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10 Examples Of Before-after-bridge Copywriting For Your Campaign (Free tool and tips inside!)

10 Examples Of Before-after-bridge Copywriting For Your Campaign (Free tool and tips inside!)

Do you know how to write copy that converts? Before-after-Bridge copywriting is a great way to create effective sales, landing page, blog content, and increase CTR of emails. The Before-After-Bridge marketing is all about telling a real-world story with a fairytale ending. And it works!

BAB copywriting :

  1. Describes a problem a customer is experiencing
  2. Imagines a solution, and
  3. Solves that problem in a positive way.

Smart marketing copy by McDonald’s Adweek

Learn how Simplified can help you use this copywriting technique to help you increase email CTR and increase conversions on all of your marketing campaigns.

How Can Before-After-Bridge Copywriting Technique Help Marketers?

  • BAB builds trust with your audience: Once you show your customer you care about their issues, you create a bridge to the solution. Before-After-Bridge builds an emotional connection between your brand and the customer.
  • Connect to the (AI copywriting) power source: No other marketing model works as well as Before-After-Bridge. Increase conversions with emotive keywords that make your customers feel heard.

Before-After-Bridge Copywriting Formula

Whether you want to increase CTR of emails or write an appealing headline, the BAB formula can help you achieve it. The formula has three parts to it. When followed correctly, it makes it easy to write great copy that compels your audience to take action.

A BAB marketing copy effectively bridges your service to the customer.

What is Before?

You begin by painting a picture of the reader’s world. The key aspect of the technique is for the readers to recognize themselves in the image and realize that the problem you’re describing is in fact a part of their reality.

Example: For over a decade, design and copywriting teams have struggled to collaborate effectively. Keeping your content organized and on-brand is hard.

What is After?

Next, show the target audience how the world would be different with your solution in place. Focusing on a benefit that the reader cares about, such as gaining customers or generating income, is the key to this section of the marketing copy.

Example: Imagine a platform that allows you to run your marketing team like a business. With one dashboard, you can see at a glance which campaigns are working and which ones aren't. You'll be able to easily measure your email CTR performance and collaborate with your team on the fly.

What is Bridge?

It’s time to provide your solution as a bridge between the two worlds now that you’ve made the reader aware of the problem. And further, show them how much better their life would be if the problem were fixed.

Example: Simplified is a FREE design, copywriting and collaboration platform specifically built for marketing teams. You can manage everything in one place - from social media to landing pages, from blog posts to email campaigns! With our real-time collaboration features, you can easily share ideas with your teammates and measure the impact of your work (and get promoted!).

How to Use Simplified’s (Free) Before-after-Bridge AI Copywriting Tool

Simplified’s AI Assistant enables (free) BAB copywriting and guarantees that you stand out and stand above competitors.

Generate new Before-After-Bridge copy AI in seconds. Once AI gets your unique copy ready to go, it’s broken down into Before, Bridge, and After sections. Cut your work time in half with an easy, pre-formatted copy. It’s that simple!

Here’s what the Simplified BAB copy AI tool generates for different brand niches.

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Example 1: Using Before-After-Bridge AI Copywriting For A Soaps and Scents Company

Input: We at Margo manufacture herbal soap and scents. We believe in sustainability and affordability for all!

Before-after-Bridge copywriter in action!

Example 2: Using Before-After-Bridge AI Copywriting For A Thrift Store

Input: Thrift store that promotes sustainability. Crimson Closet believes in slow and up-cycled fashion.

Example 3: Using Before-After-Bridge AI Copywriting For A Car Service Company

Input: Using Before-After-Bridge AI Copywriting For A Car Service Company

Generating a BAB marketing copy was never so easy!

Example 4: Using Before-After-Bridge AI Copywriting For A Book Store

Input: Our store Bookertape offers more than 50,000 novels, guides, encyclopedias.

Example 5: Using Before-After-Bridge AI Copywriting For A Restaurant

Input: We prepare authentic Italian cuisine and serve the best variety of pizzas at Cafe & Co.

Try and combine multiple responses generated by the BAB copy generator to create truly formidable content!


Example 6: Using Before-After-Bridge AI Copywriting For An Electronic Store

Input: TechSpot is an all-inclusive electronic store of top brands.

With Simplified, get original copy that stands out!

Example 7: Using Before-After-Bridge AI Copywriting For A Pet Store

Input: At Pluto’s we sell dog food, toys, beds and other accessories. One-spot destination for all your dog needs!

Use Before-after-Bridge copy AI tool like never before!

Example 8: Using Before-After-Bridge AI Copywriting For For A Gym

Input: Gain: An only-women gym so that you feel empowered to be you.

Example 9: Using Before-After-Bridge AI Copywriting For An SEO & Copy Writing Team

Input: Copy Editor offers SEO specific services. From high converting email campaigns to appealing sales copy, we have it all!

Sit back and watch Simplified’s copy writing tool do its magic!

Example 10: Using Before-After-Bridge AI Copywriting For A Furniture Store

Input: Wood pro is a furniture store with high-quality home decor, and individual pieces like beds, cabinets, chairs and seating, clocks, tables and much more!

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Simplified’s copy AI writer lets you focus on the brand’s voice with Before-After-Bridge copywriting. Use the copy to increase email CTR and in blogs, ads, and even social media to feel the love from followers.

Check out the video below to get a clear understanding of how Simplified’s BAB copywriting tool works before creating a copy for your brand. Moreover, seamlessly learn how to use all our copy AI & design features on Simplified Academy.

To Sum Up

BAB (Before-After-Bridge) is a copywriting approach based on the notion of guiding someone from a terrible situation to a better one with your business’ help. Its purpose is to make your product or service appealing to your reader’s requirements and to motivate them to take the necessary action.

Remember, it’s important to capture their interest right immediately. Before they want to hear all of the specifics, they want to know how you plan to improve their daily life. And we can help you do just that with our copy AI generator! Simplified AI provides the BAB copywriting technique to deliver more targeted prospects and customers through content. The best part is that the Before-after-Bridge copywriting tool is free!

Write The Copy That Converts With Simplified!

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