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efforts with text to video

Simplify Your Video Creation

Creating video content can be time-consuming and expensive. But what if you could generate high-quality videos in minutes, without breaking a sweat? Introducing AI Video Generator, the revolutionary tool that turns your text to video in seconds. No scripting, no filming, no editing – just enter your text, choose your style, and let AI do the rest.

How to Generate Videos with AI Video Generator in 4 Easy Steps:


Craft your script: Write or paste your text into the AI Text to Video box.


Pick your format: Choose from YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or other formats.


Find your voice: Select a narrator in your preferred language and accent.


Hit "Generate": Sit back and watch your AI-powered video come alive!

Turn Text to Videos Now
efforts with text to video

Showcase your unique style in seconds.

Go beyond the generic with our intuitive branding tools. Upload your logo, select your brand colors, and customize your text to create videos that perfectly reflect your brand identity with our AI. Whether it's a playful palette for your social media content or a sleek look for your corporate presentations, AI Video Generator lets you stand out from the crowd with on-brand visuals in no time.

Engage Globally with Multilingual, Lifelike Videos

Maximize your global reach with AI Video Generator, which combines lifelike voiceovers and multilingual capabilities. With diverse voices and language options, your videos will captivate a global audience. Our Text to Video AI tool bridges communication gaps, making every video a chance to connect with a diverse audience intimately.

efforts with text to video
efforts with text to video

Customized Videos for Every Occasion

Whether you're creating YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or any other type of video, our AI Video Generator powered by Text to Video AI provides you with the flexibility to choose the format size that suits your needs. Select from a diverse range of speakers, including both male and female voices with various accents. You can even add captions in your preferred language to enhance accessibility.

Generate Text to Videos in Any Language

Do More, Learn More With AI Video Generator

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AI Video Generator FAQs

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How can I convert my text into videos using AI Video Generator tool?

To convert text into videos, head to Simplified Video Editor and navigate to the "Generate with AI" section. Then, select "Text to Video" and choose the desired format size, speaker, captions language, and brand colors. Finally, input your text prompt and other preferences.
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Can I choose the format size of the video I want to generate?

Yes, you have the flexibility to select the format size of your video based on your platform preference, whether it's YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, or any other format based on your requirements.
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Are there different speaker options available for the text to video conversion?

Yes, Simplified offers a variety of speakers, including both male and female with different accents, for you to choose from. This allows you to choose the voice that best suits your content and resonates with your audience.
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Can I create videos & captions in different languages?

Yes, the AI video generator supports video creation in over 80 different languages like Spanish, Hindi, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian Japanese, Thai, Korean and so on, enabling you to reach a global audience by producing content in their native language. Additionally, it can automatically add captions to your video and supports multiple languages for captions as well.
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Does AI Video Generator tool offer AI voice cloning feature?

Yes, AI video generator tool incorporates advanced AI voice cloning capabilities, allowing users to customize their voiceovers further. This feature enables you to achieve greater versatility and authenticity in your video content by replicating voices with remarkable accuracy and naturalness, enhancing the overall quality and impact of your videos.
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Are there options to adjust the speed or pacing of the video?

Yes, users have the flexibility to adjust the speed or pacing of the generated video content using Simplified's AI Text to Video tool. This feature allows you to control the tempo of the video, ensuring that it aligns with your desired style and messaging preferences.
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Is there an option to add background music or animations to the video?

Yes, Simplified's AI Text to Video tool provides users with the ability to add background music or animations effects into their videos. This enhances the overall audio-visual experience, making the content more engaging and immersive for viewers.
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Can I preview the video before finalizing the creation process?

Yes, AI video generator tool offers a preview feature that allows users to review the generated video before finalizing the creation process. This enables you to make any necessary adjustments or modifications to ensure the content meets your expectations.
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Are there options to import external media such as images or video clips into the tool?

Yes, users can import external media such as images or video clips into Simplified's AI Text to Video tool to incorporate them into their projects. This feature allows for greater flexibility and creativity in video creation, enabling you to personalize your content with additional visual elements.
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How can I ensure my AI-generated videos maintain my brand consistency?

AI Video Generator offers several features to maintain brand consistency while creating your videos.  You can upload your logo and select your brand colors to be seamlessly integrated within the video. Additionally, consider choosing a text style and voiceover that aligns with your brand voice and tone. Remember, maintaining consistent visuals and messaging throughout your video is key to reinforcing brand recognition and building trust with your audience.

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