the templates, they're very interactive and so customizable I love it!


winner shoniran


Simplified is Awesome!
Well to quickly sum up if you are into design, social media advertising, writing blogs and so much more this program is for you. I am honestly stunned as to what it offers, too much to list here. Its great.


Annette Yeo


Like the name the Software also very SIMPLE to use
Simple aspects of good content panels, including links to many valuable templates to create great content. It was a wonderful experience when I entered the program.


Ram Narayanan

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