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13 Best AI Headshot Generators in 2024 [Free & Paid]

13 Best AI Headshot Generators in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Your online profile is like your digital handshake with the professional world, and a compelling headshot is crucial to making an unforgettable first impression. 

But a perfect headshot can be quite a challenge, especially when juggling busy schedules and considering the expenses of hiring a professional photographer. The solution is right at your fingertips: Free AI Headshot Generators.

Why Use an AI Headshot Generator?

Here’s a glimpse into the benefits of using an AI headshot generator:

  • Cost-effective: AI generators eliminate the need for expensive photography sessions, making professional headshots accessible to everyone.
  • Convenience: Generate high-quality headshots from the comfort of your home, anytime you need them.
  • Speed and efficiency: Produce professional headshots in minutes, saving you valuable time.
  • Versatility: Experiment with different backgrounds, clothing options, and lighting styles to create a headshot that perfectly reflects your brand.
AI Headshot Generator

Source: Freepik

Is an AI Headshot Generator Easy to Use?

Yes! The process is simple: you upload your pictures and let the AI Headshot Generator work its magic. You can also personalize and refine your headshots by adjusting background styles and even fine-tuning facial features.

Are AI-Generated Headshot Results Realistic?

The results are typically realistic, thanks to technologies like Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). The realism of the images depends on the dataset quality. A good AI headshot generator considers details like facial expressions, poses, lighting, and more to create the final picture.

However, the realism of an AI-generated image can be very different. Some AI models produce hyper-realistic images, while others might create more stylized or abstract representations.

Headshot Results Realistic

Source: Freepik

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The Impact of AI Headshot Generators on Digital Marketing

A professional headshot is crucial for building a strong online presence in the digital age. Free AI headshot generators help individuals and businesses create high-quality headshots for:

  • Social media profiles: A professional headshot makes a great first impression on social media platforms like LinkedIn or your company website.
  • Marketing materials: High-quality headshots elevate presentations, brochures, and other marketing materials.
  • Video conferencing: Project a professional image during online meetings and video calls.

By making professional headshots readily accessible, free AI headshot generators have modified personal branding and online presentation.

Top Free AI Headshot Generators

1. Simplified

Simplified AI Headshot Generators

Source: Simplified

Simplified AI Headshot Generator tool quickly and effortlessly lets you generate realistic headshots, be it for your business, LinkedIn profiles, or even portfolios. Because of its easy-to-use interface, not only does it generate lifelike headshot images, but it also provides you with tools that let you personalize and fine-tune your headshot just the way you want it. Overall, the tool gives you high-quality images that meet professional standards.


  • Personalized composition, Lighting, and Filters
  • High-quality turnouts 
  • Create images using Dalle-E or Stable Diffusion


  • Free: 5 AI Generations / 1 Seat
  • $6/Month: 50 AI Generations / 1 Seat
  • $10/Month: 250 AI Generations / 5 Seats

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2. Human Generator

Human Generator

Source: Human Generator

With Human Generator you can generate professional-looking headshot photos in a couple of clicks. This free online tool isn’t just about giving you a business or corporate image. With all its customization options, it’s about creating a digital you that can fit into any professional scenario you can imagine.  


  • Create unlimited images for free for personal use 
  • Variety of customization options for generated photos
  • Different poses from professional postures to casual stances
  • It offers both a parameter menu and text prompts for image customization options 


  • Free: $0 for personal use
  • Monthly: $19.99/month
  • Yearly: $199/year

3. HeadShotPro

headshot pro

Source: HeadShotPro

When it comes to crafting impeccable headshot images for your professional profiles, another online tool we recommend is the Headshot Pro. It is a user-friendly tool with a range of options to tailor your headshots to your unique personality, giving you natural-looking and high-quality results. 


  • Minimum 40 headshots per person
  • 4K photo size
  • Wide variety of backgrounds and clothing options

Pricing: (Does not have a free version)

  • Small shoot: Payment starts at $29 per person
  • Normal shoot: It costs $39 per team to start
  • Premium shoot: $59


prophotos ai


ProPhotos is another great tool that’ll help you generate high-quality, realistic headshot photos. It’s super easy to use and tailor-made for business professionals. It uses deep facial analysis for photorealistic AI-generated headshots, perfect for your LinkedIn profiles and portfolios. This user-friendly software requires just five to ten casual photos to get you started. 


  • Good range of customization tools – 40+ Unique AI Headshots/ 6+ Clothing options/ 3+ Unique Backgrounds
  • Ready in a minimum of 90 minutes
  • Realistic Headshot results

Pricing: (Does not have a free version)

  • Basic: $25 per month. One-time payment starts at $29
  • Premium: $55 per month
  • Professional: $155 per month

5. Headshots by AI

headshots by ai

Source: Headshots by AI

Headshots by AI uses Dreambooth technology and Stable Diffusion technology to deliver professional headshots that are truly impressive. This tool will help you generate life-like headshots for your various professional networking platforms. Just upload at least twenty regular photos taken from different angles. Let the AI work its magic, and it will deliver results that will leave you impressed!


  • Generates 20+ headshot images to choose from
  • Easy-to-use user tools
  • Life-like photo results

Pricing: (Does not allow free trial)

  • Standard: $21 one-time payment
  • Flat: $25 one-time payment
  • Priority: $50 one-time payment

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6. Headshot AI

headshotai studio

Source: Headshot AI

Turn an ordinary photo into a great professional profile headshot with Headshot AI’s simple image generator at the click of a button. And you don’t even need any prior training to master this tool; its user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for users of all levels.

With the help of this tool, even your clothes can look super professional, giving your headshot an overall realistic and polished look.


  • Allows users to save their photos in PNG, JPG, HEIC, and WebP formats
  • Get your headshots ready in 3 days
  • Has a 14-day return policy

Pricing: (Does not have a free version)

  • Intern: $21 one-time payment only
  • Professional: $35 one-time payment
  • Executive: $59 one-time payment

7. Fotor


Source: Fotor

Most of you might be familiar with Fotor’s photo editing capabilities, but this tool also offers a free AI image generator that can be used to create sharp headshots. It’s advanced tools seamlessly produces headshots based on both uploaded images and text prompts.

Provided that AI Image Generator has been a recent addition to Fotor’s editing features, this tool does require some additional editing to meet professional standard headshots.

However, with its free image generator option, Fotor still stands as an excellent choice for creating images that are suitable for social media platforms and commercial purposes. 


  • Has an option for both Images and Text prompts
  • Has other AI art options – AI Portraits, AI Avatars etc


  • Free version available
  • Pro: $3.33 per month
  • Pro+: $7.49 per month

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8. StudioShot


Source: StudioShot

Here’s an interesting one: StudioShot is actually managed by real photographers. This generator will give you headshots like those from a professional photographer without the need for a physical photo-shoot or studio visit. It gives you the convenience of professional-grade photography at your fingertips with the added benefits of cost-efficiency and speed to make your LinkedIn profiles even more professional and appealing. 


  • Combines the expertise of a real photographer and AI technology
  • Ideal software for big companies
  • 2-day turnaround
  • Variety Of Premium Styles -Dozens of unique styles to choose from, ranging from Natural Lit to White Studio.

Pricing: (Does not have a free version)

  • Team of 1-5 members: $29.25 per member
  • Team of 5-20 members: $21.75 per member


dreamwave ai

Source: uses photo samples from images you upload and gives you high-quality headshot images. With, you can even generate an image of your pets. All it requires is a minimum of ten photos, and you receive realistic and high-quality versions of your headshots and images.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Advanced tools like Text animation, background removal and more


  •  Free version available
  • $39 to generate 40 images.

10. Hotpot AI

hotpot ai

Source: Hotpot AI

The final one on our list is HotpotAI. It generates headshot images to enhance your profile for platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and even images for your dating app profiles. It also offers easy and convenient editing options. With a user-friendly interface, navigating HotpotAI’s headshot creator tool is a breeze.


  • Allows you to edit the images
  • Generates HD-quality images


  • Fifty images cost $10
  • Ninety images cost $15
  • One hundred fifty images cost $20 

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11. Avatar AI

Avatar AI

Source: Avatar AI

Avatar AI stands out as a popular free AI headshot generator specifically designed to create photorealistic avatars and portraits. It leverages advanced AI algorithms to generate highly realistic images of people. You can create avatars from scratch or personalize them based on uploaded photos.


  • Diverse Avatar Styles
  • Rapid generation of Headshots in no time
  • Custom character creation


  •  Free Trial
  • 100 Avatar generations at $29 per month
  • 500 Avatar generations at $99 per month



Source: LightX

LightX is a photo editing app with a built-in AI headshot generator. It provides limited customization options but can be a quick and easy solution for basic headshots.


  • Enhances portraits with features like smoothening skin, brightening eyes, or adjusting facial features for a more polished look
  • Apply a wide range of artistic effects to transform your photos into unique creations.
  • Utilize various brushes for tasks like retouching, adding textures, or selective edits.


  • Free Version
  • LightX Pro (Subscription – $3/month or $35/lifetime)

13. Photo AI

Photo AI

Source: Photo AI

Photo AI stands out as a prominent player in the free AI headshot generator market, catering to users seeking professional and personalized headshot creation.


  • Upload a selfie and leverage Photo AI’s algorithms to generate high-quality, professional headshots
  • Generate variations of your headshot with different outfits, hairstyles, and even facial expressions
  • Customize your virtual backgrounds


  • Free Trial
  • Basic Plan at $5 per month
  • Pro Plan at $10 per month
  • Business Plan at $20 per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are AI-generated headshots private?

Privacy policies vary depending on the platform. It’s crucial to choose an AI headshot generator with a clear privacy policy that outlines how your data is used and stored.

2. Can I customize the appearance of my headshot with AI generators?

Yes, most free AI headshot generators offer a range of customization options, including hairstyle, facial expression, clothing, and background, allowing users to tailor their headshots to their preferences.

3. Are AI-generated headshots suitable for professional use?

Yes, many AI headshot generators produce images of high enough quality for professional use10.

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In Conclusion

AI Headshot Generators are easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a device, making convenience, accessibility, and affordability right at your fingertips.

Creating professional headshots through the power of AI has never been more user-friendly. With Simplified free AI Headshot Generator, you can explore the world of high-quality AI-generated images. Simplified promises top-notch, professional headshots and offers advanced editing tools that consistently deliver exceptional results. It makes Simplified one of the standout choices among free AI Headshot Generator tools available today.

Get a Pro Headshot With Simplified

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