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Establish your authority in writing with AI as your ally, crafting documents that resonate with influence.

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Transform Thoughts into Brilliance

Paste your raw ideas into Simplified AI Document Writer. Once your ideas are in, harness the power of AI by asking for ideation. Watch as your concepts are transformed into polished content, eliminating any creativity blocks in the process.

How to Use AI Document Writer on Simplified App :


Create a New Document: Go to AI writer in Simplified app. Click "Create New Document" to initiate your writing journey.


Access AI on the Fly: Use "/" or select text to enhance with AI. Explore AI Chat or AI Templates for advanced assistance.


Leverage Rich Features: Enhance your document. Add quotes, banners, and media for visual appeal and engaging content.


Publish or Export: Effortlessly share. Directly publish to WordPress or Shopify or export as DOCx/PDF for versatility.

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Choose Your Template

No need to start from scratch. Select a template from Simplified AI Document Writer's diverse range. Just input minimal information, and witness your content come to life effortlessly. Say goodbye to the tedious process of creating prompts from scratch.

Collaborate Easily

Make teamwork a breeze by adding team members to your workspace. Tag them directly in the document for quick and efficient collaboration. Simplified AI Document Writer ensures that your team is seamlessly integrated into the writing process.

Enhance Readability with Formatting

Elevate the readability of your document effortlessly. Add quotes, dividers, and colorful banners to highlight new sections of your writings. Utilize proper H1, H2, and checklists to enhance the hierarchy of your writing, making it more engaging and structured.

Add Media Files and Rich Embedments

Bring your words to life by adding media files such as images and videos directly from your computer. Simplified AI Document Writer supports rich file embedment from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Loom video, CloudApp, and Figma. Enhance your content with multimedia seamlessly.

Organize Your Projects

Maintain a structured workspace by creating subpages inside the document. Neatly organize your writing projects in folders for easy access and efficient project management. Simplified AI Document Writer ensures that your ideas are organized, allowing for a clutter-free writing experience.

Export and Publish with Ease

Tailor your work to your preferences. Export your documents as PDF or DOCx files effortlessly. Simplified AI Document Writer allows you to publish your creations directly to WordPress or Shopify from the app, giving you the freedom to share your ideas with the world seamlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the primary function of AI Documents Writer?

AI Documents Writer is designed to revolutionize your writing experience by seamlessly integrating AI technology into the creative process. Its primary function is to assist users in generating polished and refined content quickly. Whether you're seeking ideation support, refining existing text, or utilizing AI templates, this tool empowers you to enhance your writing with precision and efficiency.
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How does AI contribute to the ideation process?

In the ideation process, AI Documents Writer acts as a dynamic assistant. Users can simply paste raw ideas into the system, prompting the AI to refine and transform them into accurate, high-quality content. By harnessing the power of AI, users can overcome creativity blocks and swiftly convert their initial concepts into well-crafted narratives.
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Can AI Documents Writer be used for collaborative writing?

Absolutely, AI Documents Writer facilitates seamless collaboration. Users can add team members to their workspace and tag them directly within the document for quick and efficient feedback. This feature ensures that the collaborative writing process is streamlined, enhancing teamwork and productivity.
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What formatting options are available in AI Documents Writer?

AI Documents Writer provides a range of formatting options to enhance the readability of your documents. Users can add quotes, dividers, and colorful banners to highlight different sections of their writings. Additionally, the tool supports proper heading structures like H1, H2, and checklists, contributing to a well-organized and engaging document hierarchy.
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How does AI Documents Writer support media integration?

AI Documents Writer goes beyond text and supports rich media integration. Users can easily add images, videos, or other media files directly from their computers. Furthermore, the tool enables rich file embedment from platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Loom video, Cloud App, and Figma, enhancing the multimedia capabilities of your documents.

AI Precision Amplifies Your Voice in Mastering Persuasive Writing

Dive into persuasive writing, where AI precision empowers each word with influence.

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5/5 Stars


Revolutionize your content creation with Simplified

What I love about Simplified is that it's super easy to use. All you have to do is choose your output language and tone, complete the prompt, and click 'Generate.' It'll then give you several options to choose from, and you can pick the one that suits your needs best.

5/5  Stars


Excellent writer, cuts down on working hours

High-quality AI writer, and it is excellent that it is free. I love to type, but in these cold winters, my hands start to freeze up and become stiff. Having an AI writer lets me keep my brain occupied with work tasks, without having to get the creative writing part of my brain involved.

5/5  Stars


Easy to use & consistently quality AI writer!

While Simplified has many other features besides its AI writer which I hope to explore in the future, as the owner of multiple health websites, I love how it handles writing technical and health content with ease.

5/5  Stars


New to writting a Blog

I reviewed several AI content writers and settled on Simplified. What I like best is it is so easy to use and yet gives you so many customizable options. It is sooooo quick and easy for beginners I would highly recommend it!

5/5  Stars


Mind Blowing Powerful AI assistant

Simplified is now an essential writing tool in my life. Better than ChatGPT which is already mind blowing in and of itself so that is saying a lot.

5/5  Stars


I loved the communication. AI including the diverse amount of options for generating!

Simplified allows anyone from a simple to an expert user of the AI—whether a beginner or expert writer—to use precise commands, prompts, context and lists to "communicate" with the said software to generate well-organised text that fits into whatever you form it to.

5/5  Stars