We Tried 3 Popular PNG to SVG Converters And This Is The Best One

If you don’t want the PNG image to look pixelated when viewed on a large screen, you should use a free PNG to SVG converter to convert the image.

The two main categories of graphics are vector graphics and raster graphics. The raster pictures known as Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format files are made up of discrete colored boxes known as pixels. Pixel graphics have a fixed size and are static. As you zoom in or make an effort to enlarge a raster image, the individual pixels become more discernible.

When compared to PNG, the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format has a number of benefits, such as the ability to fully edit it using vector graphics tools and magnify its points. SVG files automatically identify the pixels when they are extended and update the information, including their color.

The best option is to select the best free PNG to SVG converter that can convert PNG files to vector SVG files in a matter of seconds without sacrificing quality. But first, you need to know why you need it and how to convert PNG to SVG high-resolution images.

Why is there a need to convert PNG to SVG?

As mentioned, the fact that SVGs are independent of resolution is one of the top reasons for converting PNG files to vector SVG files.

As opposed to PNG raster graphic files, SVG vectors help maintain the same quality no matter the screen resolution or size. SVGs will appear sharp even if PNG files are blurry on a retina display.

Read on and learn about some converters that can help you convert PNG to SVG.

3 Free PNG to SVG Converters

1. Convert PNG to SVG using Simplified

Simplified is an all-in-one marketing tool that lets you create any content on their platform and directly post it elsewhere. In their design dashboard, files can be converted as soon as you want to download them.

Step 1

Start a new project on your Simplified dashboard.

Step 2

Upload your PNG image and add it to a blank artboard.

Step 3

You can choose to continue editing the image or click Export, choose SVG, and click Export Now to start the download.


  • Can convert PNG to SVG on Mac and Windows
  • Capability to use templates and do editing or add elements
  • Faster conversion


  • None !

2. Convert PNG to SVG using is a file conversion website that can convert any file to any format. Whether you have audio, video, image, document, ebooks, or other files, they have every format conversion you can think of.

Step 1

Upload your PNG file or files.

Step 2

Make sure the converter says PNG to SVG.

Step 3

Wait for the file to convert then you can download your SVG file.


  • Can convert multiple files at once
  • Has a Chrome Extension


  • Uploaded file should be a maximum of 100MB in size with a free plan
  • Need to subscribe to a paid plan to increase file size
  • Takes a long time to convert, especially with multiple files
  • File storage is only up to 24 hours

3. Convert PNG to SVG using Adobe Express

Adobe Express is an online design tool powered by Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator that can convert PNG to SVG for free. Aside from the conversion tool that is accessible via the web, it also has mobile apps for Android and iOS. It is.

Step 1

Choose a PNG image with a size of less than 2GB.

Step 2

Upload the PNG file to automatically convert it to SVG format.

Step 3

You can now download it as an SVG file or continue editing the image.


  • Capability to do basic editing, add photo effects and use Adobe Stock photos
  • Can design on web and mobile


  • The uploaded file should be less than 2GB in size
  • Storage size is 2GB only

With Simplified , you can convert graphics from PNG to SVG in a matter of seconds! Choose thousands of free templates and add animations in one click. You have the access to high-quality stock photos, design elements, and fonts to level up your designs. Not only that, you can instantly apply a variety of picture filters and image effects as well. After that, you can download and share your pictures by using just one platform. No need to use other tools!

Simplified AI has everything you need to start designing like a pro. With this online design tool, you can share powerful graphic designs with your clients and followers. With millions of videos, graphics, and GIFs, thousands of premium fonts, and hundreds of business-ready templates at your disposal, you can equip yourself and your team to produce quality content. This is the only online design tool you need.

Convert PNG To SVG With Simplified Now!

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