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AI Audio Clips, AI Silence Remover and more AI Video exciting updates!

AI Audio Clips, AI Silence Remover and more AI Video exciting updates!
Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

Simplified’s latest features make creating video content a breeze. Now, create clips from podcasts, clone your voice using AI or select from our even larger AI Actors library, and create and edit videos using our new AI-powered video features.

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AI Audio Clips

Search or podcast or upload your audio file and let our AI create videos to promote your podcast, radio show and more. Customize and brand it, and share directly to TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more.

Source: Simplified

AI Silence Remover

Remove gaps and awkward pauses from your videos in one click. Our AI detects silences and pauses and cuts them, without reducing video quality. Create professional-sounding, engaging videos in seconds with Simplified’s AI Silence Remover.

Source: Simplified

AI Voice Cloning

Use AI to clone your voice and add it to your videos, or generate text to video and script to video narrated by you. Forget having to spend hours re-doing a voiceover, or worrying about mistakes. Simply add the text and let your AI cloned voice do the work for you. Perfect pitch and narration in seconds!

Source: Simplified

Green Screen

Bring your ideas to life and make your videos stand out! Edit out the background of your videos using our AI Green Screen. Add special effects, background videos and images, or create backgrounds using our AI Image Generator and use as background to your video, all using AI Green Screen!

Source: Simplified

More AI Text to Speech Voices

We added more voices and languages to our AI Text to Speech library! Now, you can select more AI actors, styles and intonations to narrate your videos. Generate speech in more languages and reach audiences all across the world.

Source: Simplified

We can’t wait for you to try these new features and see how they can save you time and effort. Remember, with Simplified, content creation is just that – simplified!

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