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Create high Converting Google Ads with Simplified

Design Without Drama, Focus on Results

Say goodbye to frustrating design tools and hello to stunning visuals in seconds. No design expertise? No problem! Our AI-powered design engine generates eye-catching visuals tailored to your brand and target audience. Choose from millions of free stock photos, videos, and icons, or use our AI image generator to bring your vision to life. It's like having a personal design team at your fingertips, ready to create ads that grab attention and get clicks.

Google Ads Creator
Google Ads Creator

Write high Converting Copywith AI

Craft compelling ad copy that converts without the struggle. Feeling stuck with writer's block? Our AI assistant is your secret weapon. Simply input your product or service, target audience, and desired tone, and watch as the AI generates persuasive headlines, descriptions, and calls to action. Refine the results to your liking and perfect your ad copy with confidence.

Make Consistent Ads withBrandbook

Maintain a cohesive brand image across all your Google Ads with effortless ease. Upload your brand colors, fonts, and logos, and our brand kit keeps them readily accessible for one-click application. Ensure your ad campaigns resonate with your target audience and build trust with a consistent brand identity.

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How to Use

How to Create High-Converting Google Ads with Simplified

Google Ads Creator

The AI Ad Generator Brainstorms:

Feed it your key details - tell us about your product, service, and target audience..Get a diverse range of ad ideas - the AI will generate multiple ad variations with eye-catching visuals and compelling copy.

You Pick Your Favorites:

Choose the ad variations that resonate most - select the ones that best represent your brand and appeal to your target audience.
Don't limit yourself - feel free to explore different options and find the perfect fit.

Google Ads Creator
Google Ads Creator

The Design Editor Polishes

Refine the visuals - use our drag-and-drop tools to adjust colors, layouts, and add your own flair.Adjust the copy - fine-tune the headlines, descriptions, and calls to action to maximize impact.Personalize for maximum impact - add a unique touch to each ad to stand out from the competition.

Use AI Tools to Create Google Ads

AI Ad Generator

AI Ad Generator:

This powerful tool takes your basic information like product, service, and target audience, and generates multiple ad variations with visuals and text. You can choose from different styles, tones, and layouts to find the perfect fit for your campaign.

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Background Remover

Background Remover

This tool provides a faster and simpler way to remove backgrounds from your images, perfect for creating product cutouts or placing your visuals on different backgrounds

Google Ad application: Create product carousels, highlight specific features, or overlay text on clear backgrounds for better readability and ad visibility.

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Magic Remove

Magic Remover:

This tool goes beyond simple background removal. It allows you to select any object or element you want to eliminate from your image, and the AI intelligently removes it while preserving the surrounding details.

Google Ad application: Remove unwanted objects like watermarks, logos, or people from stock photos to customize them for your brand, ensuring a cleaner and more professional look.

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AI Image Generator

AI Image Generator:

Don't have the perfect image for your ad? This tool lets you generate high-quality images based on your text descriptions or prompts. Simply describe the visual you need, and the AI will create unique and relevant options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have no experience in design or copywriting?

Don't sweat it, we've got you covered! With hundreds of stunning customizable design templates as well as photo, video, and graphic assets, you'll never have to start from scratch again. You can feed our AI any words, phrases, or even websites you love, and it will have a one-of-kind copy ready for you in seconds!

Is there a free version of Simplified?

Yes! We have a Free Forever plan, which will stay free...forever. If you're an agency, freelancer, or team looking to use our essential features, this is the plan for you. Get unlimited design projects, 1000+ fonts, millions of photos, thousands of templates and icons, instant publishing, and 1GB of storage.

How does your pricing work?

Pricing starts at $0 for individuals and $30 for teams. Our pricing is based on two things: the number of team members on your plan and your billing period. We have four plans to choose from based on what you're looking for pricing compare.

How quickly can I get customer support?

Chat with us in-app or send us an email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. We'd love to hear from you!

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4.67/5 Stars


The best AI

I got solutions about the google ads and the youtube ad sense this AI is very much helpful to give the ideas about the affiliate program and the main source income

4.5/5  Stars


Useful software

It allows me to write lots of different ads easily

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Well I can't pick just one thing. It's simple to learn (hence the name 😆), Everything is available to me at my fingertips. And so many fratures, even the ability to create ads.

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I needed the program in a rush for business purposes

This helped me fill out more information for an intriguing bio and interesting, hooking ads for my business.

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Its amaizing I didn't expect such.

The stress of creating ads when am doing affiliate marketing to promote sales.I am able to generate ads in a short time

4.5/5  Stars


Easy to use and very friendly for beginners

Making Ads for the company to get more audience and possible clients.

5/5  Stars