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Top AI Content Creation Tools For Marketers

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AI content creation tools don’t just help you save time, they’re the catalyst for creating purposeful and top-performing content. You can leverage these tools to generate better ideas for your marketing and write well-designed content that’s optimized for SEO!

The Top Performing AI Content Creation Tools Available

A good AI content creation tool should make your work easier while enhancing the quality of your content. Convenience, a good user interface, and accessibility are features you should look for in AI content creation tools.


Simplified AI Writer Overview ⚡

Simplified offers you a wide range of features, including graphic design, AI writer, video editor, and publisher. You can create short and long-form content and make creatives, put together videos, plan your content calendar, schedule your posts, and even analyze your content! This powerhouse of an AI application is designed to simplify your work.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

There is a free, basic version for personal use that works very well. It includes a good 1 GB of storage, a design editor, templates, and more. Paid subscriptions are designed for small teams, businesses and for brand growth. These are priced at about $30, $40, and $100 per month, respectively. You can choose to be billed yearly or monthly. The yearly subscription plans are sometimes discounted.

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Powered by AI, GrowthBar is a content generator that helps you with SEO. So within one platform, you can conduct keyword research and write out your content. GrowthBar is adept at creating short-form content like product descriptions and is equally excellent at writing long form blogs, articles, and more. Besides this, it also suggests the best internal links for your content and ranks your website for certain keywords. GrowthBar’s ‘Site Inspector’ feature allows you to find specific keywords that rank well for the website you’ve chosen.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

GrowthBar is freely accessible for a trial period of 5 days, after which you need to choose a subscription plan. These range from $29/month for a year to $127/month, depending on your chosen package. If you’d rather be billed every monthly, the prices range from $48 to $199 per month.



Banish writer’s block and generate tons of marketing content for your brand with WriteSonic! This AI-driven content creation tool provides you with templates that you can use to structure your writing so you’re never stuck for an idea or presentation. The best part is that content generation and optimization can happen in the span of a few seconds to minutes. It allows you to create content without having to spend too much time on the process. It’s quick, straightforward, and offers free basic subscriptions. But keep in mind that the features of the free version are limited.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

The basic plan begins at about $15/month, professional plans (for the individual) go up to about $45. For startups and agencies, it can be anywhere between $95 and $195 every month.

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Peppertype is a content assistant that uses machine learning to generate content based on your inputs. This platform is excellent at formatting sentences for engagement and readability, checking grammar and catching easily-missed errors, screening for plagiarism, and even includes a style editor with advanced abilities. It provides engagement metrics to help you judge the performance of your content.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Peppertype has a straightforward pricing plan. The starter plan is just $25 monthly, and the growth plan is about $165 per month.



Narrato has an excellent reputation as a workflow platform. It can assist you in planning, content creation, and collaboration. This AI-supported platform is able to give you an intuitive AI writing assistant (for anything from ad copy to long-form blogs and emails), optimize content, and generate SEO briefs. This AI for content creation can even produce topics so you don’t have to spend hours brainstorming. Content planning and scheduling features include Kanban boards, custom workflows, and workflow automation. The image search tool is particularly helpful.

Pricing and Subscriptions Plans

For individuals, Narrato has a free tool that you can try out. Paid plans begin at a reasonable $13/each user on a monthly basis to $25 per user for every month. Plans that are billed annually offer a slightly lower price per month. Narrato also offers custom plan designs to suit your specific needs.

Ink for All

ink for all

Ink For All was created for those intent on writing with purpose. You can create content in the app and even add the Ink for All browser extension to use all its features. With Ink for All, you can paraphrase content, use the AI writer bot to create content, optimize your content to increase SEO traffic, and it even helps with team management!

Pricing and Subscription Plans

The Ink for All app doesn’t offer a free plan, and its subscription plans begin at about $8.80/month. The Pro SEO account is about $44/month, and the Unlimited package is priced at $177 per month.

In conclusion, AI content creation tools are valuable resources for marketers and content creators looking to streamline their workflow, generate ideas, and optimize their content for SEO.

Leveraging AI Content moderation can further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of content management, ensuring compliance with community guidelines and standards.

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