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Turning Words Into Art | How Does Dall – E Do It?

Turning Words Into Art | How Does Dall – E Do It?

Did you know that you can easily generate images from text? Fascinating, right? Dall-E 2 is an AI system that provides an alternative to human artists. The AI image generator was created by developers at Open AI, and named after an incredible Spanish painter–Salvador Dali and Pixar’s WALL-E. The machine learning system is a tweaked version of its predecessor, Dall-E, meaning that the image produced is also of significantly high quality. 

So, How Does Dall-E Do It? 

dall-e art

For lovers of art who struggle to replicate the pieces they interact with, Dall-E 2  provides a chance for you to draw up images using words as opposed to a pencil or painting brush. All you need to do is a punch in a text description that captures whatever image you need, and the system will create a realistic and high-resolution image for you. 

This is possible because Dall-E 2 is a relatively recent neural network AI system. A neural network is an Artificial intelligence method that manipulates computers to process and express data in a similar manner to the human brain. Coupled with the advanced deep learning techniques applied by Dall-E 2, the system can work to replace human artists. You can even create different variations of the same image. Maybe tweak the complexion it’s a human, or play around with a different color if it’s an object.

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What Else Makes Dall-E 2 So special? 

The Dall-E 2 Image generator is insanely simple to use. This ease is further improved by the fact that Dall-E 2 comes accompanied with a blog which details the step-by-step process of generating images from text using the system. If you’re a more visual learner, there’s also a video that breaks down how it works, including all its setbacks. 

Secondly, Dall-E 2 as a generative model is able to sustain semantic consistency in the images it generates. 

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What Type of Images Does Dall-E 2 Create? 

While Dall-E 2 creates a wide range of images, images of real people are off limits. This is to avoid receiving lawsuits from people who feel violated by their pictures being on the platform. So far, examples of images generated by Dall-E (according to their social media pages) include a sea otter and an Astronaut riding a horse, as depicted in the image above. 

As it stands, Open AI is yet to open Dall-E 2 for public access. However, you can shoot them a request through their social media DMs so they can generate an image for you. And the best part? AI text to image generator comes up with such perfect images that someone would confuse them for real paintings! 

What are Some Limitations of Dall-E 2? 

Dall E 2 raises the concern of providing an opportunity for fake news to spread. When you can easily create an original image out of nothing but words, people can take advantage and conjure up false events to support the images they create. 

Another concern is that  Open AI uses a machine model that draws inspiration from internet images. This means that the images produced might be subject to prejudices such as racism or sexism. For instance, when you type in a description like, let’s say, “ a woman sitting in an office chair”, Dall-E 2 might be biased by only producing the image of a white woman. Such instances have raised a concern among potential users, and Open AI has, consequently, made it mandatory to provide full disclosure that the images are AI generated. 

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