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How To Make AI Generated Art in 5 Easy Steps

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Are you tired of using stock photos and clipart that you try to fuse to make a unique image? Do you find yourself wondering if a design or art can truly capture what you want to say and how you want the viewers to feel when they look at it?  

Well, it’s possible with AI-generated art. AI art can be used in everything from detailed reports, and product packaging to social media posts and website content.

In this guide, we’ll share why you should use an AI art generator and also walk you through the process of creating extraordinary AI art that leaves your audience in awe. Let’s get started!

What is AI-Generated Art?

AI-generated art is not a new concept. The technology used in an AI generator is the same technology that processes a Google search. AI generators use specific algorithms and what’s already available on the web to produce unique, aesthetically pleasing images in a variety of combinations.  

The top two types of AI-generated art are the DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion. Both use CLIP diffusion, a transformer model from OpenAI that matches text embeddings with image embeddings to form a new and unique image. AI-generated art allows you to create an image of “a monkey walking on the moon while talking on the phone to a banana” by simply typing in the text.

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Why You Should Use An AI Art Generator?

Maybe you want to combine certain designs with specific aesthetics, or you want to add your logo with a natural backdrop- all of this is possible with AI art generators. It lets you create unique images for your website, ebook, or social media post in a matter of seconds and the results are 100% original, unique, and quite artsy.

If you’re wondering which one to use with so many options out there- we’d recommend Simplified AI Art Generator. With Simplified you can create eccentric yet beautiful designs for your next project in a fraction of a time and at zero cost.

The clip-end diffusion technology will allow you to simply input a prompt (a short text of a few words or a couple of sentences), click “generate,” and wait for your new creation.  

How To Create Art With AI

Creating AI-generated art is simple. Follow the below steps to create your own personalized image and design.

1. Choose Your Project

Do: Choose a unique text prompt that combines all of the elements you are looking to create.  

Perhaps you are looking to create a logo or brand identity that stands out and is unmatched in your market. Or maybe you need to create a social media post that grabs attention, clicks, and shares.  

For example, if you want to create a social media post for your special keto-vegan recipe, your prompt could say, “Vegetables happy, dancing in the club with cheese, bread, and meat looking on with jealousy and envy.”  

Don’t: Create an image that doesn’t fit your specific project. Images and designs in the B2B market should usually have a professional look, so an AI-generated art image of a chicken nugget smoking a cigarette probably won’t be appropriate, but “a woman in a business suit standing on top of the world” may be.

2. Choose Your Style

Do: Diversify and change up your styles to match your various projects. Different projects require different looks that conjure different feelings. Your website’s landing page must have a polished and refined look, but your Instagram post needs a funny and light-hearted image that matches your caption.  

Don’t: Use the same style for every niche or project. Variety is the spice of life, and that is true for your graphic designs as well. If your niche is in the art realm, you might want to experiment with different styles: Monet, Picasso, Kahlo, or Pollock.  Take a look at the examples below.

Dogs playing poker, Picasso style Dogs playing poker, Pollock style

3. Craft the Right Words

Do: Make sure your prompt text is specific and straight to the point. To create exclusive letterheads or extraordinary magazine covers, you need to know how to write the prompt that will create the AI-generated art. Both the Dall-E 2 and the Stable Diffusion by Simplified are AI art generators that will generate your specific image in a matter of seconds when you provide the right prompt.  

For example, use the prompt, “red roses dancing in the wind with white carnations” instead of “flowers dancing in the wind.” An image from the second prompt may produce sunflowers or daffodils, and that may not be what you want.

Don’t:  Use generic terms that cause the AI art generator to presume.  It may eliminate words that don’t seem to fit and cause imbalances in the image. Instead, provide specific and concise details so that you can create AI art similar to the image below.

Red roses dancing in the wind with white carnations Flowers dancing in the wind

4. Switch It Up & Experiment

Do: Alternate between Stable Diffusion AI and Dall-E 2 AI. With the Simplified free AI art generator, you have access to both Stable and Dall-E 2 to experiment with different styles, and techniques.

Don’t: Rely on the same exact designs using the same clip end diffusion. Stable diffusion creates better and more realistic faces, especially of famous people, while the Dall-E 2 is better at reading specific and long prompts without eliminating any text.  Take a look at how both the Dall-E 2 and Stable Diffusion interprets and generates “a turtle eating a lollipop.”

Dall-E 2 Stable Diffusion

5. Share, Download, and Publish It

Once you have created your unique project design using Simplified’s free AI art generator, share it with colleagues from all over the world or download it. When you are ready, you can publish it directly to your social media from your Simplified account.  

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Conclusion [+ Free AI Art Generator]

AI art generated from text is not just a fun new toy; it’s the future of business. Similar to how Zoom and Google Meets transformed the way companies and conglomerates collaborated, AI-generated art is transforming the world of graphic design and art. 

Created and with over 5.85 billion clip/image pairs, Simplified AI Art lets you generate unique and compelling images that will definitely give you an edge over all the other designs present in the market today.

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