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5 Craiyon AI Alternatives That Will Help You Create AI Art

In early 2022, Craiyon creator was released. This allows users to input text descriptions of images and generate corresponding images from scratch. The results are often strange and surreal, as the algorithm creatively interprets the natural language inputs.

While Craiyon is certainly an interesting tool, it’s far from the only AI art generator out there. This blog post will explore 5 other AI art generators that offer features similar to Craiyon. Continue reading down below!

What Makes Art Generators So Special?

Art generators are special because they are made to be used by anyone. They are a tool that allows you to create art without having to know how to paint, sculpt, or draw. With an art generator, you can start with nothing but just a prompt and then end up with something beautiful. This can be especially helpful if you’re new to creating art and want to learn how. 

Another reason why art generators are so special is that they allow you to express yourself in ways, that may not be possible with traditional forms of art. For example, if you have a hard time drawing or painting, but still want to create something beautiful and meaningful for someone special, an art generator might be just the thing for you! 

Art generators are fun! They let users explore their creative side without worrying about getting it “right.” There’s no wrong way to use an art generator—just pick one out and start playing around with it today. If you want to level up your creativity in marketing, this is also the way to go!

Here Are The Craiyon AI Alternatives That You Must Know About!

Looking for a great alternative to Craiyon AI ? There are many other AI alternative generators that can help you with your creative journey. Here are some of the best:


Recommending the best first, you should really check out Simplified today. If it’s for your blog or social media content, you can use this ai art generator to get things started. With hassle-free design tools, you will be able to create professional-looking designs without having a hard time!

With Simplified, everything is made simple for you. You can say goodbye to hours upon hours of searching for the best photo to use because with just a few keywords and prompts, this application will have it ready for you in just a few minutes.


WonderAI is an AI content generator that can get you started. Aside from how it is very easy to use and figure out, it offers a wide variety of art styles that you will surely enjoy! It also has an amazing feature in which you can reload the prompt so it will turn out differently if you feel like the design doesn’t suit what you need.

Though this Craiyon alternative only offers a free trial and you will have to pay after using it for a couple of days, most of its users consider it as an investment because of the quality that it also gives you.

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Another AI text generator that can also be used with your AI journey is StarryAi. What makes this generator special and used by a lot of people is how it will allow you to create your own NFT! Because that is something people often take interest in nowadays, you will surely be happy to use this art generator if you are into that as well!

When using this application, you can actually generate 5 artworks for free daily with no watermarks! How amazing is that, right? Aside from being able to have access over high quality artworks that are also customizable, you can also do it for free!


With over 700+ art and portrait styles that you can explore and play around, you can never go wrong with Prisma. If you love to take photos of yourself and turn it into art, you will certainly be able to enjoy this Craiyon alternative with no time! 

You can even tweak your background and have access to professional editing softwares upon using this application. When using Prisma, not only will you be able to enjoy art, but you will also have the creative freedom to do so.


Another crowd favorite is Wombo. With just a few prompts, it will allow you to create realistic portraits that will definitely blow your mind away! It is also designed to have various art styles that you will surely love. Wombo can also serve as a great alternative for Craiyon!

When you use Wombo, you will experience a whole new world of AI art with just a few clicks and taps. Because it was made to be easy for its users, you will surely be able to generate your own art in no time too!

Check Out Simplified Today!

Looking forward to making things simple and easy? Check out Simplified today ! With this one of a kind application, you will definitely be able to have a new way to get your message across your viewers and change your game when it comes to business branding. 

Because this is also one of Craiyon’s best alternatives, you will surely need to check this out too! With its all-in-one content creation platform and dashboard, you will also be able to explore art, not just create one.

Head on to Simplified’s website today .

Get started with your journey in creating artwork and exploring the world of AI now !

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