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The 5 Best AI Writers after ChatGPT (Thoroughly Reviewed and Tested)

The 5 Best AI Writers after ChatGPT (Thoroughly Reviewed and Tested)

Since the introduction of ChatGPT last year, Artificial intelligence (AI) Writers have attracted a lot of attention. They may not be dominating the world just yet, but their evolution is certainly noticeable by everyone. When these are utilized appropriately under specific circumstances, these AI-based text generators can serve as valuable tools in facilitating superior-quality work at a more efficient pace.

It’s important to recognize that all AI Writers require human oversight for optimal output. If left unsupervised, it has a tendency to generate generalized and occasionally plagiarized content. But as the technology is growing, everyone around has a fair understanding to differentiate AI content or atleast is suspicious of the AI content that it lacks something. 

If you’re seeking advanced AI writing tools, equipped with sophisticated machine learning filled with capabilities to assist on your copywriting needs, and publish blog posts faster, then you are at the right place.

The best AI writing softwares:

  • Simplified
  • Jasper
  • Rytr
  • CopyAI
  • Writesonic
  • Writer
  • Anyword
  • Narrato

How do AI writing tools work?

When you look for artificial AI writers writing you see a variety of choices, all seem to have similar features. This can primarily be due to the fact that around 95% of such tools utilize identical large language models (LLMs) as their foundational framework.

Despite many products putting on a spectacular marketing show pretending to be independent, the truth of the matter is that the majority of these are heavily relying on OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-4 APIs. These applications merely add a few extra features atop these powerful platforms. 

It would be incorrect, however, to assume that these AI-driven applications hold no value; they provide a significantly improved user experience compared to offerings like ChatGPT or OpenAI’s playground.

These advanced platforms even provide users the flexibility to establish specific tonal preferences or parameters that are applicable across all generated texts. However, it should be made clear that differences among these platforms do not lie in the quality of content created. 

Barring a few exceptions, most applications – irrespective of using variant LLMs – yield relatively comparable results from similar prompts.

So where does differentiation arise? The genuine distinction of the applications featured in this list lies in their impressive ability to seamlessly incorporate AI text generator into one’s daily workflow.

LLM models function in a very simple, yet complex way. They begin by accepting a prompt from you, then work diligently to predict the words that will best echo your request. This prediction is backed by data they’ve been trained on – an extensive selection of books, articles, and other documents spanning across countless topics, styles, and genres. They’ve consumed more content freely available online than one could possibly imagine. Essentially, LLMs were granted access to the totality of human knowledge in order to construct a deep learning neural network.

This network isn’t just any ordinary algorithm; it’s intensely layered and carefully weighted following the model of the human brain itself. It seems almost unbelievable- but creating such comprehensive learning capacity involves phenomenal efforts like these if we want them capable of generating even bad poetry!

GPT along with various other comprehensive language models have shown immense capabilities already. This immense capability is why they hold such great potential as AI writing tools.

How we evaluate and test apps

In the course of exploring these applications, our criteria for selection were:

1. Applications that are fundamentally driven by GPT or an equivalent LLM known for its exceptional efficacy. 

In realistic terms, this primarily means that a vast majority of the AI writing tools mentioned below in the compilation employ GPT to varying extents. We have observed that nine out of ten writers predominantly use the GPT API for performing their intensive operations.

2. An interface that provides a significant ability to manage the textual output.

So basically while exploring these tools we wanted to observe if these AI writers let you play with tone, style, language, and more. We did not want tools where you generate a long output just by entering a headline, without any user control or interaction. Based on our evaluation the best AI writing tools let you establish a brand voice.

3. Ease of use

When it comes to using AI, it’s important to note that it shouldn’t be a struggle. While there may be some adjustments and modifications required when engaging with AI writing software, the overall process shouldn’t be difficult or intimidating. In order to make the experience as smooth as possible, we have carefully selected tools that come equipped with enough frequently asked questions (FAQs) and comprehensive help documents. 

These resources aim to provide users with the necessary guidance and support to understand and effectively utilize the AI writing software. With readily available information and assistance, users can feel confident in their ability to navigate and maximize the potential of these AI tools.

4. Pricing or affordability

One of the most appealing aspects of ChatGPT is its affordability. Currently, ChatGPT is available to users free of charge. Additionally, the entire ChatGPT framework is supported by an API  that incurs only minimal costs. While there is no strict price limit for these tools, the more expensive options must undoubtedly demonstrate their value by offering superior features and an enhanced user experience. 

After all, the outputs generated by almost any app tend to remain relatively consistent, irrespective of its price. Therefore, the developers of ChatGPT have prioritized providing accessible and cost-effective solutions to their users, ensuring that they receive excellent value for their investments.

5. Tools that generate spam content

The tools mentioned below have been evaluated on the basis that they don’t generate spam content. A lot of AI writers are capable of ‘spinning’ or rephrasing content by substituting words with their synonyms. This offered an avenue for website owners to infringe upon copyrighted material and primarily produce inferior and low-value content. However, such tools are explicitly excluded from our list. 

We tested a lot of AI writing tools even with these restrictions. Adding to that, it is pretty simple for an experienced developer to create a wrapper around the GPT API, so we had to thoroughly test each one to determine whether it was a legitimate product or merely featured an eye-catching website.

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Now let’s start exploring each AI writer. 

1. Simplified

Out of all the tools explored, Simplified stands out as one of the best AI writers. This tool checks all the checklists above for the quality of generated content, ease of use, affordability, and availability of templates and documents for understanding. This advanced AI platform offers a multitude of features and benefits, making it an essential tool for content creators and marketers alike.

Additionally, Simplified is incredibly versatile in terms of the topics it can cover. The AI writer is capable of generating content across a wide range of niches, from technology to finance to health and beyond. This versatility allows businesses from various industries to benefit from Simplified as they can rely on the platform to consistently produce engaging and informative articles tailored to their specific needs.

This AI writer can generate unique and plagiarism-free copy faster than any other tools mentioned.  Be it business bios, Facebook ads, product descriptions, or any other type of content, Simplified covers with over 70 AI templates to choose from.


Source: Simplified

Note – One of the standout features of Simplified is its user-friendly interface. With a clean and intuitive design, it’s incredibly easy to navigate and find the features you need. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with your browser through the free Chrome extension, making it even more convenient to use. 

Simplified’s Pricing

  • Free Plan $0 per month, can generate 1000 words in one seat of usage. 
  • Pro plan starts at $18 per month if billed monthly. This unveils access to 35,000 words alongside one user seat compatible with GPT 3.5 & GPT 4.  The plan includes one AI brand voice and an extensive collection of over 80 AI templates.
  • Business plan starts at $49 per month when billed monthly, subscribers are privy to every feature that the Pro plan has in addition to an increased capacity for usage – up to 100,000 words with five seats along with API accessibility.
  • Agency plan comes at a competitive cost of $199 per month which is also invoiced on a monthly cycle. Specifically designed for agencies aiming for scalability and creation of content across various brands utilizing potent AI capabilities. This plan consists of the opportunity to utilize up to 600.000 words alongside 10 user seats as well as inclusive of all preceding subscription benefits.

Here’s the pricing page

Monthly Billing


Yearly Billing



  • Simplified understands the client journey, resembling a consolidated platform that mixes the features from graphics design software like Canva, potent copywriting tools, and comprehensive content planner utilities all into one accessible dashboard.  
  • It has an effortless process for generating visually captivating visuals coupled with compelling product narratives that have expedited the marketing tasks significantly. 
  • The inclusion of video creation and robust social media scheduling abilities act as essential time-saving provisions that enhance promotional activities 
  • Its high level of user-friendliness seamlessly aligns with existing workflow dynamics hence demonstrating its utility in various professional settings.


  • Lack of adding more third-party app integrations that could boost its usability.
  • The limit on characters in some of the tools and caption options.
  • Despite the continuous learning and enhancement of the Simplified app, its grasp on sector-specific information may not parallel that of a human writer.

Try Simplified’s Free AI Writer

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2. Jasper

JasperAI, formerly known as JarvisAI, is a sophisticated AI content creation tool designed to deliver versatile and reliable output across various platforms. These range from crafting detailed blog articles or interactive Facebook ads to generating engaging email correspondences. This tool stands out due to its absence of pre-set brand voices; instead, it identifies and assimilates your distinct brand voice into the tone of the produced content.

For a personalized experience, you have the opportunity to provide information about your business, target audience, and preferred form of content for Jasper AI’s use during generation. Keeping this data at heart while designing material that encapsulates your unique organizational tone accurately in all communication channels represents considerable time-saving in terms of editing hours.


Source: Jasper

Your brand voice is crafted after incorporating comprehensive details about your company as input.  Every plan offers a ‘memories’ limit, denoting the maximum volume of input one can add. The basic creator plan equips you with up to 50 memories, and higher-level plans provide further allowance.

Note – This AI tool utilizes an array of Latent Language Models such as GPT-4, Claude 2, and Bard among others. This enables it to generate expansive content scopes effortlessly even with minimal user input. Additionally, post the generation of the content, its integration with Grammarly functionality assists in refining language along with ensuring impeccable punctuation.

Furthermore, JasperAI’s Chrome extension augments efficiency as it empowers users to apply its capabilities directly onto platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, or WordPress. Such compatibility allows for swift business email compositions and eliminates any unnecessary steps involved with copy-pasting generated content onto your chosen platform.

In conclusion, while JasperAI enjoys considerable popularity within B2B campaign circles due to these features; its versatility also positions it as a holistic solution effectively tailored for meeting diverse content writing requirements.

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Jasper Pricing

  • If billed annually, the creator plans from $39/month with one brand voice. 
  • The Pro plan starts at $59/month which includes 1 seat and 3 brand voices. 

Jasper pricing

Source: Jasper


  • Jasper stands as one of the most seasoned and comprehensive selections available, with a range of features.
  • Its integration capabilities extend to Grammarly, and Surfer, along with its distinctive AI art generator.


  • Despite its robust functionality, the pricing structure is notably steep and Jasper stands out as an expensive product considering that all the other tools employ language models of comparable character.
  • Plagiarism detection costs extra
  • Not all topics are appropriate
  • You’ll pay for junk content

3. Rytr

The majority of the applications featured on this list tend to cater to business professionals and enterprises with a substantial budget. Pricing for services such as Jasper,, and Anyword typically commences at $49+ per month. This type of investment is not necessarily conducive for hobbyists or individuals looking for a more cost-effective option. 

So if exploring AI text generators within a lesser budget suits your preferences, Rytr could serve as an excellent alternative.


Source: Rytr

Rytr offers an economical free plan that delivers up to 10,000 characters (or approximately 2,500 words) monthly inclusive of various functionalities like plagiarism-checking tools and several AI-generated images. A more comprehensive ‘Saver’ package provides the capacity for typing up to 10,000 characters along with the capability to generate nearly 20 images each month 

Although there’s also the choice of unlimited access provided by their $29/month package; it may perhaps be perceived as comparatively less value-for-money than offerings of other tools in the same range.

In terms of functional capacities though – while Rytr extends commendable benefits – they do face some constraints. Rytr can be slightly less proficient when tasked solely with generating extensive content pieces without any guided intervention or using fewer templates specifically designed for certain tasks. 

The user interface might appear somewhat basic, lacking fluency in flow; initiating their services may require greater effort due to minimal assisting aids present within the system interface. All notwithstanding these minor detriments, Ryter does utilize GPT technology like most others listed here, making it capable enough of developing substantially comparable output results.

Rytr Pricing

  • Rytr comes with a free plan where you can generate 10,000 words based on fair usage. 
  • The Saver plan starts at $9/month where you can generate 100k* characters per month.
  • The unlimited plan starts at $29/month with a fair usage policy. 
Rytr pricing

Source: Rytr


  • Very affordable
  • Most suitable for beginners
  • Ideal for succinct, short-form content applications
  • Exceeds 30 practical use possibilities 


  • Unfavorable for the production of extensive long-form content
  • The current offerings, in terms of its SERP analyzer and keyword tools, seem relatively subpar in comparison with those provided by competitors. 
  • The integration of these features into the user interface lacks fluidity, suggesting they were not primary considerations during development. 
  • It fails to provide valuable data such as search volume and competition for keywords. 

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4. CopyAI

Similar to the functionalities provided by Jasper, nonetheless stands as an equally capable competitor. This AI-powered tool has several features such as brand voices, an extensive knowledge base, a chatbot, and team capabilities; along with a browser extension.

When it comes to aesthetics, we feel that possesses a superior layout, however, functionally speaking its design is towards facilitating different workstreams. Contrasting with the tools mentioned above, adopts a more structured pathway guiding users through chatbots or template-led options designed around insightful questioning. 

For tasks demanding precise attention such as website content writing, social media post captions, or drafting product descriptions this tool proves exceedingly effective. Compared to SImplified, the long-format content like blog posts pertaining to content marketing purposes might feel rigid thereby delaying the seamless creation process on this platform.


Source: CopyAi

Note- One of the things that we liked about CopyAi is that the Infobase provides a centralized repository for your organization’s vital data, saving data related to the company branding, critical value propositions, and positioning documents. With the advanced AI-driven utilities embedded within our platform, your team has an opportunity to harness this information optimally to generate superior content.

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CopyAI Pricing

  • The product comes with a free plan with 2000 words and one seat.
  • The Pro plan starts from $49/month when billed monthly and supports 5 seats and unlimited words. 

CopyAI Pricing

Source: CopyAi


  • The workflow feature lets you create campaigns and automate them. Not every tool has this feature and this is a game changer.
  • At this price range, CopyAI provides a suite of features that the other tools in the same price range do not offer. 
  • The interface is easy to use and is very suitable for marketers.


  • The content quality for long-form content is low compared to other tools like Simplified. 
  • Customer support is slow and non-responsive. 
  • With this price range, Simplified and other products offer far better quality and a wide range of features. 
  • Over 50% plagiarized content making it a long day for editors. 

5. Writesonic

Writesonic is similar to all the other tools in the category making it another AI writer in this category. It offers a Google Docs-style editor and options to establish a brand voice which is a popular feature. A unique aspect of Writesonic is that during blog post generation, you can set reference articles. Also while generating the content, Writesonic offers a list of sources from where the content has been taken for reference, making it more transparent compared to other tools. 

With the wide range of features in Writesonic, the Botsonic feature ie. an AI-powered custom chatbot builder is significantly robust and slated for stand-alone application development in the near future. 


Source: Writesonic

Overall, we found Writesonic’s easy-to-use nature rather appealing particularly due to churning out SEO-optimized content marketing materials—though of course, it remains versatile enough to produce a diverse range of outputs depending on your needs.

Note- Writesonic offers an option to use GPT3 and GPT4 and the product has been priced based on these two options. Only Simplified and a couple of tools in the category have been transparent on this. 

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic has multiple pricing options. 

  • It has a free plan that comes with 10,000 words to start with. 
  • The small team plan comes for $19/month offering 200000 words for GPT 3 and 33333 words for GPT 4 version.
  • It also has a freelancer plan that starts with $20. 

Writesonic Pricing.

Source: Writesonic


  • While generating the content for blogs, you can add reference blogs which is a great addition for SEO and marketers.
  • The brand voice feature works seamlessly compared to other products. 
  • Each generation has a source mentioned for users to understand the reference page from where the generated content has been taken as a reference. 
  • The Chatsonic version works better than GPT sometimes with minimal prompts. 


  • The generated copy is sometimes very similar to the original source. 
  • The Photosonic feature of text-to-image generates low-quality and irrelevant images. 
  • The quality in GPT 3 and GPT 4 is almost identical. 
  • With multiple features in the tray where most of the features perform similar tasks, it’s confusing to understand which feature to choose from. 
  • The product pricing changes every couple of months. 

6. Writer

Writer is one of the only products in the market that does not run on GPT. It comes with Palmyra LLM which has been trained for enterprise writing. 

This AI writer maintains similarities to some of the leading products in this category. The ability to create a distinct brand voice is an enterprise-exclusive feature that otherwise needs extensive customization. The chatbot functionality may not match up with those offered by GPT-powered applications, but they are typically not the overriding factors that take away one’s decision towards opting for Writer.


Source: Writer

Note – Writer truly differentiates itself in the commitment to transparency around Palmyra LLM. For instance, the provision to request and evaluate a replica of their training dataset – compiled from data devoid of any copyright constraints – reflects this approach.

You have access to check Palmyra’s coding and model weightings creating an environment of accountability and security. 

Writer also offers sophisticated editing tools similar to Grammarly, specifically tailored for company-related tasks. It ensures legal compliance by validating every claim made and unsupported allegations. This tool consistently maintains adherence to your prescribed style guide, even when the textual content is generated by human authors. This feature is exceptionally beneficial and urges serious consideration of its merits.

Writer Pricing

  • The pricing starts from $18/ month offering 35+ templates and 5 seats followed by a custom plan for more usage. 

Writer Pricing

Source: Writer


  • The integration of Writer across various platforms such as Google Docs and Chrome facilitates an effortless editing process, enhancing the quality of the written content regardless of the tool utilized. 
  • It offers a streamlined solution to maintain brand consistency in all written communication. Writer provides indispensable support by optimizing the text through simplification or modification into different tones.
  • The non-dependency on GPT makes it a stand-out product. 
  • Highly useful for enterprise companies because of the security and data compliances they follow. 


  • The restrictions placed upon certain features may seem comparatively strict, particularly with regard to the summary functionalities.
  • The significant price escalation from the Team level to the Enterprise package is huge if one intends to extensively utilize style guides as a primary tool across larger teams in an organization.

7. Anyword

Out of all the tools mentioned in this list, Anyword generates accurate output with minimal prompts making it one of the most easy to use products. One of the primary content-generating tools offered by Anyword is the Blog Wizard. 

Similar to Jasper and other products, the setup procedure entails providing a description of the desired blog post and specifying the SEO keywords to be targeted. Then, Anyword generates a variety of titles for selection, accompanied by a projected engagement score.


Source: Anyword

Anyword also specializes in data-driven copywriting, enabling it to generate effective strategies 

from ineffective ones. Consequently, you can rely on it to assist you in crafting persuasive copy that yields conversions. Moreover, it provides a Performance Prediction Score, allowing you to gauge the potential success of your written content. Additionally, the platform offers a convenient preset keyword library that you can utilize. 

Source: Anyword

Essentially, you have the ability to compile a collection of keywords relevant to your content, and Anyword will ensure their proper usage. This feature guarantees that your content captures attention and achieves desired outcomes, whether it involves introducing a new product, presenting a coupon, or promoting any other offering.

Note – Based on an extensive dataset of $250M ad spend, the Predictive Performance Score evaluates the potential performance of your copy variations. Utilize it to enhance and receive instant feedback on your text.

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Anyword Pricing

  • The Starter plan starts from $49/month for one brand voice and one seat, followed by a data-driven plan that includes 3 seats and 1 brand voice. 
  • It also has a business and custom plan starting from $499. 

Anyword Pricing

Source: Anyword


  • The writing recommendations are amazing and it helps to enhance the quality of the writing. Anyword has the flexibility to offer suggestions that complement your desired tone seamlessly. 
  • It recommends optimal keywords to improve your rankings actively.
  • The ease of use incorporated into Anyword’s design enhances user experience considerably. Simply inputting your text garners useful suggestions with no complexity involved.
  • While writing can often be time-consuming, Anyword accelerates this process courtesy of real-time suggestion provisions; minimizing incumbent editing and proofreading durations.
  • For creators formulating material for marketing stratagems or alike ventures, implementing Anyword can result in increased interaction with potential audiences by heightening engagement appeal.


  • The pricing is comparatively high considering options like Simplified and GPT offer almost the same quality of content.
  • The navigation between features is a bit of a pain. 
  • Anyword lacks the restriction in language compatibility: 
  • Can be slower to use

8. Narrato

Narrato AI is designed for content creators and marketers juggling ten things simultaneously. This AI writing tool promises to write your blog posts, whip up social media content, generate unique AI images, and even play SEO cupid to match your content with Google’s (and your target audience’s) heart. The AI SEO tools on the platform not only suggest keywords but also dish out a comprehensive SEO brief for your content, with competitor references, ideal word counts, SEO scoring, and more. 

The AI Content Assistant on Narrato comes with over 100 AI tools and templates (with some bulk content generation enabled) to speed up content creation by 10x. The platform has tools to guide you through each step of content creation, from inception to publication, and with every kind of project too. If you have any unique content creation needs, there’s an option to create custom AI templates on the platform too.


The standout feature for us was the AI Content Genie. Automatically generating fresh social media and blog content every week, it feels like letting a genie out of the bottle, minus the three-wish limit. After feeding it your website URL and content themes, it generates topics and content that are right on the money. You can edit these then and there, and publish them to the preferred channels right away. The platform supports direct publishing to WordPress, Webflow, and social media platforms, and for everything else, there is API and Zapeir integration.

Narrato could be a good alternative if you’re looking for an AI writer that does not have a steep learning curve. The user interface is simple and minimalistic, and the functions of all the AI tools are pretty self-explanatory. 

Narrato Pricing

  • On signing up, Narrato offers a 14-day free trial, in which you can test out the tool’s features.
  • The Pro plan starts from $36 per month and includes 4 user seats.
  • The Business plan starts from $76 per month and also includes 4 user seats.
  • You can choose the Custom plan for your unique needs.


  • Simple and user-friendly UI
  • 100+ AI writing templates
  • AI image generation
  • Long-form and bulk content generation support
  • Automated content creation with AI Content Genie
  • AI brand voice generator for custom brand voice 
  • Translates content in 20+ languages


  • No permanent free plan

Alternative AI Writing Instruments Worth Exploring

The marketplace of AI text generator tools is brimming with options. Some credible alternatives didn’t feature in this list due to slight discrepancies from the initially set criteria. Should you find that none of the listed AI writers satisfy your requirements, here are several other potential selections:

ChatGPT – A substantially capable tool offering an enjoyable user experience—best yet, it comes at no cost. Google Bard, however, presents minor shortcomings regarding content production.

NotionAI – It brings computing muscle directly onto Notion’s workspace—a beneficial feature if you’re already using Notion but may appear overwhelming for simple text creation desires (a challenge encountered likewise for other Notion substitutes inclusive of Coda.AI).

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After conducting an extensive evaluation of various AI writers, Simplified stands out as the optimal choice for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient content creation solution. This conclusion is based on a comprehensive analysis of pricing, variety of features, and quality of content provided by Simplified.

Simplified boasts advanced AI algorithms that consistently produce content of exceptional quality. The platform employs Natural Language Processing technology to generate coherent and engaging content that meets professional standards. With carefully curated templates and customizable options, businesses can ensure that their content aligns with their brand identity and effectively resonates with their target audience.

Lastly, Simplified offers robust editing and proofreading tools that guarantee accurate and error-free content. By incorporating grammar and spell-check features, businesses can confidently publish content that maintains a polished and professional image. The platform’s commitment to content quality sets it apart from competitors in the industry.

Create Engaging Content With Simplified’s AI Writer

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