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10 Must-try Midjourney Prompt Generators in 2024

The availability of large training datasets and deep learning techniques in Artificial Intelligence has led to significant progress in AI image generation. Numerous AI image generator tools are now available, which can produce high-quality images from text prompts in just a few seconds.

Among these, MidJourney has become one of the most popular and powerful AI-based art generators, preferred by designers, artists, and enthusiasts alike for their projects and related work.

For successful AI image generation, prompts play a crucial role, as they provide the necessary context for the model to generate accurate and realistic images. Typically, the AI model receives a prompt in the form of text or image, which serves as a starting point for creating the final image.

In this article, we will explore some of the best Midjourney prompt generators.

1. Midjourney Prompt Generator by Viorel Spinu

This web application has been created to generate Midjourney prompts. It uses an initial text input and incorporates various modifiers and characteristics to enhance the prompts. Creating a prompt is simple – just enter the desired text and adjust the settings as needed. 

Developed using ChatGPT, the tool operates locally in the browser. It does not store any prompts or settings due to the absence of a server component, ensuring user privacy and security.

Source: Midjourney

2. Hugging Face

The prompt generator by Hugging Face is powered by the GPT-2 language model, trained on the extensive MidJourney Prompt Dataset consisting of 250k text prompts.

To create an image, users simply need to visit the page, provide a brief description of their desired image, and click the Submit button. The tool will then automatically generate multiple examples based on the prompt, which may take some time. 

Additionally, this prompt generator can generate auto-complete prompts for various text-to-image models, including Dall-e.

Source: Huggingface

3. Phraser

Phraser, an innovative AI-powered tool, is designed to excel at elevating prompt creation for leading art generators like Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, Disco Diffusion, and Craiyon.

With its diverse range of nine customizable elements, including neural network, color, quality, camera settings, content type, description, style, feeling, and epoch, users have the flexibility to create personalized and precise prompts tailored to their unique artistic vision.

Using Phraser’s advanced features, you can easily fine-tune their prompts to achieve more accurate and customized results when generating AI-generated art.

Source: Phraser

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4. Promptomania

Promptomania is a cutting-edge and user-friendly prompt generator crafted explicitly for a diverse range of AI art generators, including Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, DreamStudio, and many others.

With its intuitive interface and a wide array of options, users can easily customize prompts to create original AI art pieces quickly.

Featuring sophisticated features and customization options, Promptomania offers a seamless experience for generating unique AI art. From tweaking prompts to fine-tuning settings, users can quickly unleash their creativity and produce original artwork using this versatile prompt generator.

Source: Promptomania

5. MidJourney Prompt Helper

The MidJourney Prompt Helper generates prompts for the MidJourney art generator with sophistication and precision. You can start by providing a brief image description and then utilize the wide range of available options to customize and edit the prompt according to their needs.

With choices for factors such as styles, depth of field, lighting, camera type, artists, colors, materials, quality, and more, this tool offers comprehensive options for creating tailored prompts that suit the user’s artistic vision.

With its user-friendly interface and rich customization features, this tool makes the process of generating prompts for MidJourney seamless and efficient, enabling artists to create stunning AI-generated artwork.

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6. MidJourney Prompt Builder

The MidJourney prompt builder is a straightforward tool that simplifies the process of creating prompts for various art generators. One notable feature is the ability to provide image references, which inspire the prompt generation process.

By offering reference pictures, users can guide the MJ Prompt Builder in creating a final prompt that aligns with their artistic vision.

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, the MidJourney prompt builder makes it easy for artists to create prompts that facilitate the generation of original and captivating AI-generated artwork.

7. Midjourney Prompt Inspiration

This comprehensive prompt builder is a powerful tool that assists users in creating the perfect prompt for MidJourney image production. With its diverse options, you can customize prompts to your liking.

This prompt builder offers an extensive array of modifiers, from animals to anime, artists to camera angles, allowing users to create prompts that align with their artistic vision for MidJourney artwork.

This prompt builder offers versatile options for users to fine-tune their prompts, aligning with their artistic vision for MidJourney artwork. From style to camera angles and textures, the tool provides flexibility and versatility for creating personalized AI-generated prompts.

8. ChatX 

Creative professionals can generate prompts for Midjourney using this simple tool. By entering text or keywords and adjusting basic parameters, users can generate the final prompt to produce original and visually captivating photos. 

This tool is user-friendly and highly customizable. It allows you to create personalized prompts that align with your artistic vision and inspire AI-generated art pieces.

Source: ChatX

9. Promptmakr

Promptmakr is a website that provides a platform for prompt Engineers to create and distribute AI art prompts for free. To use the tool, simply create an account and log in to access its features.

The website offers a user-friendly interface with adjustable properties such as art style, realism, artist, lighting angle & style, camera position, quality, URL of inspiration image, and more, allowing prompt Engineers to customize their prompts.

The website provides an easy-to-use platform where users can create an account, log in, and customize prompts using the available adjustable properties. 

Source: Promptmakr

10. MidJourney Random Commands Generator

This MidJourney prompt generator tool was created by enthusiasts for fun. Users can select random concepts for the prompts and use dropdowns to customize lighting, view, parameters, and size. 

Users can quickly generate the final prompt with just a few simple parameter adjustments, making it an easy-to-use tool for creating prompts and exploring artistic possibilities.

Source: Midjourney

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In Conclusion (+ Free AI Art Generator)

Source: Simplified

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