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Simplified mobile experience, AI long form writer + design templates

Simplified mobile experience, AI long form writer + design templates

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 🙌 Mobile experience, wait what 🤯 write for me, Design AI + video + design template #oneapp

Just like us, we know you have been waiting for these updates. Guess what? The wait is over!

Besides an even better mobile experience, this week we’re bringing AI Assistant in the design editor, magical long-form writing experience with ” write for me!”

Have fun designing with Simplified!

AI Assistant +Design Editor

AI assistant in design editor

Like they were meant to be, our design editor and our AI Assistant are now joined to bring you the best of both worlds! Check out how seamless your workflow becomes with this new feature. A match so great, The Bard himself would write about!

Try our Star-crossed features

Wait What 🤯 Write For Me

AI long form writer

We upgraded our AI Assistant so that it’ll write your content for you. When writing using the Long Form Editor, select the text you want to expand, click on write for me, and boom! Your work is done! Now on to enjoy that well deserved Friday night break 😉

Try it our for more results

Simplified Mobile Experience

mobile experience

You asked we delivered! Now, share your designs across platforms, on the go, and dazzle the world!

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Like you, I’m excited to build this from the ground up. Keep in touch with the team on Twitter as we #BuildInPublic or meet like-minded creators, marketers around the world at Simplified Facebook Community

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Reach our support team using the chat service within Simplified for personalized support.

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