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How Simplified’s Copy Writing AI Can Help You Create Formidable Content

How Simplified’s Copy Writing AI Can Help You Create Formidable Content

Copywriting is the art and occupation of writing content for advertising and marketing. If you’re a copywriter, you need to optimize text for various social media channels. These include Facebook and LinkedIn ads, as well as Instagram posts and captions. Simplified’s AI copywriting tools help you generate compelling as well as high-ranking content for your brand in seconds!

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Why Use AI for Copywriting

1. Technologically Smart Content

Over the last decade, technology has become more advanced. So much so, in fact, that computer softwares can now detect rhythms of speech and mimic a brand’s voice! When brands use the best AI copywriting tools in the market (of which ours is one), they benefit from everything it knows about already successful campaigns. Therefore, the best copywriting tools can generate messages that make your brand stand out from your competitors.

2. Save Time

We rely on the best computer software to manage data more efficiently and generate results and messages at greater speed. Likewise, our AI copywriting tool helps you to generate copy for multiple social media channels with great accuracy and momentum … without compromising the quality of your content! This AI copywriting tool is essential in a fast-paced and fiercely competitive digital world. Simplified’s AI assistant saves you time by generating accurate text for your social media requirements based on keywords.

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3. AI Copywriting Software for Repetitive Tasks

Advertizing the same message across multiple social media channels takes a lot of time and effort if you want your content to stay on-brand. However, each media channel demands a specific format in terms of word length and tone, all the while staying consistent with your branding. In this scenario, hand over the mundane and repetitive tasks of copywriting to the best AI copywriting software on Simplified:

  • For example, does your brand have style standards that need to be followed in every message? Simplified’s AI assistant can take care of that to ensure compliance!
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