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Choosing the Best AI Text Generator: Simplified (Free Forever) vs. Rytr ($290 Paid Annually)

Choosing the Best AI Text Generator: Simplified (Free Forever) vs. Rytr (0 Paid Annually)

AI copywriting is becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all scales to maximize efficiency, cut costs, and deliver optimized content at a faster rate than ever before.

If you’re looking for an AI copywriting tool to help automate your marketing efforts, there are many options out there. Each AI content generator comes with different features to help you write great content. However, these tools don’t always measure up equally. Read on to discover whether Simplified or Rytr is the best AI text generator for you.

Simplified vs. Rytr

AI Technology: GPT 3
Free TrialFree Forever5000 Characters/Month
Built for teams
Customer Support
Organizing: Folders
Premium Community
Shopify, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, Brandfetch, Storyblock

Chrome Extension
Mobile Friendly
VideosComing Soon

With so many different options available, it can be difficult to decide which tool is most suitable. Luckily, we’ve done all of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to! Let’s take a closer look at the features offered by Simplified and Rytr so that you can decide the best AI writer for your business.

Usability: Which AI Content Generator Offers the Best UI/UX?

Rytr offers an uncluttered user interface where you can generate copy in a box. Typing into a box in an email window template can feel boxy and overwhelm new users when it comes to finding the relevant buttons.

Although, Rytr’s interface is plain and uncluttered the workspace has a boxy, email-writing feel to it – which might be something that most users would find restrictive.

Simplified was built with user comfort in mind. For this reason, the platform offers a sleek interface with yellow buttons on a black background. You’ll be able to easily find buttons thanks to its modern interface. Simplified’s UX also has an edge over other AI text generators due to two features that are worth mentioning:

  • First, finding content on Simplified is easy with its categories and exclusive AI templates.
  • Second, it will be possible in future updates to switch from light (day) mode to dark (night) mode and vice versa. This makes it great for working on content at any time, day or night!
Simplified's AI template page
Source: Simplified

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Organization: How Well Can you Manage your Workflow?

On Rytr, you can move documents and folders into a different folder by selecting “Move” in the right-hand corner of the screen. Rytr also makes it easy to rename and delete documents according to your copy needs.

On Simplified, once you’re done using the AI text generator to write for you, just save it or “favorite” it. You’ll then have a ready-to-go article that’s easy to find again. With Rytr, you don’t have the option to “favorite” your copies and you’ll have to manually search for them through your project history.

The big difference between these two AI content generators is that Simplified has everything in one place. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a student, or someone who struggles to stay organized, Simplified has got your back!

The Simplified AI text generator helps you organize everything from Facebook ads to blog posts. Plus, this free AI software offers handy copywriting templates too.

Pricing: Which AI Writer is More Affordable?

Although Rytr lets new users test its features before committing to a plan, the first free 5,000 characters dry up fast! Here, Simplified wins out with a free forever plan. Its free AI software enables you to create compelling copy for your brand with ease. The free plan offers many features and if you need more functionality, you can always upgrade.

Moreover, Rytr doesn’t offer any enterprise plans, while Simplified offers enterprise plans for a low price point. Let’s take an in-depth look at the pricing plans for each AI content generator:

Free Forever Plan

Free Forever Plan

Simplified’s Free Forever Plan is for everyone!

Rytr vs Simplified - Rytr logo

Small Teams

Starting at $24.17 per month

PackagesSimplified’s PricingRytr PricingWhat’s the difference?
Free Forever Plan$0 Free Of CostN/ASimplified’s Free-forever plan is for everyone!
Small Teams$18/Month
$290 Billed Yearly
Simplified’s plan for small teams offers a concession if you buy the yearly plan. Rytr also offers a concession for their yearly plan, but Simplified is much more affordable.
Businesses$49/Month Yearly:$29/MonthCustomSimplified caters to each person and has plans for every one and for every business stage. With Rytr, you’ll need to arrange a custom business package.
EnterpriseTalk to us for the best plan for your enterprise!N/ASimplified offers a custom plan designed for your company’s needs. This is not an option with Rytr.

While Rytr is affordable, its pricing plans are limited as shown above. On the other hand, Simplified’s affordable pricing structure makes it easy for both individuals and businesses to organize their digital marketing.

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Collaboration: Which AI Text Generator Is Good for Teams?

Both Rytr and Simplified support team and company plans. Rytr allows you to add members to workspaces just like Simplified. However, Simplified was designed with team collaboration in mind. This means that Simplified has unique collaborative features not commonly found in other AI content generators.

One of the key differences is that Simplified allows real-time commenting on shared projects. This enables you to stay organized and in touch with your team, even if they’re in different time zones.

Simplified also gives you the power to invite people to your project and make them documenters. Invite people by their email address or phone number, so they can contribute with just one click.

AI Copywriting Templates

AI copywriting templates generate high-quality content at scale for your business. This can then be distributed across various social media channels and even your website or blogs! Simply put, these templates make it easier to create the different types of copy you want, using the power of AI.

Simplified and Rytr work the same way to generate optimized content for you and your business, but there are some notable differences:

  • Changing tones: In today’s digital age, companies have to be on their toes and keep their brand voice consistent across all media platforms. While Rytr offers tone changes for your copy, there are only 22 variations available. However, with Simplified, the possibilities are endless! You are in complete control of how you choose to express your copy. From fun and friendly to professional, Simplified has your back.
  • Intuitiveness: Simplified is an intuitive AI text generator that simplifies your life by pulling content from the web. All you have to do is type in your company’s URL and Simplified’s AI assistant will collect all the data the relevant data you need. It will even summarize the company’s offerings and goals clearly and concisely.
  • Simplified’s unique templates that you won’t find on Rytr: Hashtag generator, explaining and simplifying content for a three-year-old, customer review responder, quote generator for social media, Instagram copy based on feelings, and persuasive bullet points for important summaries and presentations.

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