15 Best Photo Editing Apps For Your iPhone (2024)

Smartphones often have excellent, high-quality cameras, but getting that perfect image for your social platforms is still tricky. Especially since photo editing software on phones are minimal. Thankfully, there are apps that let you edit your images to your satisfaction. If you’re looking for a photo editing app for your iPhone, you’re in the right place!

Basic features that the best photo editing apps for iPhone should have:

For beginners, we’ve added a quick section on the basic features that good photo editing apps offer, but if you already know what you’re looking for, just hop over to the next section!

  1. Ability to integrate with your gallery and/ to your camera
  2. Existing presets and filters that can edit the image in detail.
  3. Crop, rotate, and custom image sizing options
  4. Background replacements, frames, image layering, being able to add watermarks, etc.
  5. After editing, being able to share from the app to your social media platform makes things much easier.

Top 15 Photo Editing Apps For iPhone

These apps offer a wide range of features, including complex editing tools such as healing, cloning, and perspective correction. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer a little more closely:

1. Simplified

Simplified’s free online image editor is the best app for editing photos. It has a large selection of free filters and allows you to create your own filters with a wide variety of settings. You also have plenty of free templates, or you can use one-click animations to make them look more interesting. The Color Palette Generator is one of its most attractive features. With this, you can easily choose colors that match in a few seconds.

Simplified has video editing capabilities, as well as background removal tools. Its image converters offer you the possibility of saving in various formats without compromising on quality. And if all this isn’t enough, Simplified even provides an AI art generator that lets you transform your photos into paintings in seconds! Designed for simplicity, this no-code editing software is used by more than 400,000 professionals, including businesses, editors, and creators.

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2. Snapseed

Google’s Snapseed is an aesthetic photo app with powerful capabilities and a clean layout. Snapseed is a powerful photo editor with an easy-to-use user interface. It’s not just for applying filters; it also has highly-functional editing tools.

You may easily make modifications with digital imaging functions, such as straighten, crop, rotate, flip, and alter exposure, brightness, contrast, and saturation. Snapseed was considered to be one of the best photo crop apps in the market. Additionally, you can combine effects and try alternative appearances for each layer to create unique photos.  

3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe software has long been a professional picture editor. One of this software is Lightroom, used by many users on Instagram to create uniformity without sacrificing image clarity. It is considered to be an aesthetic photo app and organizer. 

Users can import, edit, enhance, organize, and share photographs easily. It allows users to add and assess thousands of pictures at once. Lightroom is a photography workflow system, not just an image editor.


If you’ve searched on Pinterest for ‘Instagram filters’ or ‘aesthetic photographs,’ you may have stumbled upon some edit combinations. You can apply these combinations using VSCO, a popular photo editing app for mobile devices. It is one of the top photo editing software for a dark or rustic look. 

This aesthetic photo app has 200 camera effects, filters, and editing tools. Even beginners can navigate this app easily. VSCO has more filter possibilities than Instagram. Below are the two key things you should know about VSCO.

DSCO: A stop-motion camera to make fun, short-length videos.

Premium account: Unlocks more filters and editing tools.

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5. Adobe Photoshop Fix

As you would expect, Adobe gives you a game-changing app in their Photoshop Fix. This iPhone aesthetic photo editor goes beyond filters, highlights, shadows, and saturation. It automatically detects faces, so you may edit them. It allows users to use the smooth brush and eraser tools to lighten, darken, color, or clone an area.

If one of your best images has a dusty wall, don’t replace it. The spot heal tool will make it disappear.

Adobe Photoshop Fix fixes, improves, and enhances photographs. Its auto slider automatically adjusts brightness, contrast, exposure, correct color, tone, and perspective. Users can add tilt-shift and selective focus to call attention to crucial aspects in your photo.

6. Hypocam

Hypocam is an excellent aesthetic photo app to edit black-and-white images. Monochrome, or black-and-white photography, is a traditional design choice. Besides black-and-white pictures, Hypocam allows users to edit collages. It features easy-to-use editing tools to flip, crop, and rotate your image. Additionally, it offers film textures, grain, dust, and typical tweaking tools. 

7. PicsArt

PicsArt is another easy-to-use aesthetic photo editor. It offers superb image editing and beautiful filters. Photo collages can have artistic texts and handcrafted stickers if edited through PicsArt. During editing sessions, PicsArt ads are common, but they can be removed by paying a monthly fee. One drawback of PicsArt that’s frequently reported is that it crashes and responds slowly to user commands. 

8. Photoleap by Lightricks

Photoleap lets you edit images from your iPad. You can add special effects to photographs with brushes, frames, and filters. It is an easily used aesthetic photo app with which you can add elements, fix lighting and balance colors, delete undesirable objects, and change contrast and sharpness.

It features a stack of filters, a strong photo editor and graphics tools, hundreds of professionally made presets, and a clever automatic fix. As a result, you can generate professional-looking photos with its powerful tools and straightforward designs.

9. Foodie

Many people post food images online. Foodie is an aesthetic photo editor that transforms images. Foodie App captures appealing food photos. It’s easy to use and makes your food appear as if it came from a five-star restaurant!

10. Prisma

The Prisma aesthetic photo app has made painting-like style photographs popular. Prisma turns photographs into paintings or drawings. It’s a revolutionary approach to exploring creativity, and sharing art is what made it popular among the public. It is an Ai-powered photo app that transforms photos into art. You can start with a style, then add filters and layers. 

11. Photomator

Photomator from the Pixelmator team is an excellent editing tool and a photo manager. It syncs with your iPhone’s photo library and supports raw formats. It’s presented in an aesthetic filmstrip format for ease of use. Its ML Enhance ability offers smart auto edits. Tools are also available for fine-tuning the image. The denoise tool helps adjust sound quality while color adjustments and present groups are available in plenty for creative edits.

12. Carbon

Fascinated by monochromatic photography? Carbon will be right up your alley! You can choose from over 50 filters to convert images to black and white. It allows you to add texture, borders, and so much more. It allows you to share your images on your social media platforms right from the app.

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13. Mextures

Mextures is best for those who don’t enjoy spending too much time editing images. This app offers you approximately 150 textures that you can just apply to images. Since each one is applied as a separate layer, you can control the opacity to your liking. Once you add the layers you want, you can still adjust each of them. Choose from the 10+ blending modes for a smooth finish. These features work non-destructively to preserve the beauty of the image. Tools to tweak the exposure, contrast, and so on are also available should you choose to use them. Mextures allows you to replicate your edits to other images, import formulas and share these with fellow users.


SKRWT doesn’t just work on images taken on your iPhone; it also works on images from GoPros, DSLRs, and so on. It’s ideal for subjects like architecture and interior design, as this app was developed to deal with adjusting distorted vertical and horizontal lines. It’s also equipped to rectify lens distortions. For symmetry, it has an in-app extension called MRRW which uses mirror effects. Another extension, 4PNTS, can be used to adjust the image manually. This allows you to drag the corners of the image independently.

15. Superimpose X

Superimpose X is ideal for visual art as it allows you to layer and mask images. Besides the basic tools, it has the ability to offer you 24 layers at a time, use blending modes and adjust opacity. A different mask can be used for each layer. With more than one mask, your design can be more precise. Use the shadow creation feature to make edits more realistic. If you add text, it can be adjusted with various features, including blur, warp, and zoom.

Choose The Best Aesthetic Photo Editor

There is no dearth of photo editing apps available, but you need to assess which one works for your needs best. These apps are excellent for a variety of needs

For Comprehensive Photo Editing & Publishing, Choose Simplified!

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