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The 11 Best Jasper AI Alternatives for AI Copywriting (Free and Paid)

Jasper AI continues to be a favored choice among marketers and professionals for AI content generation, largely due to its emphasis on preserving brand voice and delivering superior quality content. However, it’s important to note that Jasper isn’t the sole option available in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools. There are numerous alternatives to Jasper, but the question remains: how do these competitors stack up against it?

This article offers a comprehensive comparison of leading Jasper AI alternatives, highlighting their advantages, drawbacks, pricing details, and overall ratings. Explore this resource to identify the most suitable Jasper alternative that meets your requirements among the myriad of options available in the writing tool landscape.

11 Best Jasper AI Alternatives for Copywriting

If you’re looking for a Jasper AI alternative, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a quick look at the key points of 11 different Jasper alternatives:

1. Simplified (Free Forever)

Simplified is the best Jasper alternative and a powerhouse of an assistant for any creator or business. This alternative also offers you advanced AI copywriting tools. It’s an all-in-one platform that lets you create, design, edit, and publish all in one place! There are many Jasper AI competitors but Simplified uses the latest AI technology, and is also mobile-friendly! Furthermore, you have access to 80+ AI copywriting templates.

Key Points

  • Simplified makes it easier for brands and teams to collaborate with shared workspaces.
  • You can comment in real-time, and provide feedback on projects.
  • Access to multiple copywriting templates with different variations of virtual content including, but not limited to, blogging, social media, e-commerce, and branding.
  • From brainstorming to publishing, Simplified is with you all the way. Ideate, design, edit, and publish all on one platform!
  • Mobile-Friendly: Works just as well on smartphones as it does on desktops!


  • Free Plan $0 per month, can generate 1000 words in one seat of usage. 
  • Pro plan starts at $18 per month if billed monthly. This unveils access to 35,000 words alongside one user seat compatible with GPT 3.5 & GPT 4.  The plan includes one AI brand voice and an extensive collection of over 80 AI templates.
  • Business plan starts at $49 per month when billed monthly, subscribers are privy to every feature that the Pro plan has in addition to an increased capacity for usage – up to 100,000 words with five seats along with API accessibility.
  • Agency plan comes at a competitive cost of $199 per month which is also invoiced on a monthly cycle. Specifically designed for agencies aiming for scalability and creation of content across various brands utilizing potent AI capabilities. This plan consists of the opportunity to utilize up-to 600.000 words alongside 10 user seats as well as inclusive of all preceding subscription benefits.
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2. Writesonic (Free Trial)

Writesonic is an AI-powered Jasper alternative that can generate marketing content for any business in seconds. With a few keywords or lines of text as prompts, the software can generate ads, blog posts, landing pages, and more. However, unlike Simplified, Writesonic ONLY offers AI copywriting services. It doesn’t support content management of visual media, including videos.

Key Points

  • Writesonic’s software runs the latest AI technology, GPT-3 (like Simplified).
  • However, it isn’t equipped for creating stunning visual designs for social media or your website.
  • The software doesn’t work well for teams to collaborate on a project together. It’s optimized for desktop and isn’t mobile-friendly.
  • However, it does have handy integrations like Shopify, Magic Email, and Cloudflare.


It offers a free trial for a month or 10K words. After this, you can choose between the Pro and Enterprise plans. The former is for individual creators and starts at $12.67 per month, while the latter is usually used for teams. Pricing is sent over on request.

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3. Peppertype.AI (Free Trial) employs GPT-3 tech and can be used to generate any form of content. A lot of well-known brands, including DREAM11, Spotify, and CRED, use this already. Originally, it was released as just a Chrome extension and later developed as an AI writing platform. This Jasper competitor is good for blogs, emails, landing pages, rewriting existing content, and other long-form content.

Key Points

  • It’s excellent for collabs and teams
  • Often used by content writers, SEO managers, and social media managers, among others
  • Supports over 25 languages
  • Writes a range of copy from product descriptions to website copy and social media posts


The free trial is just for a week, after which you can opt for the Premium plan at $399 for 3 users per month. Or, if you’re a small business or team, contact them for an ‘Enterprise’ subscription rate.

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4. Smart Copy by Unbounce (Formerly known as Snazzy AI)

Smart Copy uses AI to generate content ideas that are always on trend. The platform uses its own proprietary machine language along with GPT-3 for campaign building and AI-based copywriting.

  • Its integrations include StoryChief,, PoweredLocal, ClickSend
  • Smart Copy is not mobile-friendly, and its features are better optimized for a desktop
  • It offers 30+ AI copywriting templates.


The Starter subscription is free at Smart Copy, and the ‘Growth’ plan offers a 14-day free trial. Post-trial, this plan is $49/month.

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5. ShortlyAI (Paid)

ShortlyAI is a handy Jasper alternative for bloggers and marketers because it generates long and short-form content. ShortlyAI also offers sentence modification commands to speed up your writing process. Shortly was recently acquired by Let’s take a look at why it’s featured on our list of Jasper alternatives

Key Points

  • Supports Long-Form Content
  • In comparison to its competitors, ShortlyAI is costly for small teams and individuals. Their pricing plans are more suitable for mid-size to large businesses.
  • Only supports the English language
  • Integrated with Markdown


If you choose the annual plan, you can get 2 months free with a total bill of just $65/month (billed annually). But with the monthly plan, you’re billed monthly at $79 per month.

6. ClosersCopy (Paid)

ClosersCopy is another alternative to Jasper. This AI platform is excellent for beginners and generates sales copy in seconds. It uses the GPT-3 network, and you can use the Wizard to take you through the copywriting process. Besides sales copy, ClosersCopy enables you to write letters and blog posts as well. It gives you valuable insights into your content and even gives you access to a library of templates.

Key Points

  • You can access 300+ plug-and-play frameworks for marketing and over 30 for workflows
  • It supports more than 127 languages
  • With ClosersCopy, you have access to a great library of templates
  • This is an AI editor that offers you drag-and-drop options


There are three subscription plans to choose from – Power ($49.99/mo), Superpower ($79.99/mo) & Superpower Squad ($99.99/mo). If you choose to bill annually instead of monthly, you could get up to 30% off.

7. CopySmith (Paid)

You can use CopySmith to generate copy for ads, blogs, product descriptions, and a whole plethora of marketing content. It uses GPT-3 and offers you a range of templates to choose from. Once you’ve made the decision, you can let the AI create what you need. Your prompts can set the tone and outline a structure as well.

Key Points

  • CopySmith can write intros, blog posts, and outline blog posts
  • Create marketing copy, including ads, product descriptions, and ideas for Google Ads
  • Its AI writer is able to work with a natural writing style
  • It’s careful to use continuity between points


Monthly plans include the Starter at $19/month and the Pro Plan at $49/month. Enterprise plans are for small teams or businesses, and costs are supplied on request. Annually billed plans are available at a discount.

8. Copy AI (Free & Paid Options)

Copy AI is another amazing Jasper competitor. It is designed to be straightforward to use and can create a range of marketing copy, from ads to social media posts and even website copy. All that’s required of you is to choose a category, feed in the features of a product, and you will receive about ten results. These can be edited to suit your needs.

Key Points

  • Create a very wide range of marketing copy
  • It helps you outline and structure your blog
  • Round-the-clock customer support makes things easier for beginners
  • You get access to some Chrome extensions


Choose from Free, Pro, or Enterprise Subscription plans. The Free plan doesn’t require a credit card and gives you 2000 words per month. The Pro plan is $26/month, and the Enterprise plan’s pricing is designed to suit the size of your team. If you choose to pay annually instead of monthly, you could stand to save up to 25%

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9. Rytr (Free & Paid Options)

Rytr does a lot to save your time, and it’s super simple to use. All you have to do is choose a scenario or a use case and add details for context. Rytr will get to work on creating content for you. It offers you more than 30 templates in 30+ languages. To fine-tune the copy, Rytr provides more than 20 tones of voice.

Key Points

  • Rytr utilizes formulas that are AIDA and PAS-specific
  • 25 different content types are available for you to choose from
  • Beginner friendly platform
  • You can choose a style editor


The Free subscription plan to Rytr gives you about 10k characters per month, and the Saver plan offers you 100k characters per month. The latter is $9/month, but you can get 2 months free if you choose to bill annually. This offer applied to the Unlimited plan as well, which is billed at $29/month.

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10. Anyword (Free Trial +Paid Subscriptions)

Anyword’s AI can generate anything from quick advertising copy to long-form content. It targets conversions and gives you some clue as to how a post will do before publishing. It’s able to account for both quality content and SEO in the copy it generates. With Anyword you can create personas for your customers and generate copy to suit those. This is one of the reasons that it’s ideal to create social media captions and email marketing.

Key Points

  • Anyword rates content
  • Offers features to rewrite content
  • Excellent for both short and long-form content
  • Can also create Amazon Product Descriptions
  • Offers content in over 30 languages


Custom prices are available on request for businesses (demo available). For individuals and freelancers, there’s a Starter subscription at $39/month with a 7-day free trial. For small teams, the Data-Driven plan is ideal, listed at $79/month. This also comes with a 7-day free trial. You can save 20% on these plans if you choose to bill annually rather than monthly.

11. Longshot AI

This content generator is especially good for long-form optimized content. Marketing professionals can generate content that encapsulates their ideas in no time. This platform has been designed to recognize semantics and create context-sensitive content. Its copy is not only unique and SEO-friendly but also fact-checked.

Key Points

  • Can paraphrase existing content and extend text
  • Fact checks content
  • Gives you insights into blog content
  • Can generate short-form content like meta descriptions and headlines
  • Is also well-known for long-form content
  • Offers an FAQ generator


There are a range of plans for you to choose from. The free option can be availed even without a credit card, and the Pro option is $29/month. For Teams and Agencies, it’s $59 and $399, respectively, every month. You can avail a discount if you choose to be billed annually.

The Simplified platform doesn’t just offer you an excellent AI writer to ease your workload. It also includes design and publishing solutions. It offers highly functional features under its free subscription plan.

Create copy in a snap with Simplified’s AI writer!

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