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Avoid rookie design mistakes and errors

What's worse than creating a design, only to realize you've erased it while trying to modify something else? For creators, both new and experienced, this can be incredibly frustrating. But, with Simplified's layer lock feature, you can easily lock and unlock an element to ensure specific parts of your artboard won't be unintentionally altered during the design process. Helping you steer clear of avoidable design mishaps.

How to Use Layer Lock (Lock and Unlock)

Select the element you want to lock. Then, click the ... or 'More' button.
Click the lock icon in the toolbar
To unlock the layer, click on the 'Layers' Tab and find the element you want to unlock
Click the element and select 'unlock now'
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Draw, Move, Edit, or Erase Parts of Your Design with Ease

There are layers to greatness! The same goes for your designs. From photos to text, shapes, and drawings, every element works together to create a visually dynamic video or image. With Simplified's lock layer feature, you can take your time creating or modifying elements one by one, without affecting the other! Plus, save time and work more efficiently by minimizing the need to go back and correct design mistakes.

Create Videos Like A Pro With Easy-to-Use Video Editing Tools

Whether you're a beginner, novice, or expert video maker, you deserve tools that will help you do more with less. Simplified's all-in-marketing platform gives modern markers and creators all the tools they need to create content that their audience will love without the steep learning curve. From viewing or locking a layer in a design, scheduling your social media posts, or generating copy, we help simplify every part of the creation process.

Do More, Learn More With Simplified

Simplified blog is a great place to learn from the best in Instagram marketing. Whether you want to bulk up on social media knowledge or get your first followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Layer Lock feature available on free accounts?

Yes. Layer Lock is available on free accounts, all with many other design features. But if you want to get access to all of Simplified's features, such as the content scheduler, AI content writer, and even more templates and features, you'll need a paid plan. Sign-up up for a and try it out!

How do I get started using the Video Editor?

Getting started using Simplified's video editor is super easy. You can sign up for a free forever account or choose from one of our many . Once you've signed in, select 'Create Videos', and choose from a variety of video formats and templates. Or, if you want to create your video from scratch, simply select the 'Custom Size' option, start designing using our media assets, or upload your own!

How can I make professional-looking videos if I'm a beginner?

Simplified was made to empower all creators with simple tools to create amazing stuff.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert video creator, our platform gives you access to thousands of templates and a library of media assets like royalty-free videos, photos, graphics, GIFs, fonts, and more, to help you get started creating at any time and any level. Plus, our intuitive video editing features give creators the ability to trim, splice, or cut videos with ease. No experience required!


Can I use Simplified's video editor on my mobile device?

Yes. You can use Simplified from your phone or tablet through our website S. Our mobile app should launch any day now, so stay tuned!

What is your refund policy?

We offer a Free Forever plan where our users can try Simplified's basic functionalities and make an informed decision. We do not offer refunds. If you're unsatisfied with your plan or need to change it, you can downgrade your plan or pause your subscription to avoid future charges. To learn more about our refund policy.

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What Our 1 million+ Users Say About Simplified


Aman Patel


One of the best collaborative design platform

I guess, there are so many reasons I like Simplified. Here I will mention some of those:

*Professional templates and rich libraries

*It also comes with an AI writer for copies and long-form content

*Comes with a Social Media Scheduler as well


Eric Strickland


Graphic Designer and Funnel Designer

I love to use Simplified! I use it every day its my goto app for design and copy and marketing! Super amazing App


Amanda Weston


AI Content Creator

I love it! The simplicity of writing and designing in one app 🎉 Makes social media marketing a breeze ❤️


Chekesha Crippen


SIMPLIFIED a Unique highly effective all in one app!

I like best that there are many features and explainer videos for each element you use. You have tons of different ways, and the name speaks for itself. SIMPLIFIED because it is straightforward and has everything in 1 software you could ever need.


Damon Chen


Founder of

I will not renew my Canva subscription next year. Simplified will be my go-to design app! ✌️


Hoang Phan


Simplified is a loveable app

And I can confirm that from the moment I logged in. Simplified offer a nicely Dashboard with rich content, including links to various handy templates, and set up fundamental things I need to create great content.When I digged deep into the app, it is an amazing experiences.


Dawn Veltri


Director of Marketing @ RAEK

The magic resize looks pretty amazing. Resizing on other design platforms isn't intuitive and requires quite a bit of rework. Well done and congrats on the launch!


Mary Grace Gargar


Best ever!

I like all its features, from making a banner, creating content to generating corresponding and accurate hashtags.


winner shoniran


How Simplified Saved My Small Business

The AI writer, the brand assets where you can add brand colors. I adore the templates, they're very interactive and so customizable I love it!




Great UI and make design easier. A time saver.

Im a photoshop user for over 10 years, first time trying out this tool, instantly hook me in, really easy to use and ability create different sized images, is really huge plus point. The tool UI is really interactive, you can pick up right away.


Ram Narayanan


Like the name the Software also very SIMPLE to use

Simple aspects of good content panels, including links to many valuable templates to create great content. It was a wonderful experience when I entered the program.


Annette Yeo


Simplified is Awesome!

Well to quickly sum up if you are into design, social media advertising, writing blogs and so much more this program is for you. I am honestly stunned as to what it offers, too much to list here. Its great.




Best Investment ever!

Social share images are an important part of building reader engagement. The better the quality, the longer your visitor is spending there, the more likely to reach out for any kind of "call to action", including purchasing.

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