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Quick Tools That Will Make Your Job Easier

Quick Tools That Will Make Your Job Easier

New Quick Tools that will get the job done faster!

Creating with Simplified is simple and quick. But sometimes you need to go faster than fast: that’s why we’re presenting Simplified Quick Tools.

With Quick Tools, you can execute the one task you need and call it a day. Do the changes you want right then and there, no distractions. Upload your image or video, select your desired action and get your results in seconds!

Magic Eraser

magic eraser tool

Remove unwanted elements from your images in seconds. Customize the eraser’s size for precision, remove or not the background, and erase away!

Try the Magic Eraser

Background Remover

background remover quick tool

Remove the background of your images in seconds! High-quality background removal in one click. All you have to do is upload your image, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Try the Background Remover

Image Converter

image converter tool

Upload images and convert them to any format instantly. Upload your chosen file, choose the format you want to convert to, and see your image transformed in seconds.

Try the Image Converter

Video Converter

video converter

Upload videos and convert them to any format in seconds. Simply browse your files to upload or drag and drop your video, choose the format you want to convert to, and done.

Try the Video Converter

Tweet to Image

tweet to image tool

Turn tweets into customizable posts you can repost on your social accounts and increase your following and reach in seconds. Create your post from your tweet and schedule it directly from the Calendar in one click!

Try Tweet to Image
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