18 Simple Ways To Make Money On Your Smartphone In 2024

18 Simple Ways To Make Money On Your Smartphone In 2024

You’ve probably noticed how people are making money using smartphones, right?

Technology has revolutionized how we make money, providing us with countless opportunities to earn income using our smartphones, and it’s awesome.

Just think about it: smartphones have become an essential tool in our lives, always within our reach. So, why not take advantage of their potential and earn extra cash?

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to 20 incredibly clever ways to make money using your phone in 2024. And guess what? These ideas won’t require a lot of time or effort from you. All you need is your trusty smartphone, an internet connection, and the determination to make it happen.

So, if you’re looking for a side hustle this year, keep reading! We’re about to uncover simple ways to get paid using your phone.

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18 Simple Ways to Make Money on Your Phone

Want to make money simply by spending more time on your phone? Here are the top 20 incredible ways to make it happen in 2024!

1. Social Media Manager

Social media is booming, and that’s why there’s a growing demand for Social media managers. Being a social media manager, your task is to handle all the ins and outs of running social media accounts. Interestingly, With Simplified Social Media Planner—an all-in-one platform for managing your social media accounts, you can manage all your client’s social media accounts in one place. Here are some key features:

  • Content Calendar Creation: Plan and organize your content in advance.
  • Post Scheduling: Easily schedule your social media posts for platforms like Facebook groups and LinkedIn.
  • Team Integration and Communication: Collaborate seamlessly with your team and stay in sync.

With Simplified’s Social media planner, you’ll save time and have everything you need to make an extra income using your smartphone as a social media manager.

2. Sell Your Unwanted Products Easily on Amazon

selling products on amazon

Do you have items or electronics you no longer need? You can get paid daily through your cell phones by visiting Amazon’s website. And when you take advantage of their fantastic trade-in programs, you can receive attractive offers such as Amazon gift cards and substantial discounts on future purchases. It’s a win-win situation where you declutter your space, get rewarded, and make money with your phone.

Amazon charges no fees and covers delivery costs for your products. Plus, the program may even provide promotional credit in return in some cases.

3. Monetize Your Knowledge with How-To Videos

Youtube has become the go-to platform for video tutorials and guides, with a large audience eager to learn new things. You can transform your knowledge or skills into profit by monetizing your videos through subscription fees or exclusive content for paying viewers. The first step is to create videos that showcase your expertise and tap into the potential for earning money.

To increase visibility and engagement, start typing “how to [your topic]” in YouTube’s search bar to discover popular search phrases. Incorporate these keywords into your video title, description, and tags. This simple strategy will help you reach a broader audience and generate income from your valuable knowledge.

Pro tip: To make your video more engaging, you can use Simplified AI Video Editor to make your video appealing and converting.

Your videos might even get sponsored by popular brands. If so, post an affiliate disclaimer in the description so your brand deal complies with all Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines.

Remember, video content doesn’t need to only exist on YouTube.

Add your videos directly to a website and use search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to attract more organic viewers. This exposes your content to two audiences.

Using Google Adsense or other third-party ad services can open another money-making channel for you.

Just make sure you create a compliant privacy policy on your website to let users know how you collect and use their information for Ads and Analytics — data privacy laws and third-party services like Google require this.

4. Smartphone Photography

smartphone photography

If you have a knack for capturing videos, photos, and graphics, you can use your smartphone to earn money as a freelance photographer. With the advanced cameras available on smartphones these days, you can capture high-quality images without the need for expensive equipment. Meanwhile, There are two ways to make money through mobile photography.

First, you can collaborate with professional photographers to gain experience and expand your network. Secondly, Offer services to small businesses, creating custom Video content to boost their online presence on a contractual basis. By exploring these avenues, you can get paid to your phone as a mobile photographer while helping others succeed online.

5. Sell Your Pre-Owned Stuff

You can use websites like eBay, Craigslist, and OfferUp to sell your pre-owned items at a discounted price. These apps are easy to use and connect you directly to the buyers. Selling personal or household items that you no longer use and need is one of the best ways to make money from your phone. Now, you can use Simplified AI Writer to create compelling Ad copy that will make your products sell fast. Here are some examples of things you can sell:

  • Clothes
  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Furniture
  • Accessories( chains, bags, shoes, etc.)
  • Books

Protip: The items you want to sell must be in good quality and condition to fetch a decent amount.

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6. Sell Handmade Goods

Sell your handmade goods using apps like Etsy, Artfire, and Zibbet. These platforms offer opportunities to showcase and sell your creations directly from your phone. Here are some popular handmade items you can sell:

  • Wall Decorations
  • Vases
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Paintings and Artwork

7. Freelance Writing

Writing articles, blogs, descriptions, and website content is essential for businesses. To make money from your phone, start creating long-form content using writing tools that enhance your writing, boost productivity, and ensure error-free work. These tools will help you churn out content fast and make you lots of money. One such tool to aid your writing is Simplified AI Writer. It can instantly generate content fast when you use the appropriate prompt.

Pro Tip: Simplify your writing process with the help of tools like Simplified AI Writer.

8. Participate in Paid Surveys

participation in paid services

Participating in online surveys is one of the best ways to make money using your phone. All you need to do is use your phone to complete surveys and provide feedback on products and services. There are applications and websites available that offer this opportunity, allowing you to make some extra cash while sharing your opinions. It’s a convenient way to monetize your free time and earn money effortlessly.

9. Be A Virtual Assistant

Apps like Fancy Hands, Zirtual, and Belay Solutions offer you the chance to become a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, your job entails assisting business owners, entrepreneurs, and busy founders in their day-to-day activities and helping them prioritize important tasks. Being a virtual assistant allows you to learn different valuable skills such as communication, management, punctuality, and more. It serves as an excellent way to begin your journey of getting paid daily through your cell phone.

10. Video Editing

simplified app video editor

Video editing has become essential for anyone who wants to share content online. Whether you’re a creator, entrepreneur, business, or brand, having engaging videos is crucial. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to create and edit videos, even on your smartphone. You can make money by editing both long and short videos, such as YouTube shorts and Instagram reels. To ensure high-quality editing, you can use user-friendly apps like Simplified (a free app), CapCut, Inshot, or Adobe Photoshop.

Tip: The Simplified app now has an add subtitle generator feature, allowing you to easily include automatic subtitles in your videos, making them more captivating and appealing.

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11. Content Creation

Another easy way to make money on your phone is by designing social media content for different brands using your smartphone. Interestingly, with the Simplified app, you can create engaging posts, stories, reels, social ads, graphics, banners, thumbnails, and more. It’s an all-in-one tool for content creation, offering thousands of templates for posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, and beyond. Simplify your content creation process and boost brand awareness with this free app.

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12. Become a Translator and Interpreter

If you have language skills, you can leverage them to make money using just your phone. Expatriate communities and places where English is not the primary language often require translation and interpretation services, presenting opportunities for you. You can provide these services online, expanding your reach even further. Platforms like Welocalize offer excellent resources and job opportunities for translators and interpreters. Joining the ranks of remote workers, you can earn income by bridging language barriers through your mobile device.

13. Completing Short Tasks

Another easy way to make money from your smartphone is by completing short tasks. There are many different companies like Remotasks, and Clickworker offering paid tasks, and you can choose which ones you want to do in exchange for money and other perks.

Tasks can include anything from watching videos and taking photos, to testing websites and apps. You can usually do them in your spare time, which makes it a great way to make some extra money.

14. Create and Sell Ebooks

If you’re looking to make money on your phone, consider tapping into the e-book business. There are a couple of ways you can approach this. Firstly, you can create your e-books, and platforms like Kindle provide guides on how to do it. Alternatively, you can find existing printed books and secure the rights to publish them online. You can negotiate with the author to pay them royalties ranging from 8-15% based on net sales, or you can offer a one-time payment for the online publishing rights. By diving into the e-book business, you can leverage the power of digital publishing and earn money right from your phone.

Protip: You can use Simplified to create your e-book cover and also generate content.

15. Become a customer service representative 

You can easily make money with your smartphone by exploring customer service positions that allow you to leverage its capabilities and work flexible hours. By using your smartphone to answer calls and address customer concerns from the comfort of your own home, you have the opportunity to earn an hourly wage. Meanwhile, leveraging the Simplified social media Inbox tool as a customer service representative will enable you to respond to clients’ messages, queries, reviews, and feedback timely.

16. Podcasting 

If you have a passion for a specific topic or expertise, you can start your podcast. With your smartphone, you can record, edit, and publish episodes and monetize your podcast through sponsorships, advertisements, or listener donations. Meanwhile, Once you have established a loyal audience for your podcast, you can create and sell merchandise related to your show. This can include items like t-shirts, mugs, stickers, or even exclusive content or bonus episodes. With your smartphone, you can manage the design, production, and promotion of your merchandise, allowing you to generate additional income and deepen your connection with your listeners. Lastly, you can use the Simplified Design editor to create your podcast banner.

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17. Online Gaming and eSports

Online gaming has become an increasingly popular means for people to make money with their smartphones. If you have exceptional gaming skills, you can participate in competitive gaming tournaments. These tournaments are organized for various popular games across different platforms, offering substantial cash prizes to the winners. By honing your skills and consistently performing well in these tournaments, you can earn a significant income through your gaming abilities alone.

18. Start Copywriting For Businesses

simplified app ai writer

Copywriting is one of the most high-paying skills to learn and acquire. Content is being published by every business, and they need someone who can write content that persuades the buyer to purchase with the power of good writing. With Simplified AI writer, you can write inspiring copy for Facebook and Instagram captions, quotes, descriptions, marketing materials, sales pages, and website content in seconds.

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If you’re looking for ways to make money from your smartphone, there are many different options available. No matter what your interests or skills are, there’s a way for you to make money online.
With the Simplified app, you can start earning money and discovering your passion from the comfort of your home with just a download. Writing, designing, scheduling, blogging, and editing are some of the best ways to make use of the forever-free tool. Meanwhile, Simplified is now available on Android, iPhone, and iPad, providing accessibility and convenience across multiple platforms.

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