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Creating Collages

Easy Editing and Customization

Creating collages used to be time-consuming and tedious, but not anymore! With Simplified's AI Collage Maker, you can create beautiful collages in minutes. Simply drag and drop your photos into one of our pre-designed templates, or let our AI arrange them for you. You can also customize your collages with different fonts, colors, and stickers.

AI Collage Maker Features -


Drag-and-drop editor


Vast selection of templates


Customize with text, stickers, and filters


Easy to use, even if you aren't a designer!

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AI Collage Maker Features
Creating Unique Collages

Variety of Free Templates

Simplified's online photo collage maker, offers a hundreds of templates and customization features to help you create stunning collages that match your style without any design experience. With our online photo collage, you can easily create collages with a variety of layouts, colors, and styles. You can also add your own photos, stickers, and text to make your collages truly unique.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of templates are available?

Simplfied's Collage Maker offers a wide variety of templates to choose from, so you can create collages that match your style. We have templates for all occasions, including birthdays, weddings, vacations, and more. We also have templates for different types of collages, such as photo collages, collages with text, and collages with stickers.
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Can I use my own photos and stickers?

Yes, you can use your own photos and stickers in Simplified's AI Collage Maker. Simply upload your photos and stickers to the collage maker and they will be added to your collage. You can also use our library of stock photos and stickers if you don't have your own.
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How easy is it to use Simplified's AI Collage Maker?

It's very easy to use. Even if you don't have any design experience, you can create beautiful collages in minutes and access the same editing features as the pros including color enhancement, brightness adjustment, filter application, and cropping.
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Are there any templates available for different purposes?

Certainly! AI Collage Maker offers a wide selection of templates tailored for various purposes. Whether you're creating a collage for a birthday celebration, a wedding, a travel diary, or even for professional purposes like marketing materials or social media posts, we've got you covered.

The Best Way to Create Stunning Collages Online

Simplified's Collage Maker is the easiest, fastest, and most creative way to make stunning digital collages.

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What Our 2 million+ Users Say About Simplified


Elisha D. Sapnu

Simplified is simply the best

Simplified is a fantastic tool for creating content. I can easily and rapidly produce content for my website or blog thanks to it. The functions are robust, and the UI is easy to use. The opportunity to design unique templates for my material is something I especially value. This makes it simple to keep my website's appearance and feel unified.


Charles Waite

One of the best AI generation tool available

Design posters, graphics, banners, and more in minutes. Simplified helps you design everything, scale your brand, and collaborate with your team like never before.


Brent Franklin

Simple Design Tools Packing a Punch

The image tools and design tools are awesome. The tools work flawlessly and make actions like removing a background simple. When I discovered the Ai integrations, I didn't realize where the industry was with things like image generation and that sparked a whole new rabbit hole to explore.


Aaron Springer

Great canva alternative !!

I have switched from canva to simplified as they have fresh designs and everyone uses the same Canva designs so this helps to differentiate us from the usual designs seen online.


Noor Nabi Shaikh

An amazing all-round tool for any kind of content creation

The Graphic design tools, the AI, always give helpful insights and the ability to animate the posts in just one 1-click, including the templates, which help to create a start.


Annette Yeo

Simplified is Awesome!

I love it that now I can add my team in the same workspace and we can create content, stunning designs, videos, copywriting all together in one place