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Creating a presentation or slides from scratch requires a lot of time, effort, and skill. Whether you're working on a fundraising proposal, a pitch deck, or a marketing presentation, the AI Presentation Maker is here to help you breeze through the design phase. This tool quickly produces outstanding AI-generated presentations, complete with visuals and text. Discover a new era of presentation creation - begin with the AI PowerPoint generator, a revolutionary advancement in AI for PPT.

How to Use The AI Presentation Generator


On the Design Dashboard, click on "Generate with AI". Select "AI Presentation".


Mention the topic of your presentation, click “Generate, and watch AI design presentations for free


Simplified AI Presentation Creator will automatically create stunning, easily-customizable presentations for you

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AI Presentation Maker

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Boost your team's productivity and impress your clients with eye-catching visuals, all while gaining valuable time to focus on strategic thinking and creativity, by using the free AI presentation generator from Simplified. Just input a topic and watch as the Presentation Writer creates a unique presentation for you. This flexible tool allows you and your team to customize it as you like. You have full control over the font, text, color, images, and sounds, enabling you to create standout designs. Leverage the power of AI for Presentations to save time and enhance your strategic and creative capabilities.

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AI Presentation Maker FAQs

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What is AI Presentation Maker?

AI Presentation Maker is a revolutionary tool that takes the hassle out of crafting compelling presentations. Imagine ditching blank slides and staring cursors - with AI Presentation Maker, you simply input your topic, click "generate," and voila! You get a complete, 10-slide presentation, complete with quality content and a professionally designed template. It's like having your own on-demand presentation design team, ready to work at your beck and call.

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What kind of presentations can I create with AI Presentation Maker?

The beauty of AI Presentation Maker is its versatility. Whether you're pitching a business idea, delivering a training workshop, or presenting your research findings, AI Presentation Maker can tailor a presentation to your specific needs. From informative reports to inspiring pitches, the possibilities are endless.

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What makes AI Presentation Maker different from other presentation tools?

The game-changer is AI! Unlike basic templates or slide builders, AI Presentation Maker intelligently analyzes your topic and uses its knowledge to craft a cohesive narrative with logical flow and impactful visuals. It's like having a built-in AI assistant who understands your message and helps you present it in the best possible light.

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Can I customize the generated presentations?

Absolutely! The generated slides are a springboard, not a straitjacket. Feel free to adapt the content, rearrange the slides, and personalize the design with your own branding or flair. Think of it as a collaboration between you and AI, where your creative input adds the finishing touches to a solid foundation.

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What languages does AI Presentation Generator support?

No need to worry about language barriers! AI Presentation Generator is multilingual, letting you create presentations in English (both UK and US), Spanish, Chinese, Malay, Portuguese, French, Swedish, Hindi, Tamil, and many more. Reach a global audience with presentations that resonate in their native tongue.

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Will I have access to different slide layouts and designs?

Sure! AI Presentation Maker offers a variety of stunning pre-designed templates across various themes and styles. You can choose from minimalist layouts to infographic-heavy presentations, ensuring your visual aesthetic aligns with your brand or message. And if you need more, browse through a library of additional templates to find the perfect fit.

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I often collaborate with others on presentations. Does AI Presentation Maker support teamwork?

Absolutely! Some paid plans offer collaboration features, allowing you to invite team members to edit, provide feedback, and work on the presentation together in real-time. This makes creating impactful presentations a breeze, even for geographically dispersed teams.

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Can I export my presentations in different formats?

Sure! You can export your presentations to various formats like  PDF, or even share them directly via online platforms. This flexibility ensures your presentations are compatible with any presentation setup or audience viewing preference.

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4.9/5 Stars


An Innovative All-in-One Solution for Productivity and Engagement

The platform's webinar presentation tools are intuitive and user-friendly. I could effortlessly design visually appealing slides and incorporate multimedia elements.

5/5  Stars


Pretty darn amazing

I was originally interested in the AI presentation creation. I went down the rabbit hole and made a video presentation. This is great for creating graphics, copy and presentation. I've only begun to explore and I am incredibly impressed.

4.5/5  Stars


A Game-Changer in AI - Simplified Review

One of the standout features of Simplified is its user-friendly interface. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to AI technology, Simplified makes it easy to harness the power of artificial intelligence without feeling overwhelmed.

5/5  Stars


Easy to use

You just need to write a short explanatory sentence to get the desired results! There is a built-in chat to keep improving the presentation. It's easier to use than other presentation tools.

5/5  Stars


AI based swiss knife for a any Digital Marketer

AI capabilites of Simplified are amazing. You can genrate an image from a text command. You can make a carousel fo a Linkedin post in no time. You can make amzing AI presentations with ease. The possibiliteis are so many.

5/5  Stars


AI Presentation tool

AI presentation tool is very helpful for my day to day official work and I really aprriciate simplified for this amazing platform.

5/5  Stars

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