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Let your designs fly with Simplified!

Let your designs fly with Simplified!

Better, faster, Experience Simplified

What was good got even better! Last week we worked hard to bring you better experiences all around!

We brought you new templates and enhanced the AI and grouping experiences, so we can continue helping you achieve more!

See what‘s possible when your creativity meets Simplified’s powerful platform.

So. Many. Templates!

Simplified design templates

Life’s about choices, right? And as ‘art imitates life’ goes, this couldn’t be more true here: we brought you lots of new design and AI templates so that your art can be as free as you! Let your designs fly with Simplified!

Clone now

Enhanced AI Experience Simplified

Simplified AI

Loki graduated and is now ready to give you an even better AI experience. Generate more and better results, view your saved results and discover everything our Ai assistant has to offer!

Teach Me, Master

Improved Design Experience

Help Center

What‘s better than our grouping tool? Our improved grouping tool, of course!  Go ahead, bring your assets and let’s start designing..

One is Good, Two is better
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