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Measure the Impact of Your Social Media With Analytics

Measure the Impact of Your Social Media With Analytics

Since we launched our Content Calendar, our users are connecting more and more accounts, scheduling thousands of posts, and increasing their engagement in over 12 different social media channels.

Today we are announcing our Social Analytics ! You connected your accounts. Now it’s time to track your social media channels and posts’ performance.

Enable Analytics today and take the guesswork out of posting on social media with our automated data collection.

Analytics Overview

analytics overview

Understand how well your marketing plan is performing. Simplified’s easy-to-read analytics charts, as well as instant sharing and task assigning, allow your team to see performance patterns quickly and analyze what’s working.

Enable Analytics

Multiple Channels

connect multiple social channels

Enable Analytics for Twitter, Linkedin Company, Facebook Page, Instagram Business, and Google My Business. Compare your posts’ performance on each social channel, and understand your audience on each social media.

Evaluate ROI

Customize Reports

customize reports

Check performance at a glance or in-depth. Customize your Analytics reports’ date, social channel, and metrics. Custom reports allow you to see the most important metrics to you so that you can analyze and optimize content and performance.

Customize Reports

Download and Share Reports

download reports in pdf and png

Download your reports in PDF or PNG. Export them to share with internal and external stakeholders. Share your social media performance with your team and clients, and make better strategic decisions with customizable Analytics reports.

Share Analytics Insights

See our Social Analytics in action!

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