7 Best AI Image Restoration Tools to Try in 2024 [Free & Paid]

7 Best AI Image Restoration Tools to Try in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Old photos can take you back in time. They are a physical representation of history that re-connects you to the people you’ve met and the places you’ve been to. But for most people, their old photos had almost been damaged and there might be nothing to pass on to the generation after them.

This is where AI image restoration tools come into play. The tools make it easier to repair and add vivid colors to old damaged photos. With our round-up of the top 7 AI old photo restoration apps, you can revamp all your old photos and make them look incredible in a breeze.

Let’s check the tools out.

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1. Simplified Restore Photo

Simplified Restore Photo

Source: Simplified

No AI tool does it better than Simplified Restore Photo—your best ally when it comes to transforming old, damaged, and decolorized photos into attractive new ones without spending a dime.

Using the Simplified AI image restoration tool requires no advanced photo editing skills. The tool automatically detects your old picture, scans it, and enhances it. Everything is done in one click, saving your precious time from the typical, time-consuming manual photo enhancing.

The app is easy to use and supports popular image formats, including .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .webp, .blp, .heic, and .heif.


  • Easy to use: requires no editing skills.
  • Uses AI to scan and restore old damaged photos with a click.
  • Web-based photo restoration tool with advanced features.
  • Supports different image file formats.
  • Provides email and chat support around the clock.


  • Free

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2. ImageColorizer


Source: ImageColorizer

If you’re looking for a quick way to restore your family’s old photos and make them look colorful, ImageColorizer is the right tool for the job. The tool uses state-of-the-art AI technology to restore, enhance, retouch, and colorize damaged pictures to bring your amazing memories back to life.

While the tool offers both free and paid plans, you can process only one image at a time in the free plan and you’re limited to 20 free credits per month.


  • Automatically add colors to your B&W pictures.
  • Enhances old, low-quality, and blurry pictures.
  • All features are included in the free plan.
  • Offers 24/7 customer support.


  • Free plan with 20 credits/month.
  • Paid plan starts at $9/month.

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3. MyHeritage


Source: MyHeritage

Bringing your blurry pictures into sharp focus is now easier with MyHeritage. The AI-powered photo restoration tool integrates deep learning technology to enhance old photos, regardless of whether the photos have been snapped for decades or how they currently look.

Bear in mind that non-subscribers of this software will have watermarks on their processed photos. Beyond photo restoration, MyHeritage’s 19.6 billion historical records of restored photos make it easy for anyone to discover their family tree.


  • Enhances photos using developed machine learning technology.
  • Upscale human faces in both B&W and color photos.
  • Host a collection of 19.6 billion historical records to discover your family tree from anywhere in the world.


  • Free account with limited photo enhancement.
  • The complete paid plan costs $119 for the first year.

4. Remini


Source: Remini

When you need to turn your old, damaged, blurred, or pixelated photos into high-definition photos with just one click, Remini is the app to try. Remini is a game changer when it comes to fixing damaged photos and restoring their color saturation. But you’ll need to subscribe to the app’s weekly, monthly, or yearly plan to have unlimited access to all its premium features.


  • Available on mobile and web.
  • Its preview screen lets you see the “Before & After” photo.
  • Transforms low-quality, scratched, and blurry pictures into HD-quality photos.
  • Offers advanced photo editing features.
  • Available in more than one language: English, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.


  • Free trial with ads
  • Priced at $9.99/week or $79.99/year.

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5. VanceAI


Source: VanceAI

VanceAI is a handy AI image restoration tool that requires no prior photo editing skills. Just upload your old image and watch the tool as it automatically removes all the appearance of dust, spots, tears, and scratches.

Images processed in the free version, however, contain watermarks and you won’t get one-on-one customer support without a subscription.


  • Advanced image restoration tool: repairs, restores, and enhances old images.
  • Safe data protection: uploaded images are automatically deleted once processed.
  • Accessible online and through the downloaded software.


  • Free trial.
  • Paid plan starts at $4.95/month (billed annually).

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6. Photomyne


Source: Photomyne

Photomyne is an exceptional app for digitizing your old B&W pictures. With its user-friendly interface and photo detecting, scanning, and enhancing features, the AI old photo restoration tool transforms analog photos into lovely, digital pictures you can keep for generations to come.

You can access the main features of the app through its three-day free trial, after which you can choose between its monthly and yearly paid plans.


  • Available on the App Store and Google Play.
  • Scans and sharpens blurry faces in pictures.
  • Saves enhanced photos to your phone and computer storage spaces.
  • Allows you to share scanned photos via a web link.


  • Three-day free trial.
  • Different paid plans for each of the app’s features: Photo Scan at $69.99 and Colorize at $71.99 (2-year plan).

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7. Media IO

Media IO

Source: Media IO

Media IO is another reliable AI old photo restoration tool that gets the job done more effectively. Through its cutting-edge algorithm, it transforms all old pictures into new, eye-catching photos, even if the pictures are already fading out or have tears, scratches, or discoloration.

The web-based software works with PNG, JPG, and RAW image files, among others. Being an online tool, Media IO guarantees that users’ image files will not be infected with viruses and malware.


  • Perfect for fixing blurred, damaged, grayed-out, or corrupted photographs.
  • Supports PNG, JPG, RAW image files, and more.
  • Utilizes cutting-edge technology to increase image resolutions up to 4k.


  • Free trial with one credit.
  • Paid plan starts at $19.99/month.

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Bring Your Old Photos Back to Life with Simplified

It’s quite possible to repair and colorize your olden-days photos with Simplified Restore Photo AI software. It will make your photos look stunning without spending your hard-earned money or wasting your precious time. Results are automatic and instant.

Navigate to Simplified’s user-friendly interface and add your photo. Once the picture is uploaded, click Restore Photo and it will process instantly. The preview screen with a slider lets you see the difference between the “Before and After” of the photo. Click Download to save the restored photo to your device.

Bring Your Old Photos Back to Life with Simplified

Source: Simplified | Freepik

You can decide to spruce things up by using the Editor feature of the app. This is where you can resize the photo, add layers, artboards, or animate it. With this AI-powered tool, nothing can stop you from making your old pictures look glorious.

AI-powered tool

Source: Simplified | Freepik


All the tools listed above use AI that restores old photos. Their ability to detect, scan, and enhance photos helps bring tucked-away album photos, as well as blurry and damaged pictures back to life in no time. However, choosing Simplified’s AI image restoration tool will restore all your old and damaged photos and make them look more stunning (beyond your expectations).

Revamp Your Old Damaged Photos with Simplified

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